Monday, December 6, 2010

Coming Wednesday: Solstice Miracles

Solstice Miracles
In the cold winter nights, two desire to keep her warm.
Coming Wednesday from Purple Sword Publications


Natalie Bear found a quaint old farmhouse that needed some TLC. Upon moving in, she discovered that she wasn’t alone in the house. Her resident ghost happens to be a hunky cowboy that she can’t keep her mind off of. Not to mention, one of her handymen has a certain appeal too. Trying to overcome her dark past, she finds love in the cowboy who can also soothe her raging desire. Drawn between two men, each with their own hidden secrets, Natalie must choose who she wants more.

As the Winter Solstice draws near, the veil between the living and the dead grows thinner. Before claiming which man she wants, the evil spirits in the house come out to play. Along with her ex husband who wants nothing more than her blood.


The night was much quieter. Hardly a cricket chirped. It helped to ease her anxiety. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Without thinking, she turned and brought her knee up into her attacker’s groin. With a low moan, the man hit the gravel. She fumbled for her keys when she glanced over to see Scott clutching his balls on the ground. Oh shit! She knelt down to help him up.
“Oh my God! I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was you. I thought you were the jerk who hit on me earlier.”
He grabbed the bumper of her car and hoisted himself up but leaned against the car. Tears glistened in his eyes. “You got one hell of an aim.” He took in a few more breaths before trying to stand upright.
He rubbed his balls. “I was coming out to see if you were okay. You seemed pretty spooked.”
She lifted her hair off her neck and looked past him.
“Hey, what happened there?”
Quickly she pulled her hair back down to hide the blemish on her neck. “Nothing.”
“That nothing looks like a nasty scar. Trust me nothing gave me this permanent beauty. Look, I’m not trying to get interfere with your life, but if I were to guess I’d say you’d been put through the wringer. Here.” He reached into his wallet and pulled out a card and handed it to her. “If you ever want to talk about anything. Just give me a call. Day or night. Of course, this would not be about the house.”
She eyed the card and then looked back at him. “I’m not ready to get involved with anyone yet or even consider dating. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
He stepped forward and slid the card across the hood of her car. “No strings attached. Honest. Friends. We can all use some of those, right?”
She bit her lip, picked up the card, and slipped it into her pocket. “Yeah. We can all use friends. Thanks, Scott. Sorry I kicked you. It was nice to meet you.” With that she got into her car and headed back toward the house. The toll of the day was weighing on her, and she wanted to sleep.
When she arrived, she went inside expecting to find the doors slamming or things floating in mid-air.
But a calm essence welcomed her. Getting ready for bed, she didn’t feel anyone or anything around her. She wrapped herself in a sheet and shivered. The nights were getting colder. She had to get the gas turned on, but couldn’t do that until Monday.
The movers were coming in the morning to deliver what little furniture she had. Mostly boxes of books, her bedroom furnishings, a futon, and a few other things she was able to salvage from the house.
The mountains stood out against the night. In the distance, the same little balls of light started to dance and twirl around the tree line. She observed them for a little while and noticed there were some even on the edges of the field. A shiver ran up her back. The heaviness of the atmosphere weighed on her shoulders. It was the same feeling she used to get when she was a child in her mother’s old house. Sighing, it seemed there was no way around it. This place was haunted. I guess what Scott was saying is true.
Her heart thumped against her breastbone when she recalled staring into Scott’s eyes. The pull she had toward him ignited inside of her again.  Not sure of what it was or where it came from, she tried to shove it aside. Only this time the feeling wasn’t going away. She started to imagine seeing him shirtless and watching his rippling muscles glistening in the sun. I have to get my mind off him. What have I gotten myself into?
Natalie settled down into bed and drew the sheet around her, wishing she had something warmer. The air mattress squelched the more she turned on it, trying to get comfortable.
She heard heavy footfalls. She waited for them to start running, but they stopped in front of her door. From the large crack underneath, she saw a shadow move.
Her curiosity almost got the better of her, but she wasn’t going to get up and see who was on the other side. Fear took over, but she didn’t hear any more footsteps, and no door handles rattled. It has to be Dustin checking on me before I go to sleep. She waited and resisted the urge to call out to him. Without another incident, she let sleep take over and drifted off.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming Soon: Cashing in the Night

Coming Friday December 10th from Amira Press

Cash Madsen is a Texas Ranger. It has kept him sane through his years of darkness. Being a vampire, his hunger calls him to kill those he feeds on, but he hasn’t yet. For a hundred and sixty years, he’s tried to put his past behind him, but one woman continues to haunt him. Rebecca Bruce has never quite gotten over the cowboy who got away.

Fate draws them back to the old saloon where they first met. Only there are more than ghosts haunting the town. Rebecca yearns for Cash, but he throws her in jail for murder. Cash’s buried feelings for Becca resurface. He must face them or risk losing her forever. Drawn together, they must discover who’s behind the killings and reignite their simmering passion.


His desire electrified his skin and transferred to me from our close proximity. He dropped his pants. A winning smile appeared on my lips. I always got my way with him. The warmth of that nudged me closer to him. I trailed my fingers over his chest, playing with the stray hairs sprinkled on his pecs. Cash scooped me up in his arms and pushed his lips to mine. His cock started to harden again the longer he kissed me. Finally, he deposited me on the bed.
            “You are a siren. I can’t say no to you. I only wish . . .” He shook his head.
            I felt the change in his demeanor. “You only wish what?” I began to knead some of the tension he carried in his arms.
            “You’ll think me some besotted fool if I tell you.”
            “Cash, I would never think that. You know I cherish everything you say.”
            He chuckled and kissed my cheek. “That’s the problem. Here you are a notorious woman of the night and me a dashing Texas Ranger. We live in two separate worlds. I wish that we didn’t. I would have you for my wife. I don’t care about your past or what other patrons you entertain. I only want you at my side.”
            His admission shocked me. I struggled to find the words. He had never declared how strong his feelings were for me. I had never confessed that I was in love with him. In my profession love was a dangerous thing to have for a client. It could make me lose my edge, so I buried the emotion deep and only allowed it when I was with him.
“I don’t know what to say.”
            “I know. That’s the problem. I know love isn’t something you afford yourself. And I’ve tried to deny my feelings for you. But I can’t. I know it’s impossible for either of us. I shouldn’t have said anything.” He began to pull away from me. If he walked out the door, I’d never see him again.
            “Make love to me, Cash.”
            “It’d be better if I just left.”
            I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast. “Please. You can’t tell a girl you love her and then walk away.”
            “It wouldn’t work between us. Why prolong the agony?”
            I took his hard cock in my hands and ran them along his shaft. His expression softened as he began to lose focus. The distraction would be short-lived, but it would be enough time for me to reason with him. I didn’t want him to go anywhere. We had a wonderful thing going, and I looked forward to our nights together. I gave him an innocent look and ran the tip of my tongue over his spongy head. I batted my eyelashes and brought his engorged dick to my mouth. I slid my lips over his cock slowly, licking the thick vein on the underside. I grabbed his balls and rolled them in my hand. The moan that escaped his lips was music to my ears. He placed his hands on my head and began rocking his hips gently until I was sucking on him faster. I wrapped my tongue around his length, letting him come all the way into me, touching the back of my throat. I closed my eyes and let the hunger creep in. The enticement of his blood being so near, below the surface, and his skin being so warm with it, almost got the better of me, but I caught the beast before it took over my nature.
            “God, Becca, you suck a mean dick. I want to fuck you again.”
            I gave him one long lick, dragging my teeth along his sensitive flesh, and released him from my hold. I pushed Cash down on the bed. The sound of the springs filled my ears from his added weight. I leaned over and kissed him, flicking my tongue along his lips until he sucked it into his mouth. I met his tongue, tasting him, letting him taste me. The hunger was there. One sip of his blood and it would drive the beast away. I didn’t want to think like a vampire at this moment. I only wanted to be the woman he loved, the woman he wanted to marry.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Excerpt: Ali's Pride

I wanted to share a small excerpt from my latest work. It's a shifter threesome. Meow! Hope you enjoy.

It was his smoldering, hazel eyes that drew me in first. They caught me glancing at him over my magazine. Immediately my gaze returned to the printed words, but I could barely focus. My eyes drifted over the top of the page again. I worried my lip and prayed he wouldn’t notice me checking him out once more. He lifted his coffee cup to his lips and took a sip. Slowly savoring the brew and then setting it down on the saucer. My gaze fixated on his mouth. His sensuous lips already had a slight sneer embedded in them. The top lip curved and a dimple appeared in his chin when he frowned at the woman who brushed past him, knocking over his bag. The woman turned and apologized. He didn’t respond, but set his bag back on the chair next to him. When he rose up, his eyes found mine. They narrowed. Then that luscious mouth turned into a small smile. In that gesture, my heart doubled its pace. I could barely draw breath from being caught by those eyes. Those deep eyes that peered into my soul and all I could do was duck behind my periodical and pray that he didn’t detect me. The columns of words were gibberish. I tried to read them, but my heart was beating erratically. I bit my lip a little harder and tasted the blood on my tongue. I drew in a deep breath and smelled the scent of fresh earth. It filled my nostrils and I couldn’t shake it. Whatever it was, it made me wet. My hand shook while I picked up my cup and took a sip. The hot chocolate was lukewarm, but silky, sliding down my throat. I savored the dark chocolate and licked my lips.
He cleared his throat and glanced back to the book he was reading. I took the chance to observe him further. Copper hair curled around his ears. The artificial light brought out the bronze highlights that ran through his tresses. Darker eyebrows lined his high brow. His nose was perfect with a slight curve on the end. He had a square face, but high cheekbones. Stubble shadowed his cheeks. Enough I wanted to run my hands over it and see if it was rough or scratchy. He wore a dark blue shirt that was buttoned with small black buttons. The top two were left undone so I saw the sparse hair on his chest. I never appreciated kissing a man’s chest and coming away with a piece of hair stuck between my teeth. That ruined the mood right there. He was studying a text on philosophy which meant he enjoyed reading about the subject, was trying to pick up woman. I didn’t think he had any trouble in that department. His legs were stretched out underneath the table. I took him for a tall man. Probably taller than me. His frame was lean, but I suspected there were wiry muscles underneath that dark blue shirt waiting to be put to some good use. I couldn’t confirm if he was a boxers or briefs man. I hoped he went commando.
Another woman walked by. He glanced up from his text when she brushed his shoulder. Her fingers lingered a moment on his upper arm. Feeling those muscles I longed to touch. They exchanged a few pleasantries. Her smile widened. Bitch thinks she’s getting somewhere with him. I doubt he’ll take her up on whatever she’s offering. I flipped a page in my magazine. I couldn’t even concentrate on the vibrant ads and the too skinny models who needed fat shot into their ass and boobs to give them a semblance of a good figure. When I looked at miss hopeful, she was leaning a little further over, showing off her cleavage. I glanced down at my shirt. It was unbuttoned only one button. I’d come from work and needed a chance to relax before going home to my empty house. I turned another page and then looked at them again.
He leaned back in his chair. Arms were crossed over his chest. She leaned forward, trying to entice him. Interpreting his body language, I knew he wasn’t interested in her. Why would he be? She’s just some trashy skank trying to get into his pants. I ran my tongue over my lips tasting the last bit of chocolate mixed with the blood. A hiss rose in my throat thinking about him going out of the door with the bitch. I swallowed it before it left my lips. This is crazy that I’m obsessing about him when I don’t even know him. It wouldn’t be good letting the cat out of the bag in public.
I tapped my foot against the rung of the chair next to me and tried to rip my gaze from them. It wasn’t good of me to be eavesdropping on their private conversation. If she wanted privacy then, she shouldn’t be slowly running her toe up the inside of his leg. Normally, I didn’t let my eyes rove. Tonight was different. The whole day had been different. I was tense. I had a slight headache and my muscles were tight. I doubt any good masseur could work the knots out of my muscles. After a few moments of the table shaking, I realized that I was drawing attention to myself from the sidelong glances of the other patrons. He, however, hadn’t noticed and was still talking to her. He nodded after she said something, but he hadn’t reacted. The woman leaned further over the table, sliding her finger along the man’s coffee cup. She wrapped her fingers around it and started to bring it to her lips. He grabbed her wrist roughly and then snatched his coffee from her hand. He said something. Her eyes narrowed. She said something and then backed away. She left. He spun his coffee cup around, probably thinking about his latest encounter.
His luscious mouth curled again into a smile. He picked up his book and began to skim through the pages again. The tension in my body drained away, but knots still dotted my muscles. I arched my neck and turned it sharply to feel the crack of my bones. The release felt good. I rolled my shoulders and tried to read the words on the page yet again. My gaze roved back to him. He had his cup resting against his bottom lip, but his eyes were locked to mine. I felt the blood warm my cheeks, but I didn’t break away this time. I couldn’t. I could feel his dare in his smoldering stare. I arched my eyebrow, accepting whatever the unspoken dare was. All I needed was to go over and speak to him. If I could do that, then things would’ve been so much easier in my life. But I was taught to keep my mouth shut. Forced to hide in the darkness. The pariah of the family. I had no friends. Not even ones at school. That was the past. No one kept me in the dark anymore. I was by myself. Maybe that was my problem. I’d been alone too long. I took another sip of my hot chocolate not hiding the turning up of my lips. He chuckled and shook his head. Setting the coffee cup down, he pushed out the chair next to him with his foot and waved his hand for me to sit next to him. I glanced around the small cafĂ© in the bookstore. No one else was looking. The glare from passing headlights blinded me for a moment. I cringed from the sudden brightness and hissed. I turned my head away quickly. My muscles stiffened, readying to spring if something came at me. There’s no one waiting in the shadows ready to attack. No one is going to challenge me here. I breathed in a few times and forced myself to relax. I had a good thing about to unfold before me. I didn’t want to blow it by acting all stupid. What’s wrong with me? Why is this happening now?
Once my sight cleared, I noticed the woman who had hit on him had her face pressed against the window. Her hands cupped her eyes so she could see in. The look on her face was one of pure murder. Every instinct I had screamed for me to pounce on her, but I held that in check. I needed to focus on my prey first. The luscious man is going to be mine. I would claim his body and then make him mine. Satisfaction washed over me with that idea. That was what I needed. Someone to join me. A mate who would understand me. Maybe he would survive the change. That’s what I’ve been feeling! The feverish chill that had been running through me these past couple of days. The longing to have a companion. I’d always been told no one would want me because of what I was. Damn them. They have no idea. I’d lived under the yolk of my stepfather’s pride for so long that it caught me off guard at times to realize I was on my own. It had been a lonely road.
I stared back at the woman and smiled at her. Her expression darkened even more. I shrugged and then focused back on the man. His table was empty. A momentary jolt of panic surged through me. I glanced around the coffee shop and adjoining bookstore. He wasn’t there either. Shit. Shit. Shit. It was then I felt a light touch on my shoulder. I spun around, a growl forming in my throat. He was there. His hazel eyes peering deep into mine. Those succulent lips turned up at me. His bag was slung over his shoulder. His dark hair had fallen across his forehead. So close to him now the musk of his skin overwhelmed me. Earthy and mixed with cloves. I turned my face a little so my lips were inches from his. Already the pull between us was making me wet. Does he know the power he has over me at this very moment? Will he be the one?
“Hello,” I answered.
“I couldn’t help notice you eyeing me.”
Everything in me yearned to run my hand along his cheek and feel the subtle fuzz of his stubble. I held. I didn’t need to pounce just yet. “You seemed awfully lonely for a minute. Then that woman sat next to you. I assumed she was your girlfriend.”
He chuckled. “Ex. Actually. No need to worry about her. We didn’t jive well together. While she was talking, all I could think about was you. Your beautiful face. Those intense blue eyes hiding under your dark bangs. Your voluptuous body. The way you smelled. What you would sound like calling my name when I fucked you.”
My eyes widened at the comment. I hadn’t expected him to be so forward. Maybe he is feeling the pull between us. I tried to hide my surprise and compose myself before I answered. If he liked curves, then he would have enough with me. I wasn’t a Skinny Minnie like most girls. I was above average, wearing a size eighteen. Another reason my parents hid me away. How could I be their child when all my brothers and sisters were lean and mean like the rest of family? His words made me hot. His close presence dampened my panties. I leaned in a little closer, almost brushing his lips. “You sure you can handle me? I’m a screamer.”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excerpt: Bitten By Love

Hey Everyone:

I wanted to share some of my latest works. I've been swamped with other WIPS. I was on vacation and didn't bring my laptop which is a miracle for me. Anyway I'm working on four other manuscripts so time is going. I'm redesigning my website so don't mind the construction signs.

Here is the quick excerpt:

Her eyes flew open. She turned down the volume and stared into deep hazel eyes. The light from above reflected off his eyes and brought out the green flecks. Weren’t his eyes violet last night? She was stunned and then regained her composure hoping that the surprise didn't show on her face. He backed up so she could open the door. When she got out, a blast of cold air hit her. She was glad for the scarf. She kept her back to the car. The sturdy metal bolstered her confidence. Salina studied him. His dark jeans were form fitting, but they weren't obscene. They were slung low enough she imagined if he moved the right way she could see the lines of his pelvic bone and the smattering of hair leading to pleasurable places. She tried not to blush, but found it hard because her eyes wandered south, away from his eyes.
            "See something you like?"
            She tore her gaze from his low rider jeans and focused back on his face. His face was smooth and pale under the lights. His blond hair was nearly white. She squared her shoulders. "Yes, actually. My friend would love your jeans. She has a thing for guys’ designer jeans."
            The mystery guy smiled. "Well that's good to know. So are you hungry? We can get dinner or go to a movie. Maybe even walk around the bookstore."
            Salina laughed. "Thanks. I think I'll pass. Dinner would be good. How about Italian?"
            "I could leave the garlic, but whatever you want. I’m in for making you happy."
She nodded. "There's a small place I go to for lunch sometime nestled in between the shops. It's not far."
            He gave her a half smile. "Okay. After you, Salina."
            Turning, she headed toward Mama Rosa's. Her favorite dish in the place was chicken marsala with spinach added to it. There was something about the marsala sauce that brought out the flavor in the spinach. Her mouth watered thinking about it. Her stomach rumbled. Her feet carried her on the familiar path to the restaurant she almost forgot she was on a date. Then she felt a brush of cloth against her arm that zapped her back to reality. She jerked her arm away, but then stopped and turned around. His expression was stoic and his eyes unreadable.
            "I won't bite you."
            She sighed. "Maybe not, but this whole scenario is not something I'm used to."
            He chuckled. "What sort of thing? A man asking you out? Or telling you how beautiful you look tonight? Every woman should know they are appreciated. Haven't you ever felt that way before?"
            Salina stopped and stared at him hardly believing what he was saying. Her mind registered he said that she was beautiful, but it wasn't sinking in. And she wasn't sure the last time that anyone had ever appreciated her. Donald never did. None of the other guys she dated in high school and college ever did. They were all interested in pussy or the thrill of dating a black girl so they could go home to their families and wait for the shock value.
            "What's your name?" She asked changing the subject.
            "You didn't answer my question." He caught her hand and brought it to his lips. He brushed his mouth over her knuckles and released her.
"I didn't realize I had to answer all of your questions. I don't appreciate being grilled." She turned away hoping he didn't notice her trembling hand from when he kissed it. The slight caress of his lips burned across her skin. She ached to run her hand across her cheek and imagine what it would feel like if he was touching her there. I barely know this guy and I want to jump his bones. What is it about him that makes me feel this way?
            He moved a step away to create space between them. His expression hardened some. "My intent is not to grill you." He paused and ran a hand through his perfect hair. Even that didn’t mess it up. "I didn't think this was going to be this hard."
            "What? Getting me into bed or just acting the nice guy part."
            "Neither. Salina, if you didn't want to go out with me you should’ve mentioned you weren't interested in me."
            "Me! You're the one who came into my store, flirted with me, and then waited by my car until I was done. Who does that?"
            "I apologize if I seemed overzealous. I thought were the one. It seemed that you were. If you’ll forgive me, we’ll call it a night."
            Salina heard the hurt and anger in his voice when he turned away. She stopped and stared at him walking away. What the hell is going on? This is so not how I figured the night would turn out. Oh fuck.
            "Hey. Wait. Please!" She started running after him, but tripped on a crack in the pavement. The ground came fast. She landed on the heel of her hands and heard her skirt rip. Mother fucker! This isn’t happening to me. This is my favorite skirt. She began to get up feeling the tears stinging her eyes. The places on her palms throbbed where she hit the pavement.
            "Need some help?"
            His velvet voice sent shivers through her. She gritted her teeth. "I thought you didn't want anything to do with me considering you were the one walking away." She ignored his hand and slowly got up examining the damage to her skirt. It isn’t too bad. A little thread along the seam and I can salvage it. Thank God. Abigail can fix it. She's a master at the sewing machine.
            "I'm sorry. I over reacted. I assume that I’ll get my way all the time without question."
            Salina looked at her skinned hands. The little voice in her head said that she should turn her back on him, head back to the car, and go back to the house, and eat a pint of ice cream for the crappy night she was turning out to have was screaming. Normally she listened to that voice. It told her to date Donald because he wasn't such a bad catch. He was nerdy and cute and no other guy was going to look at her twice so why not settle for the one showing interest in her. Right now though, she didn’t want to settle. There was something different and kinda dangerous to the mystery guy. She wanted to be a part of that danger. She wanted to be irresponsible for once. “Sometimes assuming is a very bad thing. Not all of us girls like to be told what to do. Or are you one of those guys who assumes woman should be at your beck and call?" She crossed her arms over her chest.
            He stared at her and then began to laugh. "No. Not at all. You're very right. Why don't we start over?" He stuck out his hand. "I'm Griffon Love."
            Salina chuckled. "Salina Antonio. Nice to meet you, Griffon. I know this great Italian place just over there. I was headed there and could use some company. Would you care to keep me company?" She shook his hand.
            He lifted her hand to his lips and brushed her knuckles with a kiss. Salina couldn't help the sudden burst of lust spiking through her. She drew in a breath and felt the burn on her cheeks.
            "I would love to keep you company.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you ready for the Storm?

Hi Everyone,
I'm so excited to announce that Storm Riders is out today with Aspen Mountain Press!


George has been searching for a way to predict tornadoes that mimics her inherent ability. Her encounter with a handsome cowboy that drives away a twister has her stumped.

Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her even offering themselves to her for a wild, stormy night of passion.  When their boss, Raul gets wind of this, he demands they cease all contact. Neither Wyatt nor Landon can stand to think she won’t be part of their lives.  She’s turned their worlds upside down and each craves George’s touch.

Will Landon and Wyatt get to keep her? Or will Raul separate them forever?

EXCERPT:Wyatt kept checking his rearview mirror to see if Georgiana was still behind him. I can’t believe I scored her. She a hot piece of ass and she seems familiar. Oh well. Maybe I’ve run into her before. I do loose track. He chuckled and pulled into the driveway. He parked and slid out of the auto. After a moment, he saw headlights and she pulled in beside him. He waited and she slipped out of her vehicle and took in the surroundings.

“Wow. Nice place. You work here?”

He smiled feeling a little cocky. “Something like that.” He gazed down at the huge barn and attached indoor. The door was open to the barn with the light on in Gina’s office. The horses were in for the night. He heard them rattling the barn doors. He glanced at the house and saw Landon was home. He’s probably reading some stuffy old book. I know what he’ll say if he runs into us. He’ll tell me I shouldn’t be running around and risking the chance of exposing our secret.

“So you just staying here or something?”

His grin widened. “No. Actually I own half the place.”

“Oh. Well.”

“I’m sure you thought I was some no-good-cowhand going to take you to my loft in the barn.”

She laughed. “It had crossed my mind.”

He inched closer to her feeling her hesitation now that she wasn’t in the heat of the moment at the club. She was fine looking in her short jean skirt and black T-shirt. The fabric showed off the lines of her bra and the bumps of her nipples from the chill in the air. He ached to run his hand over her breasts feeling their firmness.

To ease the tension, he stepped closer to her and cupped her cheek. Georgiana drew in a quick breath. He saw the trepidation in her eyes. Seizing the moment, he leaned in and kissed her not too hard, but just enough to leave her wanting. When he touched her again, he noticed the energy between them. His lips got all tingly from kissing her, but he thought it was a fluke from the dryness of the air at the bar. Now it was stronger. His whole body was on edge the way he was before a ride. He could sense a storm in the air, but he had no orders that one was coming. Withdrawing a step, he waited for her to come around.

“Do you still want to come inside? I’ll understand if you don’t feel comfortable.”

The tip of her tongue touched her lips. The small gesture tightened his cock. Oh baby, I can’t wait to get you alone so you can use that on me. She ran her hands over her arms. He noticed her hair was standing on end.

“No. I’m okay.”

“Great.” He offered her his elbow. She looped her arm through it and he led her inside.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cleaning House

So this weekend I've spent a little time looking over my bookshelves and trying to figure out what I was going to get rid of. The need for me to do that was getting a little bit overwhelming because I was stacking books on all open shelves in front of other books. Which is a good thing of course because one can't have too many books. So now I made room for even more books.
Many of the books are ones by my favorite authors, Kelly Armstrong, L.A. Banks, and Mary Ann Mitchell and a few rogues that hubby didn't like. Now to decide what to do with them and what books I want to replace them with. Some are even vampire novels that I've getting rid of which is almost unheard of because I collect vampire books. However, it was time. I've read them a couple of times and now they need to find a new home.

If you haven't guessed, I love books. Although I'm choosy on what I read these days. Lately I've finished reading:
 Burned: A House of Night Novel by PC and Kristen Cast
The Short Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer.

I loved Burned. The Short Life of Bree Tanner was okay. Hey it was reduced on Amazon when I got it so I wasn't arguing the price. I don't regret buying it though. So now my TBR list is nil. I've been so busy writing lately that reading has been a guilty pleasure. I'll be looking over my shelves and thinking about what to reread. I'm thinking Cold Kiss by Roxanne Longstreet or Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy Collins. If you haven't read the Sunglasses After Dark I highly recommend it.

Well now it's back to writing. I'm currently editing Storm Riders book 3. Working on a new book currently entitled Bitten By Love. Not sure if the title will be changing, but we shall see. Have a great idea for a new book that came to me while we were at the baseball game last night. Which was really hot last night. We've been inside all day due to the weather. The dogs are not happy about that of course. They want to run around and play.

The other night we finally saw Avatar. Hubby actually liked it. He's not a sci-fi fan so it was a shock. When it first came out, I asked him if he wanted to see it and he had no interest in blue people. Now he wants to buy it. Go figure. Maybe I can turn him and get him to like X-Men or something along those lines since he's not one for comic book. I doubt it, but we'll see.

This week Storm Riders should be releasing from Aspen Mountain Press. I'll have more details later in the week about the contest that I'm throwing for the release. So stay turned for info. Hope everyone has a good week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Release out with Amira Press: Frost Fever

Available at Amira Press

Jet is ordered to keep an eye on Paget. Once she touches him, her frosty caress opens his heart to her. He must prove his innocence that he didn’t kill her uncle, but before he can, he must find the Shadows that are out to kill her.

Paget can’t get her uncle’s murderer out of her mind. Something about him melts her frozen heart, and she finds herself falling in love with him. Her icy suitor, Malik, wants her all to himself. Before he can claim her, the Shadows attack and the only one to save her is Jet.


Paget stood in the guest room diagonal from the bathroom. Steam wafted out from the crack in the door. She bit her lip and couldn’t help but watch Jet undress and then examine himself in the mirror. Seeing him completely naked made her mouth water. When he had been telling her his story, she could see the details of the picture that he painted. She wanted to know what his life had been like when he’d been back in Japan. It was evident that he had loved his wife. It was also true that he cared for her. She sensed his passion for her and it stirred the coldness from her heart. She wanted him so bad, but she was leery. Her power had nearly gone haywire before and she had felt the fey so close and freezing her blood. He had pulled the power into himself and brought her back. Jet had done that for her without asking. He desired her, but he didn’t want to take advantage of her either. They were both tiptoeing around one another. Pulling her power around herself, she knew it would hasten her decent into her heritage. She didn’t want the coldness of the fey life only the warmth that Jet offered. What would he say if I went in there? I want him holding me. Why am I standing here in the Grey and not in there with him? She saw the world with different eyes and even felt the steam in the Grey and the pull between them.

Paget bit her lip and knew what she had to do, what she wanted to do. She let herself go back into the real world and drew in a breath. She stripped quickly and set her clothes on the bed. Slipping into the bathroom, the warm vapor wrapped around her, trying to freeze in the air. Inside the shower, she heard Jet singing in a language she didn’t understand, but the tone was very sad.

She wrapped her power around her and stepped into the shower into the Grey so she was a ghost to him. His wet hair clung to his skin and the muscles rippled in his back. His ass was firm and she wanted to cup it and squeeze it. It was everything she had imagined. Her nipples tightened in anticipation, but she wasn’t sure what he would say with her being in the shower with him.

Jet turned and she saw the tattoolike brand that was on his shoulder. And then there were the three gouges diagonally over his heart. The scars were old and smooth. Once her fingers brushed his skin, he stopped.

“Who’s there?” His muscles tensed. He wiped the soap from his eyes and stared intently at her, but he didn’t see her. She leaned in close and began kissing his chest. With the first one, she put a little push of her power behind it and watched the water freeze. Small goose bumps rose on his flesh. His nipples hardened. She kissed him again, but he didn’t relax. Paget licked her way up his chest, her tongue caressing the scars that he bore over his heart. He moaned and the more power she put behind her touches, the more he began to quake.

She worked up his neck and kissed the side of it. She wasn’t able to taste him, only feel him next to her. She was every bit a ghost to him as he was to her. Paget glanced down and saw his growing erection standing out before him. The water blasted over him, but with her power, he was colder than the air so he was steaming. She touched his shaft, freezing it. He stumbled and grabbed the wall for support.

“Paget, please, if that’s you. You can’t keep doing that.”

She loved to see him suffer. It was nice knowing that she had that much power over him. Malik always had the power over her. She’d never been able to enjoy herself completely when she’d made love. The last time had been a long time ago. The first time she tried, the man had gotten frost bite. The other one, Noah. Her heart stung thinking of him. She had killed him with her kisses and touches. That was one of the reasons she had started wearing gloves. Because of that, she’d spiraled into a depression that resulted in the cuts on her arms.

She began stroking Jet more. His fists clenched at his sides and he was breathing heavy. Cupping his balls, she began sucking on his nipples. She ran her tongue over one and felt it contract against her tongue. Seeing him suffer was getting her hot and she found it hard to focus on staying hidden. Her power wavered and the heat of the shower blasted against her. The water ran over her back and began to wind through her hair. His nipple was hard against her tongue and she could feel the warmth of his flesh. Jet’s fingers wove into her hair. She looked up and gave him a smile.

“I guess you caught me.”

Jet didn’t reply, but brought her to his lips. He pressed his mouth against hers. His tongue delved between her lips and met hers in a sloppy kiss. He took her breath away and pulled in her power all at the same time. She wrapped her hands around his neck, hardly believing that this was happening, that she was in the shower with him when downstairs she hadn’t been sure what she was going to be doing. She broke his kiss and drew in a long breath and wiped the hair from her eyes.

“You’re very naughty to do that.”

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hazy, Hot, & Hunted out from Amira Press

 Out Now from Amira Press

(Title previously released in anthology.)

In the humid nights of a Georgia summer, a wounded man stumbles onto Louisa’s front lawn. She stashes him in her root cellar and shoos the bounty hunter away. Tending to his wounds, something about him isn’t quite… human.

For months, Bowen’s been tracking the werewolf that killed his wife. After making Louisa breakfast, he swears to leave, but he can’t get her off his mind. Instead of departing, he secretly remains. Then, one day, the bounty hunter returns and threatens Louisa.

Will Louisa turn him over? Will Bowen ever find love again? Or will the bounty hunter destroy Bowen for good?

When Louisa opened her eyes, she noticed her houseguest was not at all where she had left him because the couch was empty. Her pulse quickened. Several scenarios ran through her mind—he had woken up and left, the bounty hunter had come and gotten him, he was somewhere in the house waiting for her to find him, or she had completely imagined it. She doubted the last because next to the couch was the sled she had brought him in on.

She got up slowly and swore under her breath at the stiffness in her neck. She tipped her head from side to side to crack it and smelled something cooking. She inhaled again to be sure nothing was burning. There had been a time when Geppetto tried lighting a few things on fire, but that was when she’d been renovating the house. He’d stopped when she explained that the upgrades were necessary or the house would be uninhabitable. She walked into the kitchen and heard someone whistling. There was her houseguest, standing next the stove, spatula in hand, and tending to a hot frying pan. Two place settings were laid out on the table.

“Ahh, hi!” Louisa stared at him and watched the muscles of his back ripple while he flipped an omelet onto a plate. He caught the eggs and set them down on the stove before he turned around.

“Hello. I hope you don’t mind, but I thought you might be hungry.”

“No, that’s fine. What’s your name? Why were those guys chasing you? Why did they shoot you? What the hell is going on here? You shouldn’t be up and walking around.” She noticed that the bandage was gone. Now, slightly puckered skin remained where the wound had been. She ran her hands over the flesh, and she noticed it was cooler than the rest of his body. She trailed her hand over his chest, felt his breathing and the vibration of his heart to make sure he was alive and not another spook. Louisa couldn’t help but smile at the defined muscles under her hand. This boy is rock solid. I wonder if other parts of him are as hard.

“So am I hale to you?”

She looked at him in question. He flashed her a beautiful smile, caught her hand, and brought it to his lips. He caressed her fingers with his tongue and nipped lightly on the tips. Her breath quickened, and she was transfixed by his actions. A shiver of ecstasy raced through her and settled at her core. She shouldn’t be letting him do this, but her body wasn’t hers to control. It was his.

Her eyes widened when he ran his long, wet tongue down her middle finger, over the center of her palm, and stopped at the inside of her wrist. He planted a kiss there and then peered up at her. It took her a moment to overcome his spell, but even when she did, her legs were still wobbly. When she was herself again, she noticed the slight pink tinge to his cheeks.

“Sorry, but you smelled so damn good I had to see if you tasted scrumptious, too.”

Her cheeks burned. “So, do I?”

He leaned closer. Louisa waited for him to kiss her. Her eyes half closed, but he brushed his cheek against hers. It took all her concentration not to fall into his arms. She was on edge from this stranger. She clenched her fists together to remind herself this was not a dream. She really had woken up to find a perfectly handsome man in her kitchen, and whatever magnetism he oozed had captured her in its spell.

“No, you taste so much better.” Wetness encompassed her earlobe. She let out a small pleasure sound. He chuckled and took her face between his hands. He looked deep into her eyes until his face blurred and she swayed, waiting for him to claim her lips. She leaned up expectantly on tiptoe, but before their mouths could touch, a loud pop exploded above them. Pinpricks of pain showered down her arm. She looked up and saw that the light bulb overhead had burst.

“Damn it. I just replaced that this week.”

“I’m sure it was an accident. We can switch it out later.” He trailed his fingers over her arms, smearing crimson over her caramel-colored flesh. A cold chill passed by her back at that moment and she knew the bulb shattering hadn’t been an accident. She sighed and backed away from the stranger.

“No, it was my roommate. He likes to play tricks on me. My bet, he’s jealous that he doesn’t have me all to himself.”

Her houseguest reached out to her, but she avoided him and went into the pantry to grab the dustpan. She swept up the remains of the bulb. What am I doing? I don’t know this guy, and I let him sweep me up and kiss me. I need to pull myself together and remember he was nearly dead on my couch last night, but now he’s up walking and talking like nothin’ ever happened. That is not humanly possible. So what does that make him? She got up and dumped the shards in the waste bin. When she turned, he was there with the omelets. Her stomach gurgled at the sight of them. “Why are you getting rid of those?”

“I don’t want you eating glass. Just to be sure.”

She moved aside and let him dump the fluffy eggs in the trash. Right at that moment, the bell rang on the oven, making her jump again, closer to him. The heat of his flesh radiated against her skin. Desire to let the man take her raged through her. I’m coming down with something. That has to be it. She took a deep breath and put some space between them. Him hovering only made her thoughts drift to throwing him down on the floor and riding him. She inhaled, smelled something delicious, and heard plates clattering. Her guest seemed to know his way around her kitchen pretty well. I have to get to the bottom of this.

“Is everything okay?” She felt a small tap on her shoulder.

“No! I dragged you in here on a plastic sled for Christ’s sake. Now you’re walking and talking and—”

His lips met hers, and she lost herself in his kiss. He tasted sweet like honey. His hand slipped around the back of her neck and settled on her nape. Her tongue touched his, and she explored his mouth. Louisa almost forgot her questions and let him overpower her with wanting until another chill skimmed over her arms. It roused her enough that she focused on the circumstances at hand. She pulled out of his arms and shook from the effort. Geppetto was either jealous or he was trying to warn her of something.

“What’s the matter?” She felt his heat radiating against her. Before he could encompass her, she put her hands up to stop him.

“Stop. You have to tell me what’s going on here, or I’m going to call those bounty hunters to haul your ass out of here.”

His brows furrowed, and his expression darkened, but after a moment, he took her shaking hand and licked the back of it. How does he do that, and what the hell is wrong with me? I should be running out of the door and calling the cops, but he’s so damn fine, and God, he makes me feel like . . . I don’t know what he makes me feel like. I just want more of it. She tried to hold it together because she didn’t want him to work her over again with his magnetism. But the way his pink tongue felt against her mocha skin made her hot. She clenched her thighs together to contain the wetness drenching her panties.

He met her gaze and gave her a half-crooked smile. “I know you enjoy having me here. I can smell and taste the desire on you. It’s sweet like caramel. I love the taste of caramel.