Monday, July 13, 2015


So for those of you who know or follow me, the you know I'm a big believer in things aren't really coincidence. They happen for a reason. Things are changing in the publishing world. I'm not getting into all that because that's a whole other blog post. Many authors self-publish. More power to them.

I'm not one of them.

I've volleyed the idea back and forth many times and in the future I might go that way. However, right now I'm not going to do that. I like sticking with publishers. And yes over nine years of doing this. I have had awesome experiences, suck worthy ones, horrible-no-good-backstabbing ones, ones that close, some that make me want to pull my hair out because of stuff, some where I tried and our styles didn't mesh so move on to another one. I've always not put my eggs, and I got tons of eggs after nine years, into one basket.

So after one of the suck worthy/pull my hair out experiences with one publisher, I lost touch with one of my editors who I had met at another press. We talk once and a while on Facebook and she decided to email one day.

And now, I'll be working with her again at Changeling Press. Good news for that.

Let's see other stuff that's been happening in my life.
Got into a a car accident with the husband's car. I'm fine, car is repairable waiting to get it back from the body shop.
Got home from vacation and needed a new washing machine and water was pouring out of my siding thanks to a rotted pipe. Got that fixed.

Why do I mention this stuff? Well, again, stuff happens for a reason. Why did it happen to me? Life is life. People who stop in front of your for no reason are idiots, and I guess the grim reaper of washing machines decided it was time to ferry mine to the other side.

Hope all your stuff is going great...