Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Free Read: Remember Me?

Hi Guys,

A quick updated. I have a new free read Remember Me? available at Purple Sword Publications.

Go check it out.

Vanessa is tired of her boyfriend, Brian. He doesn't make her feel special at all. Not until the night she sneaks out of his bedroom to escape does she realize there's someone from her past that's been missing--someone who can fill the void in her in more ways than one.


I stifled a yawn as I got in and put the keys in the ignition. Just as I did, something came across my throat, cold and sharp. My eyes darted to the rearview mirror, and I saw nothing but dark eyes staring back at me. The urge to scream died in my throat as fear paralyzed me. All the self defense tactics I learned drained from my thoughts, and I just prayed.

“Get out of the car. Now!”

I nodded and opened the door slowly, leaving the keys in the ignition. Outside, I thought about running, but it was two in the morning and not a lot was open. The streetlight near my car was out, leaving me virtually in the shadows.

My attacker got out as well and stood in front of me. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the throat and dragged me around to the back of my car where it was even darker. He threw me against the trunk, and the blade was around my throat again. My heart raced in my chest, and I was having a hard time breathing. God, what was he going to do to me? My eyes darted to Brian’s bedroom where the light was still on, but he was passed out for the night. The edge of the knife was cold. With one wrong move it would slit my throat. The mugger breathed warmly onto my ear and licked the back of my neck.