Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excerpt: Bitten By Love

Hey Everyone:

I wanted to share some of my latest works. I've been swamped with other WIPS. I was on vacation and didn't bring my laptop which is a miracle for me. Anyway I'm working on four other manuscripts so time is going. I'm redesigning my website so don't mind the construction signs.

Here is the quick excerpt:

Her eyes flew open. She turned down the volume and stared into deep hazel eyes. The light from above reflected off his eyes and brought out the green flecks. Weren’t his eyes violet last night? She was stunned and then regained her composure hoping that the surprise didn't show on her face. He backed up so she could open the door. When she got out, a blast of cold air hit her. She was glad for the scarf. She kept her back to the car. The sturdy metal bolstered her confidence. Salina studied him. His dark jeans were form fitting, but they weren't obscene. They were slung low enough she imagined if he moved the right way she could see the lines of his pelvic bone and the smattering of hair leading to pleasurable places. She tried not to blush, but found it hard because her eyes wandered south, away from his eyes.
            "See something you like?"
            She tore her gaze from his low rider jeans and focused back on his face. His face was smooth and pale under the lights. His blond hair was nearly white. She squared her shoulders. "Yes, actually. My friend would love your jeans. She has a thing for guys’ designer jeans."
            The mystery guy smiled. "Well that's good to know. So are you hungry? We can get dinner or go to a movie. Maybe even walk around the bookstore."
            Salina laughed. "Thanks. I think I'll pass. Dinner would be good. How about Italian?"
            "I could leave the garlic, but whatever you want. I’m in for making you happy."
She nodded. "There's a small place I go to for lunch sometime nestled in between the shops. It's not far."
            He gave her a half smile. "Okay. After you, Salina."
            Turning, she headed toward Mama Rosa's. Her favorite dish in the place was chicken marsala with spinach added to it. There was something about the marsala sauce that brought out the flavor in the spinach. Her mouth watered thinking about it. Her stomach rumbled. Her feet carried her on the familiar path to the restaurant she almost forgot she was on a date. Then she felt a brush of cloth against her arm that zapped her back to reality. She jerked her arm away, but then stopped and turned around. His expression was stoic and his eyes unreadable.
            "I won't bite you."
            She sighed. "Maybe not, but this whole scenario is not something I'm used to."
            He chuckled. "What sort of thing? A man asking you out? Or telling you how beautiful you look tonight? Every woman should know they are appreciated. Haven't you ever felt that way before?"
            Salina stopped and stared at him hardly believing what he was saying. Her mind registered he said that she was beautiful, but it wasn't sinking in. And she wasn't sure the last time that anyone had ever appreciated her. Donald never did. None of the other guys she dated in high school and college ever did. They were all interested in pussy or the thrill of dating a black girl so they could go home to their families and wait for the shock value.
            "What's your name?" She asked changing the subject.
            "You didn't answer my question." He caught her hand and brought it to his lips. He brushed his mouth over her knuckles and released her.
"I didn't realize I had to answer all of your questions. I don't appreciate being grilled." She turned away hoping he didn't notice her trembling hand from when he kissed it. The slight caress of his lips burned across her skin. She ached to run her hand across her cheek and imagine what it would feel like if he was touching her there. I barely know this guy and I want to jump his bones. What is it about him that makes me feel this way?
            He moved a step away to create space between them. His expression hardened some. "My intent is not to grill you." He paused and ran a hand through his perfect hair. Even that didn’t mess it up. "I didn't think this was going to be this hard."
            "What? Getting me into bed or just acting the nice guy part."
            "Neither. Salina, if you didn't want to go out with me you should’ve mentioned you weren't interested in me."
            "Me! You're the one who came into my store, flirted with me, and then waited by my car until I was done. Who does that?"
            "I apologize if I seemed overzealous. I thought were the one. It seemed that you were. If you’ll forgive me, we’ll call it a night."
            Salina heard the hurt and anger in his voice when he turned away. She stopped and stared at him walking away. What the hell is going on? This is so not how I figured the night would turn out. Oh fuck.
            "Hey. Wait. Please!" She started running after him, but tripped on a crack in the pavement. The ground came fast. She landed on the heel of her hands and heard her skirt rip. Mother fucker! This isn’t happening to me. This is my favorite skirt. She began to get up feeling the tears stinging her eyes. The places on her palms throbbed where she hit the pavement.
            "Need some help?"
            His velvet voice sent shivers through her. She gritted her teeth. "I thought you didn't want anything to do with me considering you were the one walking away." She ignored his hand and slowly got up examining the damage to her skirt. It isn’t too bad. A little thread along the seam and I can salvage it. Thank God. Abigail can fix it. She's a master at the sewing machine.
            "I'm sorry. I over reacted. I assume that I’ll get my way all the time without question."
            Salina looked at her skinned hands. The little voice in her head said that she should turn her back on him, head back to the car, and go back to the house, and eat a pint of ice cream for the crappy night she was turning out to have was screaming. Normally she listened to that voice. It told her to date Donald because he wasn't such a bad catch. He was nerdy and cute and no other guy was going to look at her twice so why not settle for the one showing interest in her. Right now though, she didn’t want to settle. There was something different and kinda dangerous to the mystery guy. She wanted to be a part of that danger. She wanted to be irresponsible for once. “Sometimes assuming is a very bad thing. Not all of us girls like to be told what to do. Or are you one of those guys who assumes woman should be at your beck and call?" She crossed her arms over her chest.
            He stared at her and then began to laugh. "No. Not at all. You're very right. Why don't we start over?" He stuck out his hand. "I'm Griffon Love."
            Salina chuckled. "Salina Antonio. Nice to meet you, Griffon. I know this great Italian place just over there. I was headed there and could use some company. Would you care to keep me company?" She shook his hand.
            He lifted her hand to his lips and brushed her knuckles with a kiss. Salina couldn't help the sudden burst of lust spiking through her. She drew in a breath and felt the burn on her cheeks.
            "I would love to keep you company.