Friday, December 21, 2012

Winner of the Ho, Ho, Ho-liday Give Away

Hi Everyone,

I want to say thank you for everyone who participated in the Give away. It was a fantastic success! I hope everyone that entered found some great new authors and had fun doing it at the same time.

Now to announce the winners for the give away!

GRAND PRIZE: The Gigantic Gift Basket goes to…

Carole A.

SECOND PRIZE: The $10 Amazon gift goes to…

Gale N.

THIRD PRIZE: The $5 Amazon gift goes to…

Sherry J.

I  hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and finds great things under the tree!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winners for Purfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop

Hi Everyone! Did you have a good time hopping? I hope so.

Well it is that time again to announce the winners.

Thanks to everyone that entered.

Drum roll....

1st prize winner of the Christmas Book Bundle- Ginger Bites, Jingle Balls, Solstice Miracles- is: Ashley A.

2nd Place winner of Fae Dreams is: Lynn R.

3rd place winner of Hell's Gate: Santino is: Natasha D.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winners of the Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

Hi All,

Thanks so much for participating in the Christmas Wishes Blog Hop. I hope you had a great time hopping.

Well it's that time to announce the winners.

Drum Roll Please......

1st Prize of A Book Bundle of - Fae Dreams, Ginger Bites, Cashing in the Night- Cindy B.
2nd Prize- PDF of Jingle Balls - Emily W.
3rd Prize - PDF- Three Fur All - Elizabeth H.

Thanks again for participating.

Have a great Holiday Season!

Purfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop

Merry Merry Everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope you are getting ready for Christmas just as much as I am.  Make sure to check out the other authors in the give away by checking the link below.


1- Christmas Bundle - 1 pdf Copy of Ginger Bites, Jingle Balls, Solstice Miracles

2-PDF Copy of Fae Dreams

3- PDF copy of Hell's Gate: Santino
Make sure to enter the contest via the rafflecopter form below. Good luck and Happy Holidays.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Booty-licious Crafting: Mystic Magic Designs Guest Post

Hey everyone,

We all know it's Christmas. I mean if the songs on the radio and the wrapping paper don't give it away, I don't know what will. As much as we all love to shop and get that perfect something for the ones we care for, sometimes going to your local mall just doesn't cut it and we want something from unique and from the heart. That is were you're local crafter and small business owner comes in. I mean who hasn't found the cutest stuff being handmade for the ones they love that just says it all.

One such small business is Mystic Magic Designs. If you love unique stuff, check it out because they have some awesome stuff that will rock your socks off. Here is a little bit about the owner- Leah Ward and how she got started crafting.

I learned to sew from my mother and have always been artistic. In high school, I created my first Booty Bag and used it to carry around all my books. Today's Booty Bags are of a much higher quality than my original. I am also a gamer chick and love geeky gaming items. Gamer Bling is just that. I have always been into creating my own unique items and I love the idea of sharing my art and items with others. In high school I learned furniture refinishing and sign lettering. All my wooden items are hand stained, painted, and finish coated and my love for the mystic comes through in all of my designs. I love anything artsy and have the utmost respect for artists and always have.

Mystic Magic Designs are local crafters making unique items! Specializing in hand painted wooden items, Gamer Bling jewelry and accessories, Resist This jewelry and Booty Bag purses! Try shopping local business owners and crafters this holiday season! Please check us out! We have a regular website:

a Facebook page to like:

and an Ebay store for convenience:

which is linked to our regular web page. Not all items are on the Ebay store so if you see something you like please don't hesitate to ask if it is still available!!!

We accept custom orders and would love to hear from you.
Email: and if there is a specific item you are interested in please let me know due to a lot of unspecific spam I have been receiving.

Pay Pal is accepted at our regular webpage for your convenience and also on the Ebay store.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hello Everyone,

What a great time of year. There are tons of different blog hops going on and everyone is getting into the Christmas Cheer.

And yes, I am too.

Please see the widget below to enter for the rules and the awesome prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remeber to check the main blog hop as they will be:

giving away A Kindle Paperwhite, A Nook Glow, and a $90 choice giftcard for either amazon or barnes and noble.  Both Tablets will come with a book bundle!! 
See the list of other places to hop below. Happy Holidays & Happy Hopping!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ho, Ho, Holiday Giveaway

Come one! Come all!

It's that time of year where good things abound and Holiday giveaways are around. Welcome everyone to our little give away for the Holiday Season. Gifts included in this giveaway are from five wonderful authors, Lucy Blue, Alexandra Christian, Crymsyn Hart, Selah Janel, & Siobhan Kinkade. 

We have banded together to bring you a wonderful holiday celebration to bring you cheer and a little bit of hotness to warm you on the cold days.

Prizes include:

Grand Prize:
Holiday Gift Box:
USB Flash Drive containing copies of the following books:
“Under the Mistletoe” by Siobhan Kinkade
“Marked” by Siobhan Kinkade
“Jingle Balls” by Crymsyn Hart
“Hairy and Hung” by Crymsyn Hart
“Masquerade” by Alexandra Christian
“Second Skin” by Alexandra Christian
“Tender Bites” by Lucy Blue
"In the Red: by Selah Janel
And other surprises!

Second Prize:
$10 Digital Amazon Gift Certificate

Third Prize:
$5 Digital Amazon Gift Certificate

Please see widget below for rules and prizes. Contest runs from Dec. 2nd - Dec.21st.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The War of Words

Words. Words. Words and more Words. There never seems to be an ending to the words. They flow together and make sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and congeal into a book. Words are what we say and what we think in, mostly. Words  are what we read and what we use to curse with. But sometimes the words and letters start warring.

Any author will tell you that there are only so many words you can use for specific body parts or even to describe something. Then it all goes down hill and you start warring with your mind and a thesaurus trying to uncover the right word or phrase to use that fits perfectly with the story or you need something different because you have said the same word too many times on the pages.

And when you figure you have the correct word, the editor comes back to you and suggests something else. The war never stops. it always keeps going until your muses are having fist fights and are throwing candy canes and mistletoe at one another or threatening to combine characters from different story lines. All the while they are shrieking at you in words.

Of course as I am writing this the Madonna song Words is going through my head.

The words never stop and no matter how much I want them to, they are always running though my head, chasing a marathon. Sometimes never saying what I want and sometimes jumping from one world to another as a new muse pops up.

Words always warring, fighting, changing and twisting into something I never thought existed before.

Tell me what have words done for you? Because sometimes they drive me batty. And them I hear jingling.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A list of thanks...not in any partiuclar order.

  1.  I am thankful for the words I write and the other worlds my muses bring me to.
  2.  I am thankful for the friends who put up with me and don't think I'm crazy because I talk to myself.
  3. I am thankful for the husband who understands my dark moods and everything in between.
  4. I am thankful for the family who has raised me and given me the steps to get where I am today.
  5. I am thankful for the turkey that we are eating because he is delicious.
  6. I am thankful for the people who have read my books, if you enjoyed them or not.
  7. I am thankful for the job I have and the co-workers who know I'm not exactly normal.
  8. I am thankful for the animals that share my life and make me laugh when I'm in the mood to kill people.
  9. I am thankful for the opportunity to live my life.
  10. I am thankful for all the people who have come before and made our way of life possible.
And most of all...

I am thankful for everyone who has touched my life and.

Now let's go eat turkey! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Rant...

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well. I'm not really one to rant about things, but lately things have been irritating me.

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and already Christmas advertisements are flooding the airwaves. Really! I mean really! Can't it wait. I am good with Christmas stuff coming up the day after Thanksgiving, but sigh...

The retailers are just pushing it up more and more and honestly I wonder if we are going to bypass Thanksgiving all together. That would be interesting go right from Halloween to Christmas or have they already done that?

The malls are already swamped with Christmas decorations and it makes me cringe.

I'm not anti-Christmas or anything. I enjoy the holiday as much as anyone.

Every Saturday my husband and I go breakfast and on the way there is a house and in the middle of October the owner had the Christmas decorations up. Okay, that is everyone's prerogative for doing that. I get it, but it irritates me.

Why can't you all wait?


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Hint of Ginger

Well Christmas is going to be here soon. *Sigh* I know. I can't believe it either. But to get you into the mood, here is a little bite from my Christmas Release coming in December from Sugar and Spice Press. 

Ginger Bites is a Werewolf/Shape shifter Menage M/F/M with a dash of humor thrown into it. So if you adore gingerbread, I hope you love two hunky wolves who love it too.


Ginger has never really enjoyed Christmas. It reminds her that she’ll always be alone because of her curse. Although she yearns to be with someone, but if she doesn’t click with them right away her hunger grows until her human fa├žade falls away revealing her true self. The guilt of all the innocent lives she’s taken plagues her and this holiday season isn’t looking to be any different. Just once she’d like someone to call her own and feel human.

Zach and Cameron are two werewolves who stumble into Ginger’s bakery to set up a Christmas party for their benefactor. Zach can’t get Ginger from his mind, but in order to be with her he hopes Cameron can get along with her too. If not, then the unthinkable will happen. All the while, Ginger has another suitor who desires to claim her for himself at any cost. Zach and Cameron will do anything to save her because all they want to do is spend Christmas with the woman they love.


Once his mouth touched hers, a jolt of passion rushed through her. She moaned into his mouth and sunk into the kiss. Ginger fought to regain control of herself, but every instinct in her was to surrender to his arms. Finally she ran her fingers down his chest. His muscles were defined. Zach moaned. His hands rested on her hips, sliding them along her curves until he cupped her ass and gripped it. She jumped and turned her head to break the kiss.
“What is it?” he asked.
Ginger glanced up and saw his blue eyes had turned golden brown. “You taste good.” She ran her nails down his chest and stopped at the waistband of his jeans. If she went any further, this might turn into something she was not expecting. It felt good to be in someone’s arms and it had been a while since she had given herself over to the urges inside of her. Normally she was so keyed up whether or not if she would have to breakdown and eat the man. But with them, it was different. Every fiber of her being screamed to give in and she just this once she was going to.
“So what does this mean?” Zach asked.
“I want you,” Ginger whispered.
“I’ll give you some privacy than,” Cameron said.
But Ginger looked at him and saw the hurt in his eyes. “I didn’t say you had to leave.”
Cameron’s mouth turned up into a smile. “Well then, that changes everything. Is this going to be a problem with you, Zach?”
Ginger studied the other werewolf and all she was his eyes burning with desire. He took in a deep breath as though he was struggling to hold onto his control. His cock pressed against her thigh so she knew he was ready for her. He gripped her ass a little harder before letting her go and faced Cameron. “No. It won’t be a problem. Just so long as you’re not worried we won’t eat you.”
She laughed. “I can trust you. I don’t think I’m your type. You might find me too sweet for your taste.”
Cameron’s arms slipped around her waist. His touch inflamed her desire even more. He kissed her neck and nipped her ear. “I have a sweet tooth. So no worries there.”
He bit into her neck playfully. Ginger arched her back at the sudden contact while Cameron feathered his fingers up her stomach to cup her breasts. She let her head fall back against his chest and for the first time she started to feel like a normal human. Nothing in her was being triggered that she had to eat these guys. Maybe they were the key to changing her destiny. He brushed his thumbs over her nipples which firmed instantly at his touch.
“You don’t get to monopolize her, Cam. She did say she wanted both of us,” Zach reminded them. He took her hand and kissed the back of it, sucking one of her fingers into his mouth.
Ginger shook herself from the daze she had fallen into. “You’re both right. So whose bedroom has the biggest bed?” She dislodged herself from both wolves and slipped her shall off, placing it on the leather couch before her. She headed toward the hallway and plucked off her shoes as she did.  Stopping midway down the hallway, she glanced behind her and waited to see if they were coming. So far they were watching her. Ginger unzipped the back of her dress and shimmied out of it, leaving it on the floor. After that they followed.
“My room as the biggest bed.” Cameron led her through a door at the very end of the hall.
Ginger and Zach followed him into the room. She watched him hurriedly take off his clothes. Scars marred his chest, telling a story of his life. She traced her finger over a few of them and felt Cameron shiver under it. “Battle scars?”
He nodded. “Before I was cursed, I was fighting for position in the pack. Being the leader’s son didn’t mean anything.”
Cameron cupped her cheek and wound his fingers through her hair. His nostrils flared. “Why is it I smell gingerbread when I’m around you?”
Panic rushed through her for a moment. Should she tell them what she was? They would have to know eventually. But they did not need to know right at this moment. It would break the mood and she needed this. Needed to know she was wanted and they desired her. She shrugged. “I work in a bakery and it’s the Christmas season. Do you know how many gingerbread cookies we are making?”
“Right. Sorry,” Cameron apologized.
“You don’t like the aroma?” she asked.
“No. It’s great, but it makes me hungry. That’s all,” Cameron said.
“Me too,” Zach added.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winners of the Howloween Blog Hop

Hi Everyone! Did you have a good hop? I hope so.

Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who stopped by my blog.

With Halloween tomorrow I want to be sure that everyone gets their treats.

So the winners are...

SheriV- Hairy and Hung
Vanessa N. - Hairy & Hung
Irene J.- The Dragon and His Houseboy 1 & 2
JYl22075 - The Dragon and His Houseboy 1 & 2
Linda- Dragon Bundle

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again for leaving a comment.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween if you celebrate! If not stay safe.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Howloween Blog Hop

Welcome Everyone to the Howloween Blog Hop!
Make sure to check out all the other authors on the hop as they are giving away a ton of prizes!

As for me, well there are a few tricks, but mostly treats.

Here is what is up for grabs!

  • 2 copies of The Dragon and His Houseboy 1 & 2 in pdf format

  •  2 copies of Hairy & Hung in pdf Format

  •  Book Bundle of pdf copies of :

Dragon Interrupted, Dragonkin, Draig: Hell's Gate, & Dragon Awakening

Simple really. Leave me a comment on what you like about Halloween & which bundle you would like with your email address so I can contact the winners.

There will be 5 winners overall. 

Check out the Howloween Blog Hop for more chances to win with other great authors!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quick Look into The Dragon & His Houseboy 2

Hi Everyone,

How many of you loved The Dragon and His Houseboy 1? Well I loved the world so much, I decided to write a second one that will be coming out from Sugar and Spice Press on Oct. 20th.

I hope you enjoy this new installment because I've started on a third one as well taking all the characters from the first two and putting them into the up and coming book. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Here is a quick except to steam your glasses and make you dream about sexy dragon shifters.


Wyr is a dragon hybrid who has been alone for over a hundred years and an outcast among his own kind. When mistaken identity makes him the priest for a local village, he takes up residence in a cave within a volcano. While he gives advice to the town, he keeps his true heritage hidden.

Tahan is the son of a local merchant with an arranged marriage looming over his head. He wants nothing of his father’s business or the marriage. Instead, Tahan has a few secrets of his own and has eyes for the village priest. Tahan admits he knows the priest’s secret only to face his anger, but when Tahan touches him Wyr realizes his true affections for the man.

In order to save the man he loves from the volcanic eruption, Wyr must reveal his true nature. By doing so, his existence is threatened. Still he would do anything to make Tahan happy and see him safe. Even give up his life. 


The miniature dragon jumped into the air and flapped around the room until it settled on the altar and nibbled on a piece of fruit. Wyr’s stomach growled and he realized he was hungry. He ran his hands over his thighs, and it was then he remembered he was still wrapped in the towel and it was fairly sheer.
“That is a marvelous talent. Something the god would appreciate,” he said and shuffled his feet, trying not to feel the attraction flaring through him.
“Is it good enough for me to stay?” He stared at him.
 All Wyr could focus on were those smoldering blue eyes under long cinnamon lashes. His throat went dry again. Wyr shook his head and found the words. “I really don’t think…”
Tahan slid his hand over Wyr’s growing erection and squeezed it. “I know the true reason why you sent me away yesterday. I understand your anger when I revealed that I knew what you were. You’ve been keeping it a secret because you know the villagers won’t accept it. Just the way they won’t accept me. Another reason why you were livid was because you don’t want to admit to yourself you’re attracted to me. Tell me I’m not right.”
He tried to clear his throat, but Tahan held him captive. His emotions whirled around his mind. His heart slammed into his chest. Wyr tried to back away, but Tahan placed a hand on his shoulder. The soft touch ignited the pull he had for the other man. The little dragon let out a small stream of fire and ignited one of the candles on the altar. Heat flushed inside of Wyr as his muscles contracted again with an oncoming shift.
Wyr tried to remain calm and focus on his breathing, hoping the shift wouldn’t overtake him. The transformation had already started. His back muscles were bunching along his shoulder blades, gathering mass to hold the weight of his great wings. His skin itched. When he glanced down, his tanned skin had already taken on a mauve hue.
“You should go.” He forced out the words.
“I’m not afraid of you,” Tahan said. “That should be evident by me coming here, falling to my knees and begging you to let me stay here. By touching you and kissing you the other day. I’ve seen how you looked at me when I’ve visited in the past, the longing in your eyes and how you stiffen up when I get close.” Tahan squeezed his cock once more.
A moan escaped Wyr’s throat. Beads of perspiration slid down his temple. He yearned to wipe them away, but didn’t dare move in case the sudden movement agitated his fragile state. “None of that matters.”
A devilish smile turned Tahan’s mouth up. He stepped closer and conformed his body to Wyr’s. “Yes, it does. You’re just fighting it because you don’t believe I’m really attracted to you. You’re thinking I’m only doing this because I want sanctuary. But I’m not. I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time. All those times I’ve watched you, I saw the hurt you held inside. It was in the way you carried yourself. Anytime you come to town you try to remain aloof, but I see the longing in your eyes. The council doesn’t see it, but I do. Please let me stay.”
Wyr’s muscles trembled as Tahan’s warm breath blasted against his flesh. The other man rested his head on Wyr’s shoulder, placing kisses along his collarbone. The ache to wrap his arms around the other man nearly crushed him, but Tahan had said exactly what was on his mind. He was showing him affection because he needed a place to escape from the world and he had hoped that Wyr could provide that. Of course the more he thought about it, the more he yearned to have him for a companion. It had been a long time since he had been with anyone. Tahan flicked his tongue along Wyr’s Adam’s apple and spikes of delight rammed through him nearly overcoming the twisting of his muscles from the change. His cock grew firmer from the contact and he was burning up from the inside out.
“Let me stay,” Tahan whispered. He met Wyr’s eyes.
His will was crumbling. He sighed and tore his gaze away. “Fine. You can stay, but don’t think that you have to…”
Tahan placed a finger to Wyr’s lips. “Trust me. This is what I want to do. Just relax. Please.”
Wyr saw the need in his eyes. The desire ran rampant through him. All he wanted to do was give himself over to Tahan, but the shift was happening. “Relaxing is near impossible when I’m about to shift.” He stepped away and rolled his shoulders, feeling the dragon scraping along the inside of his skin to get out.
Tahan touched his back and massaged his muscles where the tension was held the most. He arched his back and began to calm down. As Tahan rubbed the area, the dragon retreated. He studied his arms and saw the flesh was no longer shaded purple. It had never happened before. The weight of his wings receded. He had heard whispers among the shape-shifter community of these things happening, but he thought they were just a myth.
“Does that feel good?” Tahan asked.
“Mmmm…very good. Stop for a moment.”
Tahan groaned. “If you enjoy it, then why do you want me to stop?”