Friday, March 16, 2018

Flash Fiction Friday Response

Prompt - (Ant)Arctic/Snow Animal

It opened its maw wide, showing off sharp incisors. A blue tongue flicked out and caressed the tendril of frozen water. The purple suckers on the end attached to the spear and yanked detaching it from the roof of the cave. It crunched on the icicle as it did on bone. Nothing could withstand the powerful jaw once it had its prey in its grasp. The tongue flicked out again brushing against something soft. An animal perhaps. It didn’t smell like an animal it was used to. 

A whimper filled the darkness of the cave. The creature moved closer to the noise. The suckers attached to the softness and felt something hard underneath. It yanked. The prey was larger than expected. A scream bounced off the icy walls. Its tongue pulled the prey closer even as it struggled to escape. Finally, it closed its mouth and the satisfying warmth and squish of something other than water satisfied his thirst and satiated its hunger.