Sunday, January 25, 2009

My weekend.

So my weekend was spent editing 3 novels.
I woke up early Saturday morning at 8 and started in Gods and Frogs, oh my.I had to lock myself in my bedroom to keep the puppies off of me. Poor hubby had to watch them for me which was very gracious of him. my dogs are Mommy girls.

I did take a break and go see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. OMG! I loved it. It is definately a must see if you have seen the other two. Even if you haven't it's nice to see vampire and werewolf on moviescreen. I miss all the good vampire movies they had. The actress that played Sonya was good. I was happy to see they used some of the other actors from the first 2 movies that came back. I like continuality.

So then I had to go home and watch the other 2 Underworlds. But I was also editing.

Today, yeah you guess it. more editing. I finished Gods and Frogs, went on to Tarnished Wings, and then finished with Reborn at the Crossroads. I was done by 6. Today though the dogs were good and haredly bugged me.

I've been contemplating getting the soundtrack to the 3rd Underworld, since I have the first 2. We'll see. So tomorrow its back to work and the goal for the week is to finish Carrion Comfort.

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's been a great week!

I got a bonus from work which was much needed since hubby hasn't been working as many hours as before. Of course that will pick up when it's spring time.

I found out the other night that I have a new book contract for my new book called, Reborn at the Crossroads. It is a vampire tale with a few twists.

It will eventually come out in an Anthology later on this year.

I have also learned that the first in my new series will be out in Feb. from Forbidden Publications. The first in the new series is called Tarnished Choices. It is about Cassie who has an angel and a demon warring over her. The tell her she has one choice, but what choice will she make!

I have just finished edits for the third in my Tarnished series called Tarnished Souls. I'm currently working on a new book called Carrion Comfort which is in the same world as Midnight Mocha and A Taste of Darkness (which will be out later this month from Amira Press, Woohoo!) I started a new book. No title with four intriguing characters:

A ghost hunting vampire, who doesn't believe in God, a fallen angel who can only glimpse heaven when she is being whipped and tortured, an evangelistic biker werewolf who ate his last congregation, and a psychic who brings them all together. Yeah that's about as far as I've gotten.

So below is a small read from Reborn at the Crossroads:

“Is everything okay? Do you need me to—?”
He put his finger to her lips. It was cold and soft. A calm sensation moved over her. The phone dropped from her fingers. She continued to gaze into his eyes. Her whole body went limp.

“Everything is fine, Beth. I do not need the assistance of a doctor. All I need is you.” His fingers trailed lightly over her cheekbones. A shudder caught her body. Her eyelids drooped. Traces of warmth remained where his fingers touched. Beth was unsure of why she was letting his touch her, caress her, but she had no control over her body and she wasn’t afraid of him. Deep down the stranger was familiar to her even though she’d never seen him before.

“Why do you want me?” she whispered.

He moved the hair away from her throat. His soft touch ignited her buried desire. The last time her body felt this way was when Alex was still alive. She had been so lonely and wasn’t able find anyone. For some unknown reason, his touch completed something deep inside of her. His hot breath blasted on her flesh. She craned her neck to the side. His lips brushed over her jugular vein.

“I won’t take you by force. You might have tried to hurt me, but I understand you were protecting yourself. Come to me, my Beth.”

He brushed her lips with a kiss. She shivered. He picked up the phone and placed it back on the hook. He let her go and stepped back. Beth blinked. The haze she was in lifted. He stood before her waiting. She wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but his words lingered in her mind. He was giving her some kind of choice. The impression of his lips burned themselves into her skin. She could still feel them. She studied him and saw the hole in his shirt. Underneath there should have been bleeding skin, but there wasn’t. It was smooth pale flesh. Her fingers touched the place where the gunshot should have been. It was cool. There were no bullet holes. There was no blood. She stared deeper into his eyes and saw they reflected the light when he turned his head. Something registered at that moment. He wasn’t right.

Something felt off about him. He was there and yet he wasn’t there. She hadn’t noticed before because she hadn’t taken a second to stop. He shared the same space with her, but yet he was out of place, out of time almost. Beth backed up into the living room. He followed her slowly still keeping his distance.

“Come to me, Beth,” he voice was low, but reverberated in her ears. There was an echo in his voice this time when she listened. The power of it tried to drag her under his spell once again. It almost captured her, but the sudden sharp pain of hitting the back of her knee on the piano bench roused her.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing you don’t want me to.” He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. A seductive grin appeared on his face. Her body was drawn to him. “I can smell your desire, Beth. Don’t deny my very presence doesn’t entice you.” He stepped closer. When he smiled, his teeth were growing longer into sharp fangs.

“Oh God!” Beth gripped her chest. “This isn’t real. You’re not real.”

“But I am.”

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Unborn * Spoilers*

Hi guys,
So I got together this afternoon with some friends to go see the Unborn. My friends were fashionably late, but that is okay. They normally show up late anyway. I need to put NOS on their van so they can be superspeed. LOL.

So anyway I'm a good van of horror movies. This one looked good. It was rated PG-13. So many movies are rated PG-13 and I so want them to be rated R. But don't get me started on that rant. I don't think that slasher movies are the only ones are slashers movies. I move blood and guts, but come on the R rating can be out on other movies that need more violence... Okay sorry ranting.

So the movie starts off with the main character dreaming of weird shirt. More weird things happen to her during the movie. Her mother killed herself. The kid she babysits for attacks her. Her eye starts to change colors. She find out she was a twin and the thing that is following her wants to be born that has been following their family since the Gernman concentration camps. Her grandmother killed her twin after he was possesed by this thing.

So her grandmother tells her the tale and to seek out a rabi who can help them. All the while she starts seeing this thing in the mirror. Her friengs believe her and finally so does the rabi. Finally they do an exoricism on her and her boyfriend is possessed and killed. And of course, the only reason it started was becuase she was pregnant with twins. That was the ending.... Please!

Really... so disspointing in my book. End another way. And you assume that she is going to keep the children when you know one of them is going to be the spirit. Come on! Argh!!

The story idea is cool andwell exorisms always are bad news, but argh I hate endings like that.

OKay well that is my rant on it.

Now we are watching one of the football games and going to a friend's house to see another one. The dog is quiet and curled up next to me actually behaving. I started a new book today yeah!

Now to finish the other ones. LOL


Monday, January 5, 2009

Say Hi To Bob!

Bob is the man behind the television set is keeping us company for a little while. He is a hitcher we picked up from a friend of ours who is moving across the country.
We also ended up getting a couch and a loveseat. We've had a fouton for 5 years so the upgrade was wonderful. We couldn't get the coffin though. Damn! That is okay one day the coffin will be mine.

If you haven't guessed yet my hubby and I have a different sense of decorating than most people. My other great addition to the house was a new Living Dead Doll so that made 21 of them. Our friend will be gone for at least a year doing a job, which sucks, but that is good for him. We will miss him.

So I have a couple of pages left to write and finish my latest short. After that to work on my newest novel called Carrion Comfort. This weekend we are going to the movies.

Hubby and I are going to the same place, but to see different movies. He wants to see Gran Turino and I am going to see the UnBorn.I'll let everyone know how it is.

So remember to say Hi to Bob.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming Soon: A Taste of Darkness


Tricia has lusted after Zander, but he never let’s her get close. Fed up, she walks out of his life for good.

Zander keeps Tricia at bay because the beast within him wants to rip her throat out and paint her bedroom in blood. Finally, he gives into his desires, trying to mend the rift between them. Little does he know, Tricia is falling for her boss, Kevin.

Kevin hates Zander but will do whatever it takes to keep Tricia. Having a relationship with two vampires is harder than Tricia ever imagined. Especially when neither of them are what they seem.


I smiled, showing her my fangs. I leaned in again, capturing her lips with mine. She might have been afraid, but she kissed me with sheer abandon. I gripped one of her breasts kneading it. Through her T-shirt the nipple hardened against my palm. I released her lips. Tricia’s gaze didn’t leave mine. Her breathing intensified. Her heart sounded like a base drum to my sensitive ears. If she wanted to run, she could have. There was an opening. I released her breast scraping my nails down the fabric of her shirt and over her left thigh. I pressed my nails into her flesh working my way up her leg to the boundary of her panties. I licked the side of her throat. Her longing had spiced her flesh and made it taste minty. “You taste so good, Tricia. One bite and I can eat you up. Do you want that?”

Tricia had begun to shake. Lust had her in its grip. My fingers traced the line of her panties. With one swipe, I could release her desire and claim her for my own. She would feel so good. “Please,” she whispered.

I kissed her cheek and took away my other arm. She wouldn’t go anywhere. If she did, I could catch her. Part of me hungered for her to run. If Tricia did, then she’d be wonderful to hunt. “Please what? Isn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you want to see what I was? Here I am before you.”

A tear rolled down her cheek. “You know it’s not, Zander. Stop toying with me.”

I caught her lip between mine. “But this is what I am, Tricia. This is me. Who says that I’m playing.” My palm crept over the flat terrain of her stomach. I lowered my tongue to her neck. I drew back my lips, reading to strike. Her pulse boiled underneath her skin. “Then what do you want? I can fuck you as you’ve desired. I can suck you. I can do so many things to you. Tell me what you want, Tricia.” I growled.

“I-I don’t know. Not like this.”

“But I can taste your desire. I know you can feel mine.” I caught one of her wrists guiding it to the bulge in my jeans.

I hissed when she began caressing it through the fabric. I brought my teeth down on her neck. Regular human teeth. She cried out and I felt the wetness of her tears. I didn’t draw blood even though it took all my control not to. Her back arched off the wall. There was pleasure laden with fear in her moan. Sucking hard on her flesh, I licked the spot where I would strike. Tricia pressed herself against me. Her friction of her hand rubbing on the fabric across my cock drove me to the edge. I licked her neck again and backed off her. I gripped her windowsill with my back to her. It cracked. I heard the grating of her flesh sliding down on the rough wall. Her heart thundered in my ears shouting at me to drink her dry. The beast in my veins demanded I feed since I had let it out. In my three hundred years, I’d done some horrible things and they had been wonderful. I closed my eyes against the memories of the blood baths blooming behind my eyes and I could easily see Tricia’s walls spattered in crimson speckles.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

If only I could write...

So I have two dogs that are both great, but the puppy love to bug her mommy. So I set something up that will keep her busy at least for five minutes.

Now five minutes later she has figured it out and become frustrated with not being able to get one of the ropes so she is now jumping on the back of my chair and wanting me to get it. Oh the children.