Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Holidays

Hello Everyone,

For the past week or so, I've been traveling on the road. We left our house on Dec. 22nd and began our 1000 mile drive home. We had our lab Morrigain with us who decided that after driving 5 1/2 hours to our friends house in Va, she didn't like the 17 inches of snow that they had on the back porch and decided to christian their floor. Being from NC she's not use to snow and not used to traveling so long in the car. We had great weather the two days that we traveled. The next day we ended up driving into Western Mass to spend with my inlaws which was awesome. Attended a Xmas Eve party with his relatives that ended up being over 60 people so it was overwhelming, but fun.

The next day and the main focus of my trip was to get to my grandparent's house on Xmas day which was anot 3 hour drive. My grandfather is dying of liver cancer so it's only days now until he goes so it was nice to get to see him. His body mught be gone, but his mind is still alert. Of course it was hard because I was close to them and they raised me while I was growing up. From there we ended up driving to NH to spend time with my father, 2 brothers, and step-mother.

I don't think we stopped until the next day. But the next day was spent traveling back to my grandparent's and taking pictures with my family. That was always good, but sad too since it is my grandfather's last. And living so far away now, I haven' t been home for Xmas in 7 years. My husband hasn't been home in over 10. We spent a few days back with my father and hanging out.

Of course I have gotten sick with a cold. The dog is doing great. She was trying to play with my father's poodle and kept barking at her. My brothers had a ball with her and my husband had to carry her up the stairs at the house because they were so steep and she sin't used to them since we don't have any at home.

Not to mention it's cold here. But I'm used to the weather in the south now so being 12 degrees here with the wind chill being -5 is great. Staying warm is my first priority. I haven't been doing much writing. Now we are back on my husband's side of the state and hanging out with his dad. We are heading out for a New Year's Even party if it doesn't snow too much. Of course I'm popping cold pills every few minutes and getting over pulling my hamstring which driving 18 hours doesn't help. We are leaving here on Saturday for another 8 hour drive back to VA to stay with our friends again. Then Sunday back to NC another 5 1/2 hour drive and then down the mountain back into the state.

I'm off work until Wend and then reality will hit again. So much fun. But for me I have a feeling i'll be settling into things and then flying back home for a funeral. Who knows at this point. Our biggest purchase on the trip is a GPS system which my husband finds amazing. It's really funny honestly because I've been telling him this and he finally listens to me. But of course that is the way of things.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Turning Ash out today!

Just in time for the new year. A great vampire novel to tantalize your senses.

After a year of talking, Ashling is finally going to meet Devlin in person. Devilishly handsome, he's haunted her dreams ever since she saw his picture. However, their first meeting doesn't go as planned. Nearly killed by a vampire hunter, Ashling is pulled into a dark world she never thought existed. One where vampires are real.

Devlin isn't the man he purports to be and Markus, his sire, has another agenda for Ashling. On the run from the hunters, she finds herself in a new city and a die-hard attraction to Markus that she can't shake. Trying to blend in and forget about vampires, she's dragged back into their blood soaked world. And then the hunters find her once more.

Will Devlin come to her rescue? Will Markus reveal his true intentions? Or will the hunters get what they really came for?

Ashling stared at the pale stranger before her. If she hadn’t seen a picture of him, she never would’ve believed that Devlin was standing there. She wouldn’t have committed to meeting him in person unless she had talked to him on the phone first. Before that, there were hundreds of text messages and emails where she had spilled her heart out to this man. He didn’t judge her for the choices she made. Moreover, their long talks had blossomed into a good friendship. Finally, he suggested they should meet.
Half shrouded in shadows, Devlin leaned against the glass of the empty coffee shop. His shoulder-length hair was caught back in a ponytail. The illumination of the lights made his skin even paler than in his snapshot. A strand of hair, escaping the binding of the elastic, played along his high cheekbones in the gentle breeze. He was even more beautiful in real life than staring at his photograph. Ashling had committed his image to memory just in case she woke up and the photo was somehow gone.
She stood on the corner, still in the shadows, feeling the energy of the environment playing on her skin. She drew in the strength of the night, letting it warm her and feed her deep hunger. This man was also a psychic vampire. She licked her lips. Part of her wondered if she blinked would Devlin disappear? My nerves are getting the better of me. Maybe I shouldn’t do this. There were many stories of women meeting strange men from the Internet, and the women were never heard from again. She gripped the sides of her skirt and wiped her sweaty palms on the fabric. She sucked on her tongue ring, pushing it up and down inside her mouth, and clinked it against her teeth. Even her toes shook. This is ridiculous. He won’t hurt me. I’ve been talking to him for over a year now. I know him.
“Yeah, but how much do you know him?” Christa’s voice echoed in her mind.
More than I ever knew you before I told you what I was. And that didn’t stop you from hanging around me. Ashling dismissed her friend’s statement and drew in a breath. She pushed up her glasses. Car headlights blinded her, so she threw up her hand to protect her eyes from the glare and withdrew further into the velvet darkness concealing her even from Devlin’s eyes. Her eyeteeth tingled. A slow burn unwound in the pit of her stomach. This isn’t good. It meant her hunger was unsatisfied. The energy of the night wasn’t helping. Ashling had fed before she came to meet Devlin. Christa had allowed her to draw in some of her energy before she left. Normally, Ashling liked to feed while she was asleep and dreamwalking, but tonight her nerves were burning through the energy. She ran her tongue over her teeth and willed the hunger away. At times like this, when her hunger raged, it seemed she possessed actual fangs.
Smoothing the fabric of her skirt one more time, she stepped into the dim light of the café. Devlin wasn’t there. Somehow he had disappeared in the few seconds she blocked her eyes from the oncoming headlights. She turned and searched Massachusetts Avenue for him. If he was playing with her, there were too many shadows for him to be concealed in. Shit. He must have thought I wasn’t going to show and left. Regret consumed Ashling. Maybe it was all my imagination. Maybe I didn’t really see him.
A deep laugh erupted next to her ear, a velvet purr; she wasn’t sure it was coming from a human throat. Ashling spun around and found Devlin now resting against the telephone pole, gazing straight at her. A wide grin spread on his sensuous lips. The smile made him more breathtaking than the dark brooding photo he had sent her. A ladder of silver hoops hung in both of his ears. His smoky eyes were surrounded by long onyx lashes. A sprinkling of stubble ran along his chin. In the picture, his face was angled down so she hadn’t seen his eyes that closely.
Her throat went dry while she struggled to find the right words. Here was the guy, her savior sometimes, who had listened to her and helped her through the horrible bouts of hunger she’d had, the depression, and the rejection she’d experienced over the past year. It wasn’t easy being a psychic vampire in the world. Most of the populace thought she was insane for being what she was. When she finally found a small niche to belong to, a whole new world had opened up. She had discovered kindred souls among the online communities. There was always the possibility they were yanking her chain, but she was good at reading people. Just as she’d read Devlin the first time she had gotten a personal IM from him.

* * * *

When Devlin’s instant message box popped up, she was browsing some threads on a message board. She had almost ignored it, but something in the way he phrased his question intrigued her. His icon on the forum was a smiley face. Most of the logos reflected something of their owners’ dark personalities. Hers was a little picture of one of her Living Dead Dolls, Lilith to be exact. The smiley face should’ve turned her off, but staring at the blinking cursor while he waited for a response, Ashling studied his introductory question. It read:
“Are you happy, Ashling?”
Was she happy? What an inane question to ask. Of course she was happy. Her fingers poised on the keyboard of her laptop ready to make some snide reply, but the query echoed through her thoughts. Was she happy? She had a boyfriend. She was keeping the hunger at bay. She had a job she liked. Her roommate was great. There were no problems in her life and the online community was revealing more psychic vampires every day. Even though she was finding them, a small part of her never felt they were completely like her.
So she typed her response. “Most of the time.”
“What about right at this moment? If you could capture it and freeze it, would you be happy?”
“Yes,” she replied, but doubt lingered in her mind.
There was a pause, as if he was laughing. A low chuckle echoed through her darkened bedroom. I’m hearing things. It’s my imagination giving this crazy guy a personality.
“I’m not so sure about that.”
“Why? Can you make me happy?”
“I don’t know. I was only posing the question. I love to make people think.”
Ashling snorted when she read the response. He certainly made her think. “Well, are YOU happy?”
“Of course. I’ve just met you.”
Blood rushed to her cheeks. Why am I blushing? I don’t know this guy from a hole in the wall? He could be a depraved serial killer for all she knew. “Well, that’s nice of you to say, but you don’t know me.”
“But I want to know you.”
“Well, I don’t want to know you.” Ashling closed the lid of her laptop, shutting off the contact with the mysterious IMer. For the rest of the day, their small conversation stuck in her head. Even while she was at work pouring drinks, the band on stage couldn’t pull her mind off the conversation. When she arrived home that night, exhausted, smelling like cheap beer and cigarettes, she opened her laptop. The little white box remained, waiting for her to reply. She shook her head and closed the computer again. If the guy really wanted to talk, then he would have to wait until she had showered and gotten a little shut-eye.

* * * *

“Are you daydreaming?”
Ashling blushed and looked away. She had completely tuned Devlin out. “Sorry.”
“No need to apologize. You’ve always been so down to earth when we talk and not up in the clouds.” Annoyance peppered his voice. Devlin lived a few hundred miles away in New York City, while she was in Boston. They had arranged the meeting a few weeks ago when they both had a few days off, so she didn’t want him to think his trip was a waste of time.
She shook her head. “I’m not, really. I was just thinking about the first time we met. When you IM’ed me and asked me if I was happy.”
“Are you?”
He smiled this time, which lit up his dark eyes. Ashling bit her lip harder, tasting blood. Fantasies of her and Devlin threatened to overwhelm her, but she had a boyfriend. She and Evan had dated for three years now. They were good together. He was a normal college student, but underneath his Polos and khakis lived a rocker with some outrageous tattoos. Ashling hadn’t told him about her nature, and he wasn’t pleased when she informed him that Devlin was meeting with her.
“Why don’t we go inside? It’s getting a little chilly out here.”
She nodded and headed toward the café. Ashling reached for the door, but Devlin got it first. Blood seared her cheeks, hurting her face from blushing so hard. She’d had butterflies in her stomach on the subway ride over, but those fluttery little insects had morphed into dive-bombing hawks, churning her stomach. She ducked inside, glad the interior of the café was dim. There were plenty of nooks and crannies where she could hide, especially upstairs. They walked to the counter. She got a hot chocolate with shaved dark chocolate on top of the whipped cream. Devlin ordered peppermint tea. He didn’t seem the type who went with tea. She assumed he was a hardcore kinda guy who drank his coffee black. Devlin followed her up the winding staircase to her favorite spot next to the window. Tonight she paid no mind to the bustling street below because she was too enamored with having Devlin here in the flesh. Part of her yearned to reach out, touch him and fling her body against his to feel if he was solid. Devlin slid into the chair across from her, careful for not even his boot to bump her knee under the small table.
Ashling poked at the dark chocolate slivers with her spoon, not able to meet his eyes yet. She tried to keep her hands steady. What do we talk about? I’ve told him all my secrets. He knows so much about me. Even more than Evan. Devlin could be my best girlfriend. She tried to place her spoon on the rim of the saucer, but it clattered and spattered her with hot chocolate droplets.
“Shit,” she muttered. Her right eye started to twitch. Ashling grabbed a napkin, dabbing at the spots on her cheek and then on the table. Devlin’s fingers landed on the white napkin, pinning it to the wooden surface still leaving centimeters between them.
“Ashling, focus.” His voice was soft yet commanding. She dared a look into his smoldering eyes. They reached into her soul and captured her. She drew in a breath, nearly choking on the air. The heat from his fingers brushed against her flesh and enticed the hunger. The temptation to pierce his aura and drain it slowly, savoring it, pressed on her mind. Her teeth ached again. His gaze held hers, but she regained control and finally looked away.
“Sorry, Devlin. I’m normally not this discombobulated when I meet new people.”
“I don’t bite, Ashling.”
She laughed. “You could if you wanted too.” Devlin also professed to drinking blood on occasion, but mostly he got by on energy the way she did.
Devlin flashed her his perfectly white teeth. His canines were long, giving him natural fangs. “You’re absolutely correct. I could bite if I desired, but there’s no one appetizing in here at the moment. Except you, of course.”
Ashling snorted. “Now I know you’re lying.”
His eyes and his expression darkened. “I’m not kidding. You don’t give yourself much credit. I’ve been typing to you for over a year now, and you always come off as this cocky, self-sufficient woman who has her shit together. Maybe I was wrong about you. They do say meeting people in person can squash the preconceived ideas we have of them and what they will be like. Do I have the wrong idea?” He drew back in the chair, crossing his arms over his chest, putting up his guard again.
Ashling closed her eyes and gathered her wits. His words stung, but she didn’t want him to get the wrong impression. Sure, she was freer to talk on the Internet because there were no walls, no inhibitions. Fantasies were created and enacted through chat rooms or online games every day. A sudden chill wrapped around her spine from the draft. She opened her eyes and stared down at the passing pedestrians. They were near Harvard Square, only a few blocks from the illustrious college. Most of the walkers were students and weren’t plagued day by day with an incessant rage burning through their veins. They didn’t believe in vampires. They focused on term papers and grades. Each mind, each aura, was like nails in her flesh. On the nights she was particularly pissed off, she could barely be around anyone. Sometimes Evan thought she was anti-social, but he didn’t know the half of it. She had confided everything to Devlin, and now he was questioning his judgment. Why did he come out here then? He must think I’m a total ditz.
“You’re not wrong, Devlin. Sometimes, being what I am, what we are, I forget that I’m still a person. I haven’t been bullshitting you all these months.” Ashling switched her gaze from the window and met his. She wished she could read his eyes. They were so cold. “I’m sorry if you thought I was a flake. Look, I’m ecstatic that you drove here to meet me, but you’ve never told me what you’re like in person either. We’ve talked on the phone, yeah, but that doesn’t mean that I get to watch your expressions when you talk. Have you been jerking me around this past year?” Now it was her turn to sit back in her chair and cross her arms over her chest, mirroring him.
Silence hung in the air between them. The clanging of spoons and the din of voices from the lower level of the coffee shop filtered up to their table. Her fists were clenched. Devlin’s face twitched, and then deep, rich laughter tumbled from his lips while more strands of dark hair escaped his ponytail.
“Ahh, Ash. You’re something else and you’re correct. I’ve never hinted at my moods. I know more about you than you do about me.”
“Well, then, why don’t you impart some of your glorious history to me?” Ashling picked up her mug of hot chocolate and finally took a sip. The destabilized cream had melted into the hot beverage. The sweet and tart flavors of the dark chocolate lingered on her tongue after she swallowed.
Devlin played with the tag on his peppermint tea. His long fingers wrapped around the ceramic cup, and she noticed he wore an onyx ring set in silver on his left middle finger. The stone matched his eyes. “I have too many secrets to tell you all in one night. Some of them you wouldn’t believe.” Devlin’s right hand left the warmth of the cup, sliding across the table. His fingers remained a hairsbreadth away. She wondered why he still didn’t touch her.
Ashling leaned across the table feeling her hair sweep over her shoulder, blocking her view of anyone coming up the stairs. She didn’t touch him, respecting his space. “Devlin, you can tell me anything. I won’t judge you. You haven’t judged me.”
His gaze flicked to the stairs. He inhaled, struggling with whatever he desired to tell her. Before he answered, her hot chocolate splashed her face, dropped into her lap, scalding her legs and messing up her glasses.
“Ouch! What the fu—” A whoosh of air went past her head. Suddenly she was shoved to the floor and had her glasses knocked off. Screams erupted around her, and there was the clamor of feet on the stairs. Squinting, she tried to make out what was going on, but without her glasses, everything was blurry. There was more commotion downstairs, the sound of breaking glass and a very human groan. Dark laughter. She felt around the floor for her glasses until her fingers latched onto something soft and squishy, not her glasses.
Heavy footfalls pounded on the stairs again. She strained and saw Devlin’s blurred, black form in the corner with someone else behind him. Her fingers found her glasses. Drawing herself up, she sat on a cushioned bench, wiping her eyeglasses on her shirt. She settled her glasses on her nose and discovered one of the lenses was cracked. Thankfully, she had another pair at home, but then she saw her friend. Devlin had a man pinned against the far wall, with his hand wrapped around his neck. A terror-stricken look adorned the man’s features. Devlin’s long black hair tumbled to the middle of his back and hid his face. Her gaze darted to the table where they had sat. A large silver knife protruded from the spot where her hot chocolate mug had been. Trails of drying chocolate ran down the walls and the window next to the table. White porcelain was scattered all over the table and the floor. There was another knife embedded in the wall a few millimeters from where her head had been.
What the fuck is going on? Who the hell is that guy? Why did he attack us? She got up and walked toward Devlin.
“Stay back, Ash!” he growled.
Ashling nodded while backing up a few steps. Her gaze locked to the man Devlin held.
“You’re pretty. It’s a shame you have to die too.”
Before she could respond, Devlin punched their attacker in the stomach with his free hand. The assailant barely flinched. “Who sent you?” Devlin asked.
The man grinned. “I’m only the welcoming committee. More will come.”
Devlin said something under his breath, and a look of terror washed over the man’s face. Devlin released her attacker and stepped back, but the man was still pinned against the wall. Ashling froze. An unseen force descended over the room. Purple energy crackled around the man. Suddenly the air was ripped from her lungs. She tried to pull in a breath, but was too focused on the horror before her. Her attacker’s chest was smashed in by some invisible force. The cracking of his ribs echoed in her ears. The sound reminded her of someone popping bubble wrap. Blood spattered all over the wall, dotting her glasses and landing on her cheeks.
Blue energy gathered around Devlin. He was the one unleashing the power that was covering the man. Devlin pulled on the energy again. This time, he pierced her aura. Her hands flew to her throat. She gasped for air, but she was choking. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from her assailant. His face was flattened. Sirens and shouting erupted outside. Devlin smiled, dipped his finger into the blood covering his victim’s torso and licked it. He drew in more energy. This time, it seemed someone crushed her windpipe. Her limbs grew cold, and darkness crept in on the edge of her vision. Ashling desperately tried to draw in a breath, but Devlin didn’t notice. She fell to her knees and reached out to Devlin. Right before she passed out, her attacker’s brains exploded on the wall, mixed with the crimson of his blood.

Hope you all take a moment to check it out.
Huggs and Happy New Year

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Life Thus Far

Many people have asked me how Im doing, or what's going on in my life at the moment. Some are wishing me Merry Xmas and happy Holidays. But me...well I'm not really in the mood this year for cheer and presents. It's not that I' hate the season, but I just have other things to worry about like I'm sure a lot of others do.

Work is busy, but ehh that is a good thing. It drives me insane at times, but good to be working.
I pulled my hamstring so besides the pain and not sleeping,  I've been stressed. Now I have drugs that are helping a little. Still not sleeping well.

The worst of it is that my grandfather is dying. He has days to live or maybe hours. I'm not really sure. The plan is to be there on Xmas and hope to see him since our drive is 18 hours. AFter being diagnosed with liver cancer several years ago, it's finally caught up to him. I know everyone has to go through death of a loved one and that people have said he's going to a good place, lived a full life, yada yada, but it stll sucks and it hurts.

He has been very much a father to me over the years. Even with the years I lived with him. He even officiated over my wedding which was awesome. I've been in NC for 8 years and the one thing that sucked was leaving my family behind and friends.

I was lucky to have my mom move closer and meet my husband. Over the past year, I've had some crazy things happen to me. I've met some wonderful people and lost some good friends. But hey, move ever onward and all that.

So now I wait for my phone to ring. The death toll that it will bring.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fur and Feathers in Print!

 Fur & Feathers is in Print!

This is the second in my Raven Saga Series out with Amira Press. I'm so excited for this to be in Print because the Ravens are dear to my heart. Actually their tattoo is the next one I plan to get next year.


An ancient and dark predator stalks the pack. Alena has been hiding from her heritage for years. She left behind her past after the death of her uncle. Now her estranged family has found her and begs her to come home. 
Darius has been assigned to investigate the death of two werewolf children and granted a semi-reprieve from his Raven Warrior curse. Not happy with his new mission, Darius discovers the pack's killer is not the hunter he thinks it is. 
Will Alena face her past before the hunter kills again? Can Darius face the ancient evil and live? 
Alena launched herself off the ground as fury rode her thoughts. She didn’t care if they hurt Darius or not. Right now she wanted to hurt someone. She balled her fist and gathered the energy of her mind and swung both at the same time. The dark stranger caught her fist and then blocked her mental onslaught so it rebounded on her. She would have fallen to her knees, but Darius caught her as she fell into him. Her head felt like it had been slammed with a concrete slab. Her forehead fell against his chest. As, it did silence stretched before them as she caught her breath. It seemed her body was meant to be next to his. He smelled vaguely like the forest and something else she couldn’t place. Her anger washed away as he made her feel safe. She even forgot what their conversation was about. He had shunned her while they ate, not even saying thank you when she handed him a plate of food, but he had eaten it greedily and seemed to enjoy it. He was a mystery. Gruff to the point he wanted to keep her at bay and yet, like now, and in the kitchen he seemed to desire her to be close. She couldn’t figure him out. He was an enigma and when she tried to read his emotions all she got was a blank wall.
Finally, he let go of her wrist and tentatively placed his on the small of her back. Very lightly as if he were afraid she was going to break. All his muscles were hard like a steel frame made up his body. Gently, he rested his head on the top of hers. Alena heard him inhale. She swallowed, not wanting to break the moment. Just being in his arms was satisfying enough. Her emotions were as confused as him. The burn inside her gut reawaken a little, but it was held at bay as were her own feelings. She broke the moment and looked up, staring into his deep eyes.
“Who are you really, Darius?” she asked softly.
He closed his eyes, but didn’t relinquish his light hold on her. Their bodies shared warmth as she inched slightly closer into him. Alena wanted him to sweep her up in his arms and open up his mind so she would know how he felt, but he was being cautious. “Does it matter who I really am?” he whispered.
“No, I guess not. But why do you make me feel this way?”
“What way?” his eyes questioned her, searching her face for the answer.
“One minute you’re and asshole. And the next I want to be in your arms and feel your mouth on mine. I want—”
Darius didn’t let Alena finish her sentence, because he demanded her lips at that precise moment. Once their mouths met, she felt the moon’s power zing down her spine. Her hands wrapped around his neck as the fire burning in her belly ignited her soul. Even now, as she drowned in his embrace, she couldn’t read his mind. She wanted to. The kiss was passionate, yet chaste. It was opened mouthed with no tongue. Slow and yet frenzied at certain moments as if he couldn’t make up his mind on what to do with her or what she wanted. It was obvious he had seen Vincent kiss her, and maybe he was jealous which was why he lashed out in the first place.
Minutes ticket away as Alena lost herself in Darius. Time stood still. It felt like she was in a fairy tale. Here was her knight rescuing her from the evil ogre named Vincent. But even as he was liberating her, the dragon was breathing fire inside her belly. The longer he held her, the more the fire in her soul began to spread outward, wrapping its arms around her just as she wished he would do tightening his grip. The burn was not bad, and she couldn’t ignore it, but the longer she was with him, the stronger it got.
Finally, time caught back up to them. Darius didn’t say anything, but stepped away and turned to look at the lake. Alena tentatively put a hand on his shoulder after a moment of him being quiet. She tried to read his emotions again and only came away with a void, like he wasn’t even there. He turned slightly when her hand rested on his shoulder. She felt his muscles bunch under his T-shirt. It seemed he was afraid to be touched as much as he was afraid to touch her as well.
“You don’t have to hide whatever it is you’re trying to keep secret from me, Darius. Whatever it is we can work through it.”

Thanks so much.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I survived the vampire pie!

Hi All,

Like many of you, I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, summer squash, rolls, and stuffing. My mom came along which was awesome.

Our friends couldn't make it due to other reasons.

It was an awesome day, but then the vampire pie showed up.

It was ready to bite all of us, but I have to say we conquered it with silver forms and staking it in its whip creamed heart.

Hope everyone had an awesome day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend I had an awesome treat and had a great friend of mine fly down and spend the weekend with me. It was a short visit. She flew in Friday afternoon and flew out early this morning, but hey the time we get to spend together is awesome. She and I have known one another for over twenty years. We share a love of cheesecake and just hanging out and doing girly stuff.

This weekend we ended up taking a day trip to Winston-Salem, NC and ended up walking around their historic village. It was nice. I've been trying to pull my hubby to go, but he's not really interested in that inda of stuff. This weekend we ended up running into a Civil War reenactment which was awesome. And had lunch at their fresh bakery. The bread there was awesome.


Later we ended up getting back and heading to the Cheesecake Factory. The wait was about 90 minutes and hubby gave me the evil eye because he was huntry so we got the cheesecake to go. We had that later, but it will be lunch today.

My friend got to expierence my crazy dog who she hadn't met yet. All in all it was a long and crazy weekend, but well worth it. I'll get to see her again and the rest of my family when I go home in Dec for Xmas, but that is another subject.

Today I'm getting ready to write and have some edits to do. I'll post a little of what I'm currently writing a little later today so stay tuned. Huggs


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can you Capture an Angel?

How would you Capture an Angel?


 Buy Link

Tagline: There was only one hunter skilled enough to capture her.


Christa has been taking photos for years, and she’s finally gotten her big break. However, everyone wants a piece of her including Bastian, her ex-boyfriend. One night while she’s walking home, she’s attacked and her savior is a hunk of a man. The only problem is, she really isn’t looking for a relationship.

Ethan saves Christa and can’t get her out of his mind. He’ll do anything to save her even if it means making her like him. Will he keep her safe from Bastian? Or will Christa find herself captured?


I opened my eyes, got up, and walked over to the photograph. It was one of my favorites. All you saw was half of my face reflected in the mirror, my arms covered my tits, as well as my nude back with the tattooed wings that I had for years. It was black and white and reminded me of something out of a gothic novel. The look on my face was forlorn. I didn’t remember what I’d been thinking, but that time in my life I had no one to turn to. My father had just remarried, and I wanted warm arms to surround me. Even now that would be a welcome distraction. Bastian was toast, and it would be good to have someone in my life that didn’t want me just for money.

“The model is beautiful.”

I froze, hearing the velvet voice behind me. It was the same guy who tried to pick me up outside. Great. Just great. “Thanks.” I turned slowly and to find the same guy who had rescued me the other night. My mouth dropped. Oh shit! I was flabbergasted.

He smiled. I glimpsed something in his eyes that was almost like longing while he took in the photo. “You’re most welcome.”

“Look about outside. I didn’t know it was you.”

“Don’t worry about it. You looked like you needed another hand. That’s all.”

“Thank you. I appreciate the thought. Ethan, right? I think the gallery’s closed for the night. If you’re interested in my work, maybe we can set up a meeting or something.”

He smiled smugly. His hair was more silver than blond, and he had paler skin than I thought. He was wearing dark slacks and a red silk shirt. His eyes were glacier blue. This would be the guy to throw down on the floor and have a good time with. I can ride him silly. Those calves and those arms would sure give me a work out. He’d tell me he loved to be ridden and then he would take me all night long. Blood rose to my cheeks as I thought about him on top of me, my fingers running over his smooth chest. I’d mess up that perfect hair, and he’d want me to call out his name. He’d make me feel so damn good.

“Hey, Ethan. How’s it going, sweetie?” Millicent purred behind me, bringing me out of my lustful thoughts.

“Hello, Millicent. The show was a complete success. The only print that didn’t go was this lovely one, but I think the artist is more beautiful in person.”

“Didn’t I tell you, girl. She didn’t believe me. You’re gonna be a star with all the business you got tonight. I got numbers for potential clients that want to look at the rest of your portfolio. Thanks for letting us use the space, Ethan. You’re the hottest thing in town right now.”

“It’s not a problem. I was in-between shows, and you’ve done me plenty of favors in the past. It was the least I could do. I was hoping that I could buy this copy for myself. If that’s okay?”

Millicent cracked a smile, and I only stared at the two of them. “Back it up a sec. Y-you own this place?” I stammered.

Ethan nodded.

“Hey, I’m sorry about the other night. It was late, and I just wanted to get home. Thanks again for getting that dickhead off me.”

“It wasn’t a problem. I’m always glad to help a woman in need.”

“You guys know each other?” Millicent asked.

“We met the other night when she was in need of assistance.”

“Shit, girlfriend why didn’t you tell me you knew E.”

“Millicent, I really don’t know him. He saved me after this gansta wannbe-asshole jumped me.”

“My, my, a match made in heaven,” Millie purred.

“Shut up, bitch.” I growled.


Ethan smiled at the exchange as Millicent put her hand on her hip, giving me the best drag pose he could muster.

“Thanks for the gallery and all. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You can have the picture for everything you’ve done.”

“You’re gift is well received. Thank you. Now, ladies, I think we should call it a night.”


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cupcake Contest & Scavenger Hunt!

Hi Everyone,

Here is an awesome contest that I'm involved in with 20 other Fab authors, three other blogs, and some wonderful cupcake themed shop. We've all bonded together to create this wonderful Scavenger Hunt for you.

Below is a message from the B-day Girl herself, Terry Kate!

"I get to claim a little credit, but there are three other blogs and twenty authors involved.  It is a Pink Buttercream Frosted Cupcake Giveaway.  It starts October 21st - my B-day and runs to the 30th - oddly enough another of the bloggers Birthday.  (The fabulous Cecile from All I Want and More)  It is a scavenger hunt.  Search the six sites listed daily for the Prize Logos of the day.  Find the logo - click on it and enter to win.

Prizes?  Cupcakes of course!  We have cupcake hats, cupcake bags, cupcake aprons, cupcake candles, and actual cupcakes that will be shipped to your door thanks to the Cupcake Station.   Throw in a few books from Simon and Schuster and to top it off the grand prize is a book a month for 2010 and a cupcake goody bag!

Wanna play - check out all the details at

Want extra chances to win the Grand Prize?  Blog about the Giveaway - tweet - Face Book - My Space - Post the cupcake badge and link and let us know about it at  Better yet buy a book or item from any of the participating stores or authors and get 10 extra chances to win.  Email proof of purchase to the email listed.

All you authors out there I have something Special for you.  A chance to win three months of ads on Romance in the Backseat and two lucky winners will receive a banner ad designed by - Creations By Kendra ("

What happens when you stop feeding the zombie fairy princesses?

Violet and Silver
 from Purple Sword Publishing

Fed up with feeding candy to zombie fairy princesses, Celeste takes a stroll in the local graveyard on Halloween. There she sees Tristan emerge from a mausoleum. Under the full moon, her hidden power calls to him. . Once in his arms, Celeste realizes he's the key to unlocking the road to the lost Isle of Avalon.

Within Celeste, Tristan discovers the goddess he shunned ages ago. Their love can only be realized once a year, on a full moon. However, Celeste’s family wants her for their own evil intentions. Will Celeste escape her density? Will Tristan give into the darkness inside of him? Or will Avalon remain lost forever in the mists?


 He didn’t want to hear me finish because his lips met mine. Once they did, his power melted into me recharging my own internal battery. His aura surrounded me in a gold, glittery shower tickling me everywhere it touched. It was like being shocked with static electricity all over, but the more he caressed me, the stronger the spark became and the more I wanted him. I pressed myself against him and wrapped my hands around his neck. This time he was not going to get away from me. I wanted him, but he pulled away.

“We can’t.”

“Why? You didn’t stop last time.” I kissed him again, nipping at his neck as I did. The T-shirt fit him a little too snuggly because it was like a second skin as I dragged my nails over the back of it.

He pulled me away from him after a moment. He didn’t want me to stop. The expanding bulge in his jeans told me that along with the mixed emotions on his face and the lust in his eyes. “You’re still recovering from the other night and if we do it would mean—” he looked away.

My hand rubbed his cock pressing against the denim. His eyes fluttered closed and he had to bite his lip to hold in a moan. His fingers crushed my bandaged wrist and I didn’t cry out. The more I touched him or he touched me the more intoxicating I was become for him. My body was alive with him there. My nipples were hard just thinking about what would happen between us. God I wanted him.

“What would it mean?” I whispered against his ear.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

WIP: Gods and Mummies, Oh My!

Here is a peek into what I'm currently working on. It's called Gods and Mummies, oh My!

Kalliope took inventory for the tenth time. It had taken her six months to set everything up the way she wanted. She scanned the shop. Everything was in order. Chase, her friend and ex boyfriend from high school, owned the building. At first, he wanted to give her the entire building, but she had talked him down, refusing the building and in ways of payment letting him have whatever candles, bath stuff, etc. he wanted free of charge. It was the only way she could think of actually having a fair exchange. Gods forbid she got too greedy and the universe decided to throw another obstacle in her way. Well it really wasn’t the universe, but the gods who controlled said universe. After the assassination attempt on All Hail last year, her life had settled down. There had been no more crazy serpent haired goddesses attempting to take over the world or insane Sun gods trying to kill her.
She thought about everything that had occurred in the past two years. She never would have thought when Lugh appeared naked in her bed that she would be marrying him now. So much had transpired. There was such a thing as a Cheesecake god and his name was David. No matter how immune she was to godly charms, nothing could beat his power over women. Every once and a while she had found cheesecakes on her counter she did not buy and they were not a product of her magickally self stocking fridge and cabinets. No matter how much David tried to woo her with his luscious delights, her heart was stuck on the hot Sun god who was always naked. She was still getting used to the idea of being naked with him. However, Kalliope had no problem staring at his perfectly formed bottom and his ever ready equipment. Just thinking about him made her hot. She blushed picturing him. He was tan, sculpted perfectly, with evergreen eyes, and a smile to die for. He always knew when she was in trouble and when they were together he read her thoughts before she even knew what she wanted bringing their lovemaking to another level.
“If you think about me any harder, the whole place will go up in flames.” Arms entwined around Kalliope’s waist squeezing her slightly. The familiar voice tickled her ear as Lugh pecked her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention. His hard length pressed against her backside.
It’d be so nice to have a break.
“Why not then?” he asked.
Kalliope turned in his grasp surprised he was wearing clothes. The times he did, like now they, were almost as bad as him being naked. His red T-shirt showed off every muscle and his black jeans accentuated all the right curves including the apparent erection he sported. Her cheeks burned red when she thought about the things he could do to her with just a touch. Without saying a word, his hand slipped under her T-shirt. Once the tips of his fingers caressed her flesh, Kalliope had to grip her thighs together to stay focused and keep her mind on this planet. Golden light burned behind her eyes and fused her chakras together while his power surged through her touching the most intimate of places only he was allowed to explore. The clipboard clattered to the floor and she ground against him. He planted kisses along her neck. His fingers trailed lazily upward to cup her breasts. A moan passed over her lips. As he moved to different parts of her throat, his mouth left a warm imprint behind.
Do you know how much I want you right now, Kalliope? he whispered.
How much?
One hand left her breast and slipped under the waistband of her blue jeans. She was already so wet it would’ve been easy to let her jeans fall to the floor or magick them away and have him deep inside of her right now. His fingers touched her pleasure center and she lost reality. Surges of heat rushed through her. She gripped his legs hard to hold herself steady from the orgasm clutching her.
“Wow. Oh boy. I can see I have to come back later.”
Kalliope bit her lip. Her cheeks burned from being caught in such an intimate act. She opened her eyes and saw Lugh’s lopsided devilish smile. It seemed he was used to being caught in the act.
Later, he whispered. Besides we’ll have more time to go over things then.
What things?
He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and didn’t reply. She felt the echo of his presence from the absence his warmth left her when he stepped away. She smoothed her hair, straightened herself up and then turned around. Kalliope had completely forgotten she had told Anna to come over and help her pick out wedding dresses. She had no idea what she wanted to wear. What did a witch wear to a wedding where the majority of the guests were gods and mythological creatures? Flidais offered to have the Fates weave a dress for her. Flattered though she was, she politely declined and said she would think of something. Everyone wanted to have their two cents. It wasn’t every day a witch got married to a god.
“No, Anna. Come on in. We..were…ahh—”
“Just playing a little game of strip poker.” Lugh beamed.
Anna’s gaze dropped to the floor. Kalliope went to zip up her jeans when she noticed the zipper was broken. Closing her eyes, she pictured herself in a broom skirt and when she opened her eyes she was. She smiled. She liked her new powers and was glad she was getting a hang on them. Lugh ran his fingers up her sides making her squirm.
“I’ll leave you two ladies alone. Let me know when you’re done. There’s someone I want you to meet.”
“Not another god. Haven’t we been through the Council already?” In order for them to marry, they needed the approval of all the major god pantheon’s leaders. So far they had seen the Japanese gods, the Celtic ones, the Greek ones, and a slew of others all because she wasn’t completely human anymore and by spending more time around all the magick and the gods her physiology had changed.
He kissed her nose. “I know, but we have to be sure. You know that All Hail is just paranoid that you’ll become a full fledged goddess and it will go to your head. Maybe you’ll want to take his place or even knock me off.”
She ran her hand over his crotch and sent a bolt of power through him. He closed his eyes and sighed. Kalliope loved to watch him shiver. “That would never happen. I don’t feel like being Mistress of the Universe and I love you too much to want you dead. But rules are rules. Fine. I’ll signal you when we’re done.”
Lugh clutched her bottom. “Good. If you don’t, I’ll send some of those penis shaped oranges you love so much.”

Before she could respond, he was gone. Kalliope sighed. She hated when he did that. Anna heaved a stack of catalogs onto the counter. A shiver of fear went through Kalliope. More pages to flip through. Oh joy. “Let’s get this over with.”
Her coven sister giggled. “It could be worse.”
She laughed at that. Even though she’d informed her coven about her trials of saving the world, they really didn’t know the half of it. “Oh yeah. It really could be.”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tarnished Souls out today!

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to announce the Tarnished Souls is out today from Purple Sword.

What does a girl do when she has a hunky angel and a devious demon pining for her?


Cassie longs for the touch of her angelic and demonic lovers. She has searched for them for many nights, but their caresses elude her. The longer they are gone, the more her two warring natures are taking over and driving her to seek out other ways to satisfy her hungers. Will she find the two to quench her growing lust, or will others warriors of heaven or hell descend upon her and heed her call?


His fingers trailed down my cheek and traced my lips. “You’re so beautiful. I noticed you were before, but now I see how much the angelic and demonic in you has molded you into another being. So perfect. Why do I see you in another light now? Why do I find you irresistible?”

“Because you’re becoming more human than you ever thought possible. I don’t know how to fix what I did to you. I’m sure there is a way, but—”

His lips covered mine again. He snapped his fingers. Air caressed my naked form. His fingers trailed down my belly. His tongue tasted my nipple and nibbled on it. Warmth and pure light moved through my mind. His thoughts pressed against mine. The lust in him was overpowering. My horns poked out of my forehead, and heat surfaced. I felt the fires of my own lust start to blaze through me. The demon in me knew what to do. My legs wrapped around his, and I was able to break his hold on me. I grabbed his hands in a cold, steel-hard hold and in a second we were falling. I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew the destination was a place I had been before. When we did land, Tristan was beneath me and I had him in restraints. A smile turned up on my lips; I had turned the tables on him.

His cock sat against my thigh. I felt something new on my back, moving around, and when I thought about it, a black, pointed tail curled around my arm and swished. It seemed to have a mind of its own. I didn’t realize I had another appendage. I thought about it and it wrapped around Tristan’s legs. I licked my lips. I thought about fucking the life out of him and stealing his soul. I would not do that. I loved this man too much to take his soul.

“What have we made you into?” Tristan whispered.

I licked my lips and felt that my canine teeth were sharpened. The demon in me pushed the angel aside. I giggled. It came out more as a growl. I leaned over and kissed his lips. My thoughts tightened around his mind. I poured my desire into him. He arched his back against the restraints, pushing his cock higher, seeking entrance into my wet slit, striving to go deeper still. I closed my eyes and could feel them burning underneath my eyelids. I found it intoxicating. Right now, I desired the man underneath me more than I wanted anything else.

“You made me into everything you ever wanted,” I purred next to his ear. I nipped the end of it. My hand reached underneath me and grabbed his cock. I ran my hand up and down his member. It was more magnificent than I remembered it. Yum. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. His body reacted to my manipulations. I slid him inside of my wet pussy and felt my tail entwine around his legs, with the end of it flicking. I moved up and down on him slowly. My hands dragged over my breasts. I felt so free. It seemed I was everything I was meant to be in that one moment. “Was this what you envisioned? Tell me and I can give you whatever dream you have.”

Hope you take a look at it!

Thanks Bunches.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Trailer

Okay so I took the plunge. I messed around with my computer programs and came up with one. I think it's okay for my first time. LOL, but hey. So I wanted to share.

I did it for Reborn at the Crossroads a short I have with loveyoudivine.

Let me know what you think. I might to a couple of more to add to my sight. We shall see.

Besides that not doing much. Trying to write and getting ready for DragonCon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Cover Woo hoo!

I just got a new cover for Carnival of Souls: Circus Diabolique. I love it. I hope that everyone does too.

Here is the blurb for the book:

Ever since they were children, the Rosin twins have known their father worshipped a demon. Once they had a taste ofthe power the demon offered, they wanted in. In order to gain that power, the demon demanded three things. Each thing the twins delivered, and thus gained immortality and power beyond their wildest dreams.

The demon demands soul to feed his hunger, so the twins build a traveling carnival to trap souls. As the years go by, their sexual appetites become more depraved from the demon's hold. But within the carnival, each brother finds the one thing he thought he could never possess. True love. However, their master wants a piece of the action as well.

What will happen to the twins? Will they hold onto their soul mates? Or will the demon finally have his way?

Coming soon from Bookstrand.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updates and an Interview

Hi Everyone!

I know I've been hiding for most of the summer, but you have to blame hubbie on that one. We've been hitting a lot of baseball games and hanging out with friends. Which has been great actually. So here's what's been going on:

I've been interviewed by filmmaker and author, Stephen Zimmer. Check out the interview here! Interview

I met Stephen when I was at ConCarolinas in May here in Charlotte. You really need to check out his novel Exodus Gate. It's awesome.

An Eternity of Shadows was reviewed by Bitten by Books and received a 5 Tombstone Review.

Besides all of that, I've been writing up a storm.

My short story Moon Rise: The Joining has been accepted by Loveyoudivine Alterotica.
I've finished my five part series of shorts called Devil's Tavern and am waiting to hear back to see if it was accepted. I started a new work called Voodoo for now.
I'm also working on the edits for Circus Diabolique: Carnival of Souls for Bookstrand, Edits for the print version of Gods and Frogs, oh my for loveyoudivine.

I have five other books in the works that I write on when I have time and jumping between all of them. Gods and Mummies, oh my! has been started, House of Moon Dark is getting there. And I'm plotting another series of 3 or 4 books that I'm researching now.

With that I'm getting ready for DragonCon! Who else is going? I'm excited to head down and honestly I need the vacation. So between writing and keeping up with the my dogs and my husband things have been busy busy. I hope to get back on track now and write more.

In the future keep an eye my upcoming releases:

Purple Sword Publications

Tarnished Souls
Tarnished Wings

Book Strand

Carnival of Souls: Circus Diabolique

Phaze Books
Turning Ash

I am waiting to hear about Devil's Tavern and my Portrait of a Vampire short.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Remember check out my interview.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Free Read: Remember Me?

Hi Guys,

A quick updated. I have a new free read Remember Me? available at Purple Sword Publications.

Go check it out.

Vanessa is tired of her boyfriend, Brian. He doesn't make her feel special at all. Not until the night she sneaks out of his bedroom to escape does she realize there's someone from her past that's been missing--someone who can fill the void in her in more ways than one.


I stifled a yawn as I got in and put the keys in the ignition. Just as I did, something came across my throat, cold and sharp. My eyes darted to the rearview mirror, and I saw nothing but dark eyes staring back at me. The urge to scream died in my throat as fear paralyzed me. All the self defense tactics I learned drained from my thoughts, and I just prayed.

“Get out of the car. Now!”

I nodded and opened the door slowly, leaving the keys in the ignition. Outside, I thought about running, but it was two in the morning and not a lot was open. The streetlight near my car was out, leaving me virtually in the shadows.

My attacker got out as well and stood in front of me. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the throat and dragged me around to the back of my car where it was even darker. He threw me against the trunk, and the blade was around my throat again. My heart raced in my chest, and I was having a hard time breathing. God, what was he going to do to me? My eyes darted to Brian’s bedroom where the light was still on, but he was passed out for the night. The edge of the knife was cold. With one wrong move it would slit my throat. The mugger breathed warmly onto my ear and licked the back of my neck.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Help me find my inner demon!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5351069333034112962" />

From June 1st - August 1st

Anastasia Rabiyah and I are running a contest. Our Publisher, Amira Press has put Dreaming of You and Seventh Night into Print. We are very excited. So excited that our Inner Demons have flown all over the web and decided to plant themselves on various websites.

Find our 18 demons at the sites below and enter to win an autographed copy of our Anthology: Demonic Obsessions. When you find all mine, just take a peek over at Ana's page to see where all her demons are hiding.


1.Find all 18 demon icons at the sites listed below.

2. Email all of the sites to with your email entitled DEMON CONTEST.

Please include your name and address in your email.


Grand Prize

Signed Copy of Demonic Obsessions

5 runners up will receive goodie bags and maybe something extra

You can find the demons here:


My Brother's graduation

I recently went up to New Hampshire to see my oldest brother graduate from High School which was awesome. I got in late Wend night and was able to hang out with my family.

Thursday I had plans with my step-mother to head to Salem for a girl's day out and some shopping. After that we headed into Boston where I caught up with some old friends and coworkers at the Tremont Tearoom. Then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory where I hooked up with Harmony and her new squeeze. It was so awesome to see everyone. I don't get up there often enough.

Friday was my other brother's last day of school and finals. So we hung out and I was tired and we watched Hotel For Dogs. It was a cute movie.

Saturday, up early and drove to my friend's baby shower. It was good to see her since I hadn't seen then since October. Yeah for living 1000 miles away.

I hung out and got to meet her new hubbie which was cool. It is always way too short of a visit. But it was nice to go back to my old home town even if it was for a little bit. Sunday was the big day. Had my brother's graduation which was awesome. Yeah! We had the party afterward and all my extended family was there too. Which was nice to see them.

Monday was the last day I was there and besides the rain, the delayed flight, the switching of airlines, and spending 5 hours at Logan Airport my flight back home was uneventful. LOL

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Release: Reborn at the Crossroads

Out now from loveyoudivine

What do you do when folklore stops being myth and vampires rise from their grave?

The answer is simple. You pray you are not its next meal or something even worse.


Two hundred years ago Travis was executed to rid the town of evil.

Now, centuries later, the good doctor has reawakened with revenge on his mind. When he crawls from his grave, a deep hunger ignites inside of him. The only thing that will sate this hunger is the blood of those who interred him.

Beth Rivers has spent five years in an emotional cocoon from the death of her husband. One night she discovers an intruder on her land and shoots him. After bringing him back to her house, she realizes the wound has healed. Desire blossoms inside her for him. There’s something about him she can’t resist.

However, Travis wasn’t the only thing that awoke that night. Something darker was released also. Its eyes are set on Beth. Will Travis overcome the darkness inside of him? Or will Beth be a victim to both his lust and his hunger?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-343-2
Length: 21,754 words
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Erotic Romance
loveyoudivine Category: Dark Fantasy
Rating: Super Nova (contains violence)



“Is everything okay? Do you need me to—?” He put his finger to her lips. It was cold and soft. A calm sensation moved over her. The phone dropped from her fingers. She continued to gaze into his eyes. Her whole body went limp.

“Everything is fine, Beth. I do not require the assistance of a doctor. All I desire is you.” His fingers trailed lightly over her cheekbones. A shudder caught her body. Her eyelids drooped. Traces of warmth remained where his fingers touched. Beth was unsure of why she was letting him touch her, caress her, but she had no control over her body and she wasn’t afraid of him. Deep down, the stranger was familiar to her even though she’d never seen him before.

"Why do you want me?” she whispered.

He moved her hair away from her throat. His soft touch ignited her buried desire. The last time her body felt this way was when Alex was still alive. She had been so lonely and wasn’t able find anyone. For some unknown reason, his touch completed something deep inside of her. His hot breath blasted on her flesh. She craned her neck to the side. His lips brushed over her jugular vein.

"I won’t take you by force. You might have tried to hurt me, but I understand you were protecting yourself. Come to me, my Beth.”

He brushed her lips with a kiss. She shivered. He picked up the phone and placed it back on the hook. He let her go and stepped back. Beth blinked. The haze she was in lifted. He stood before her waiting. She wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but his words lingered in her mind. He was giving her some kind of choice. The impression of his lips burned themselves into her skin. She could still feel them. She studied him and saw the hole in his shirt. Underneath there should have been bleeding skin, but there wasn’t. It was smooth, pale flesh. Her fingers touched the place where the gunshot should have been. It was cool. There were no bullet holes. There was no blood. She stared deeper into his eyes and saw they reflected the light when he turned his head. Something registered at that moment. He wasn’t right.

Something felt off about him. He was there and yet he wasn’t there. She hadn’t noticed before because she hadn’t taken a second to stop. He shared the same space with her, but yet he was out of place, out of time almost. Beth backed up into the living room. He followed her slowly, still keeping his distance.

“Come to me, Beth,” his voice was low, but reverberated in her ears. There was an echo in his voice this time when she listened. The power of it tried to drag her under his spell once again. It almost captured her, but the sudden sharp pain of hitting the back of her knee on the piano bench roused her.

"What are you going to do to me?”

Reborn at the Crossroads