Friday, January 1, 2016


So it's the first day of 2016.

I don't have a list of resolutions to proclaim. I did that back on Halloween between me and the universe when I celebrated the turning of the wheel.

I don't have a list of grievances to air about 2015.

I have great group of friends who puts up with me.

I have an awesome husband who stand by my side.

I have editors who are my friends when needed and my enemies when needed. :)

I write when I have the time. I work a day job to pay the bills.

How do I see things changing in my life? job getting busier. Writing more with  new publisher.

Hoping to have books published I have been waiting on with a couple other publishers or things will change on that front.

I've lost a couple of publishers, but I'm building a relationship with a new one or two.

I have friends and family to support me.

So what does it bring? It brings whatever I want it to bring. I make own life.... so should you.