Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amira Press Egg Hunt

Join the Hunt for Hidden Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt

Participating Amira Press authors are hiding colorful eggs on their Web sites for you to find. Locate them all and keep them safe in your cyber basket. Enter to win $50 worth of chocolates from See's candies! The hunt begins on March 1, 2009, and the last day to enter will be April 10, 2009. All you need to do is visit the sites of the following authors, locate the hidden eggs icons, and email the list to

One lucky winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries on April 11, 2009! You must 18 or older to enter as some of our authors write erotic romance. One entry per person.

Here is what you're hunting for:

Easter Egg Hunt

Here is the list of authors to visit:

Anastasia Rabiyah (
Brenda Steele (
Crymsyn Hart (
Dahlia Rose (
E. Jamie (
Lesli Richardson (
Lori Crawford (
Sarah J. McNeal (
Stephanie Morris (
Yvette A. Lynn (

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Release: Tarnished Choices



Two amazing men have told Cassie she must choose. But what a choice she must make. Tristan. A sun kissed perfection has wooed Cassie and won her heart. Daniel. Pale as alabaster with blue eyes has enticed her as well. Now they want her to choose between them. How can she pick between the two beings she loves? Is she willing to pay the price for her choice since these are not two ordinary suitors?

One is a demon and the other an angel. If she picks one, she looses the other. If she doesn’t decide her very soul is in jeopardy. Who will Cassie decide on? Is she willing to give up one for the other? Will she choose the angelic or the demonic? Which one would you choose?


From my watch, I looked up at the stranger sharing my table, wondering why he had not moved on. He was delicious eye candy and something I wanted to slam onto my bed. I licked my lips. Fleeting thoughts of the wonders he could do for me in bed passed through my mind. Hay-colored hair was bound back in an elastic. Leather pants hugged his form and a blue silk shirt lit up his blue eyes. He was not from around here. No one I knew wore clothing like that. In a small town everyone talked. Mostly they talked about me and how I dressed, but I didn’t care. I had gotten used to it. If he's a tourist, would he mind a twist in the hay with a goth chick like me?

Already, I felt those full lips pressed against mine with his hands winding through my hair. His skin was Easter-lily pale and his pointed nails caressed the coffee cup he held trying to leech the warmth from the porcelain. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, imagining those nails teasing my nipples and scratching my tummy while they made their way down to secret places. His lips would touch mine and we would spark together. I could already feel those nails running along my thigh and under my plaid skirt to clutch my ass. His grip would be firm and the bulge in his pants would dictate a wonderful erect cock that wanted to slip inside my wet depths.

Biting my lip, I opened my eyes and blushed. He caught me looking at him. I averted my eyes back to my Chemistry book. Lusting is the better term, I thought. If only desires were the real thing, then a girl wouldn’t need Cock on A Stick to make her happy. Too bad he’s a tourist. Too bad he might think of me as jailbait.

A smile twitched on his features when he sipped at his coffee.

“Cassie, I’d be more than happy to indulge in your wildest fantasies. I might even present some you have never imagined. And you are nowhere near jailbait.”

It took me a moment to realize he was talking to me. I looked up from my book and saw his gaze settled right on mine. “Excuse me?” Had I heard this guy right? Was he answering my thoughts? Was that even possible? If so, maybe he was like me. I’d never met anyone else akin to me before. I tried to look at his aura, but I was not seeing anything. I was getting a headache from trying.

“No need to be coy with me. I know you heard me.” He smiled. I surfed the room with my eyes, wondering if others were looking, but I realized they weren’t even fazed at what he had said. Or they hadn’t heard him at all.

“You can hear my thoughts? What am I thinking now?” I cleared my mind and thought of annoying white noise and a high-pitched beep. I made my mind blank and snowy as an out of tune television station and turned up the volume full blast. I watched him wince.

“It’s maddening, if that’s what you mean. But come now, we are beyond petty tests, Cassie. But if you must insist. What do you see with me?”

Carefully, I closed my book and stared at this guy’s aura. This time I was able to see it. His energy field didn’t seem any different from anyone’s in the café. Yet there was something off about him. He was out of place among the people in the coffee shop. Somehow, I figured even I was below him, the way he held himself. He wasn’t uptight about addressing me about my gifts. Even my mother avoided the subject her daughter was a freak.

Ever since the accident, there had been distance between my parents and me. Even between my sister, and we were closer than best friends. Stephanie had described it right. I didn’t fit in with the world anymore. I was on the outside looking in. Her comment had made sense at how I felt when I was with other people. I wasn’t complexly at ease with the world anymore. Somehow when I woke up with the tattoo it had signified I was apart from mortality. This guy had the same air to him, only more so than me. He definitely did not belong in a café, drinking coffee, and conversing with just anyone.

“What are you?” I asked.

“I was hoping you’d ask that.” He smiled and I noticed he had slightly pointed canines.

Is he a vampire? I had always wanted to believe in the romantic ideal of tall, dark, and gorgeous coming to me at night and rescuing me from my boring life of gothic cheerleading. Then again, life wasn’t so boring anymore and, in the past few months, I had not come across anything scarier than a wayward poltergeist who thought I could be fodder for its temper. Nevertheless, it was daytime so he would incinerate. Scratch the undead idea. Suddenly the café melted into darkness and all I saw was him. He stood before me perfectly naked. His skin was alabaster white. A sculpted chest and well-defined arms hinged my fantasy even more. I moved my eyes to his lower abdomen and noticed a magnificent cock waiting to be played with resting against his inner thigh. And he had a wingspan any raven would envy. Fear and amazement burst through me. Suddenly his wings burned up in a blaze of red and gold fire. Black horns sprouted on his forehead. His mouth filled with sharp teeth and his fingers grew sharp claws. His wings became that of a bat and he had cloven hooves for feet joined to the hairy legs of a goat. His cock hadn’t changed. I jumped from the vision, not having expected what he had reveled to me. Then I was slammed back into the café. He sat in front of me calmly, sipping his coffee. A playful grin adorned his lips. He tried to contain his glee from frightening me. I sensed he was getting off on this. I noticed his eyes had gone from blue to orange.