Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Blog Hop Contest - Winner

Thanks to everyone who left a comment for the Christmas Blog Hop Contest.

It was much appreciated and all the comments were wonderful.

Drum Roll Please....

And the winner of Hell's Gate Santino & Draig is:


Thank you all again for participating in the blog hop.

With all the great comments I received on the short I am certainly going to expand it into something longer.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Blog Hop Contest

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa comes down the chimney to deliver presents and place them under the tree. And where Santa gets a gift of milk and cookies so do you.

This contest is quick and easy.  Just leave a comment on the below snippet and let me know what you think. Please leave your name and email address. Prizes are the first two books in pdf format of my Hell's Gate Series.

There was a knock on the door echoing through my apartment. My eyes glanced at the DVD player and I sighed debating if I wanted to press play or answer the door. Guess which one I chose? Yes, I opened the door and there was Dante in tight black jeans and a red T-shit. He took my breath away as his dark hair was swept up in a ponytail and his dark eyes sparkled.  He looked up at me and held my gaze and produced a single purple rose. It was the most thoughtful thing. I took it and nicked my thumb so that a bubble of blood came up and before I could clean it Dante snatched it up and sucked on it. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. He looked up at me, smiled, and ran his tongue over the flesh and yeah it was weird, but it was also the sexiest thing I ever had done to me.
            Without another word, he pulled me to him and locked me in a deep throat kiss. Finally he pulled away leaving me breathless. “Wow. What prompted that?”
            He came in, locked the door behind him, and led me to the couch. His hands slid over my shirt searching for a way to get under it. I nearly fell into his embrace, but decided that the evil flying monkeys were gnawing at my conscious. Something about this was all wrong. “Dante. This is great and all, but what the hell did you want to tell me. I get the feeling that your mother is not dying. So fess up.”
            He laughed richly reminded me of dark chocolate rubbing over silk, sweet and soft, but it would still go to my thighs. “You’re very perceptive or I’m losing my touch.”
            “Let’s go with I’m perceptive. Now what gives? You run off on me, break my heart and then come crawling back lying about a dying mother. So what’s up?”
            “Okay, so you got me. I lied about my mother, but there’s something that I wanted to tell you. Show you.”
            I leaned in close and kissed him lightly and he kissed me harder. I fell over onto him and ran my tongue across his lips. As I did, I felt something sharp. I pulled away quickly and came back tasting blood. Dante just looked at me and smiled seductively.
            “That was what I wanted to talk to you about. You see. I’m a vampire. I fell for you hard and I wanted to be sure about you. And I think I am.”
            I stared at him and laughter bubbled up. We were certainly not in Kansas anymore. “So you’re a vampire.”
            Anger crossed Dante’s face. “Madison I’m serious. More than you know. I hoped that it wouldn’t come down to this, but—” He pulled back his lips into a snarl and I saw his fangs growing and he struck, biting into my neck. The pain was so abrupt that it hit me quickly and took me a moment to react and then the pleasure of his mouth on my neck. Okay, this guy was for real. No normal human being could make teeth grow like that and then move so quickly. Hmmm..the twister had picked up my house and landed me on top of the wicked witch herself. Finally, I came to my senses and started beating him on the chest to get him off of me. Not that I wanted him to stop, but a girl has to talk.
            Dante moved back and I saw the smear on his lips and on his teeth as he preened the vestiges with his tongue. “Okay, I believe you. So what? You going to make me into a vampire or what?”
            He just looked at me as if I had shot him. “You know, Madison. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. I thought. I don’t know what I thought.” He looked as if he had come to some horrid realization. He bleached out like stone and I was a statue that he didn’t see. He moved toward the door and I looked at him puzzled and moved in front of him before he could get to the door.
            “Whoa, you come over here, tell me you’re a vampire, and now you’re just leaving. What the hell?”
            He signed and stared me straight in the eyes. “Honestly, you’re just not my type.”
            He pushed me out of the way and in an instant he was gone evaporating into mist. I was left open mouthed, gaping at where he had gone. I turned on my heel and went back to the freezer, still in disbelief. I pulled out my last pint of ice cream and took out a spoon. I was more in shock as I opened up the pint and picked up the phone. But I hung it back up and knew that Chris would never believe me. Damn, it was just my luck.
            Boyfriends sucked. Literally, it seemed.
            I flicked the DVD on and even before the Technicolor cornfields came on, I decided to switch out the disc and put in a vampire movie that I had bought on a whim. Yeah, it was definitely time to find a new movie. No more trips over the rainbow for me.
             From now on, I was sticking with my girlfriends.

Hope you have enjoyed this. It's a short I'm thinking about expanding. 
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Blog by Drea Becraft

Tis the season…yep the Christmas season.

I have most of my outside family already bought for but my children only a few things so far.  I am so looking forward to seeing all the faces of my loved ones as they open their gifts.

I am a real fake tree lover.  I have had a few come and go but most last at least a few Christmases before they bite the dust.  I love the smell of live trees but not the fuss of them when its just as easy to put up a tree and take it down and be done with it. 

Now some homes have the white tree.  While I think they are pretty I am afraid one will never grace my home.  I like the tradition of the green against the multi colored lights and many ornaments to much to change that.

So what about you what kind of tree is your favorite?

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Also I have a Free Read (My Wish For Christmas Is You):

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Aimee’s life changed one night, not long ago, when she staked a vampire to save another. Still reeling from that life changing night, Aimee decides to go home with Brenda, her best friend, for the holidays. She never expected Brenda’s brother, who comes off more like the Grinch then Santa, to have so many saint like qualities. Years spent alone, with no family or friends, plays heavy on her mind but Nic could possible be the one who changes it all.

has always been a sore spot for Nicolai. He’s the real saint Nic, but society has him all wrong. He’s no saint. In truth, he’s a vampire. Over the centuries, Nic has spent the holidays fighting off the ridicule from his younger brother and giving to those less fortune, not seeing his own worth. Until one mortal, brought home by his sister Brenda, changes the holiday and his outlook on life for eternity.

Is it possible that Nic has finally found his Mrs. Clause? When worlds meld, can Aimee find the happy ever after she once asked Santa for so many years ago, or is she doomed to spend forever lonely on Christmas?


With a flick of his hand, the lights next to the bed turned on as did a few lamps across the room. Once my eyes adjusted, I got a better look at the amount of presents. Hundreds, littered the room. The only space not filled was around the bed and a path to two doors in opposite directions. Red, green, and golds splattered the room in a festive show of color.

“You really are Saint Nic.” Astonished I tried desperately to keep my mouth closed.

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Why not?” Turning away from the presents I turned my gaze to Nic’s in question.

“Because I’m nowhere near a saint.” Brows furrowing Nic stared intently at the computer screen.

“Then how did you get the name?”

“That would be Jaysen’s doing. One day, not to long after I started giving the gifts, we got into an argument. I don’t remember most of what was said, after all, it was quite a while ago, but I do remember the comment was rather snide. To this day neither of us knows how it ended up outside our argument, but it still reminds me of that comment. Besides saints are deemed so because of the greatness they do for mankind all I do is give a few toys to some kids.”

Moved by the noticeable hurt in his eyes, a relentless knot twisted in my stomach. Though I still didn’t know him, the connection between us grew with each passing moment.

Whether it was hormones or the fact that we were supposed to be mates, I didn’t know, but I couldn’t stand to see him sad.

I scooted out of the bed and made my way to him, wrapping paper shuffling under my feet. Then, as if it were the most natural thing to do, I lowered myself into his lap and hugged him close. “To those kids you are the world.”

“That’s why I do it every year. Though not in the grand scale that everyone thinks. I try to help at least a few orphanages and hospitals each year.”

“See, you are a saint. Every year you create the biggest rush of hope and joy to the children across the world. Though you can‘t help them all, the small sacrifices you have made over the centuries have helped to shape our world and helps friends and families learn the true meaning of giving. Without you there would be no hope of a perfect
Christmas. If that isn‘t the act of a saint, I don‘t know what is.”

With a grunt in my ear, Nic’s arms tightened around me as he buried his head in the hair between my shoulder blade and ear.

Pulling away slightly, I raised my hands and held of each side of his head. My fingers ran though the silken strands of his hair using that leverage I brought his head up until our eyes met. Leaning down I kissed his full lips with a slight brush of mine.

You are the best mate anyone could ask for. Speaking while our mouths were still fused, Nic sipped from my lips slowly.