Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sex, Death, Cowboys, Vampires & Bigfoot

I'm sure you're scratching your head wondering how Bigfoot fits into the list above.

Well, these are only some of the subjects that I write about. Over the last seven years working with various publishers, and amassing more titles than I can count, I've come to realize that I love writing. I guess that would be obvious. Sinking into all the different realities I've created and the ones who linger still in my brain has kept me sane when dealing with the stress in my life. I'm guess that is the way with most writers.

In all this time, I've written books based on current selling trends and I've written the ones that I want to read as well. I have some that I even go back and re-read because those characters have gotten underneath my skin.

I've created cowboys and they were fun. Shifters are always great to do. I favor writing about shifters turning into ravens or dragons. Wolves are popular and so are cats so sometimes they take over my brain and become the center of a story. Vampires are dear to my heart for reasons very few people know and I try to create each one a little different than the last and it doesn't matter to me what the trends do, I'm going to write them anyway.

Through all my books, my favorite character is Azrael, my Angel of Death. He's more than grim reaper, he's also...well I'm not going to give away his story but you can read about it in Masquerade, Soul Reaper, Angelic Cravings, and Falling. But he has become more than just a character in my books, he has become a muse of sorts and demands to be put into as many plot lines as he can find his way into. Right now he pops up in over twenty at this point, lending a hand to those characters who need it.

With him being my most written character, there are others who some people ask where in the world did you get an idea for that say writing about Bigfoot and a green shape shifting alien in Hairy & Hung or a were-gingerbread woman in Ginger Bites. Bigfoot and the alien was concocted out of a conversation at a Halloween party at how you would have Bigfoot get it on with some thing. So I went with the idea of an alien too because I don't write much sci-fi stuff and poof.  The were gingerbread was an idea that popped into my mind after watching a horror movie with a gingerbread killing everyone so why not combine it with a werewolf story for Christmas and see what I get. Sure it's silly, but we all love Christmas miracles. These are the books that are fun to write because they are a little far fetched and show off my dry wit...Hahaha. But you can't take these books so seriously all the time because hell I certainty don't. I understand people might not get them, but they are awesome to create.

And of course there is sex in the books. What is erotic romance without sex?

 So if you like quirky, can stand hunky vampires, or an accident prone witch who falls in love with a Celtic god, peppered with supernatural menages then you and I will get along just fine.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!