Friday, February 26, 2010

Angelic Demons and Lucious Angels

Tarnished Wings with Purple Sword

The Devil has finally come to collect his dues. Cassie tries to run from his wiles, but finds him as irresistible as all the tales she has heard. Soon she is under his spell and the longer she is, the more she loses her soul. There is only one way for Cassie to retain her wings and save her soul. Will she discover it in time, or will Lucifer claim her for his bride?

I jumped at the resonating thunder. The stench of sulfur increased. The atmosphere grew heavier, tangible.

I called my power to whisk me away to someplace safe and familiar, with loving hands surrounding me. But nothing sparked inside of me; I was alone and helpless. Human. The figure remained praying, only I suspected his performance was a farce. Power emanated from him in soft waves, teasing my flesh. I resisted it, knowing the display was only to entice me toward him. Underneath, his power was more sinister. My mind searched out any cracks in the blanket over the sanctuary. There wasn’t even a hair's breadth for me to slip through.

On the other side of the door, Tristan and Daniel were trying to fight their way in. Even their combined power could not break down the doors. I examined the altar. The cross on the wall was almost unhinged from the wood now. The tree behind it had fused itself around the rusted bolt. The branch tried to make the relic one with it. The light defining the church as a holy site had not diminished. White purity encompassed the hand-hewn cross. It was a beacon to heaven making it known as a sanctuary to any tired soul who needed rest. Similar to when I was led to the spot during my human days, the church gave me solace, serenity, and a slice of my own life. Now that slice had been ripped away. I had no choice but to face my silent jailer.

My boots creaked. The echoes of my footsteps made me realize how vulnerable I was. What would my sister say if she saw me now? A Goth cheerleader turned Angel of Death, shivering at my own shadow. I tightened my resolve. This was a game of faith. I would not lose mine. My hand reached out to touch the shoulder of the solitary parishioner. Instead of my fingers meeting flesh, they passed through a shadow. The shape dissolved in a wisp.

A soft chuckle landed on my ears, surrounding me. The brush of wings caught the side of my cheek. I turned quickly. There was no one behind me. A shadow moved. The perfume of sulfur receded when I peered into the shadows.

“Cassie. So beautiful. So full of life. I see why both protect you.” His voice had the hint of an accent. It was layered to my ears with deeper tones and whisper trails. The tenor was cold and yet it seemed his breath scorched the back of my neck.

Turning around quickly again, I checked the church for the intruder. He was not there. “Show yourself.”

“Why should I, Cassie? You’re the new Death. You should be able to find me wherever you are. We’re tied together, you and I.”

My power lashed out. The pews slammed together and others pounded the back wall. The sapphire blue cushions flopped on the floor. I wasn’t one to be messed around with. I’d had enough.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

Hands wound underneath my arms. They cupped my breasts. A jolt of intense heat caressed my spine where his body pressed against mine. I should have tried to get away. I should have screamed. I should have. It means the same as what if. A statement and a question overused in the human language. The phrase marched through my mind. Tristan and Daniel were outside trying to liberate me. But I didn’t need to be rescued. I turned in my captor’s embrace. My eyes locked to his. I was amazed at his beauty. I never thought the Devil would be so magnificent.

Hope you all check it out.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick updates

Hi Everyone,

I've been busy busy writing so just a quick update on what's going on.
Below is what I'm working on at the moment and how many words I'm in.

Storm Riders Book 3- about 500 words in. So it's still a baby.
Frost Fever: A Raven Saga Book 5 - 31,804
Between the Lines - 10870
Mage Twins - Editing the 500 page YA monster. Then rewriting
House of Moon Dark - 27,142
Vampire Serial Killer - 16,947

Storm Riders and Smoke Jumpers along with the Devil's Tavern series are out in the wind. Waiting to hear back from people. So Fingers crossed.

I have edits coming for Carrion Comfort from Amira Press.
Edits for Tarnished Wings from Purple Sword Publications coming.
Eventually Gods and Mummies, oh my from loveyoudivine Alterotica.

Plate is full. And I have wonderful ideas for another five part series if it works out. Hunky men and one woman.
Another dealing with Avalon. Azrael the Angel of Death is on my case to write about him more. And many many more.

Hope all is well. Back under the weight of the pages.

huggs all

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Hi Everyone,

Today hubby and I went to an awesome place called Tiger World in Rockwell, NC. I highly recommend going to check it out. It is a great Non Profit Organization that that rescues tigers and other animals.

Tiger World

Hubby has a love for tigers so for my gift to him we went up there for a few hours. The organization is not that far off the highway and the tigers are up close and personal.
We were only three feet from the tigers as opposed to being at a zoo where they are off in the distance. We were there during feeding time. Once of the tigers leaped into the air and grabbed the meat. It was great. They had a cage with three lions and the male made it quite known by roaring at the passersby that it was his food. 
Besides the tigers and lions there were a couple of wolves, some monkeys, a couple of baboons, and two very cute tiger cubs that wanted everyone's attention.

Today was an awesome day. Hubby was very happy with his Valentines. He even listened to me and didn't get me any chocolate. However I did end up with an awesome Gift Certificate to a local spa. That is a good thing. Now we are chilling and I have to slave over the stove. But that isn't a bad thing. I'll write more a little more on Raven Saga Book Five. I'm over 20K which is great. 

New cover for Carrion Comfort is on the blog.It is awesome and sexy. Not sure on a release date, but ehh I have book 4 brewing in my mind if I get to it.

Hope everyone had a sexy day. It was great for me and it's not ever yet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi All,

Good news these past couple of days. Carrion Comfort was accepted by Amira Press. Carrion Comfort is a vampire novel whose characters live in the world of Midnight Mocha and A Taste of Darkness. I had a character that wouldn't let me rest so she sprang from the ashes and decided to tell me her tale. Her name is Grace, but those who read A Taste of Darkness would know her as Marla the perky receptionist.

Of course I won't tell you her secret, that is for you to find out.

Here is a blurb and a short excerpt to let you see into my world.


Ever since Japer lost his family, he’s been hunting those responsible. Going in search of information, he discovers the true monsters lurking in Boston’s underbelly.
Grace is summoned to help find the creatures who murdered Jasper’s family. Reluctantly she goes home only to meet Jasper and have a one-night stand. Not expecting to see him again, she confronts her sire and discovers he’s been training Jasper as a hunter. Together they’ve been killing scavengers, the bogeymen of the vampire world.
Will they find the nest? Will Margaret reveal her dark past? Or will the bogeymen rise up and feed on their souls?


The blades of grass crunched under my feet from the frost on them. Heat waves from an aura blazed against my back. The smell of the thief, unwashed, too much cologne, and greasy hair came to my nose along with steel and gunpowder. His heartbeat doubled the closer he got to me. He thought he could sneak up on me and get my wallet. Maybe a little bit more. The would-be robber’s aura shifted while he made up his mind if he wanted to use his gun or his hands. The scent of his desire spurred my hunger. My teeth shifted. An overwhelming desire to show him my true form over took me, but I held that in check. I was not a monster and wouldn’t lose my humanity to the beast. I opened my mind to the killer so I would hear his thoughts better.
            Gotta have something. I need it bad. Oh yeah, this bitch is gonna be sweet. I’ll get her money, do her, and then I can get some more rock. Maybe I should shoot her and then fuck her. Turn around, bitch! Turn around. I want to see your face when you stare down the barrel of my gun. That’s right. All I need is one more hit and I can get through tomorrow.
            This guy was so dead. His gun wouldn’t do anything to me and I’d make Swiss Cheese of his brain in five seconds flat once he gazed into my eyes. Ten seconds if my thoughts pushed into his brain. I ran my tongue over my teeth willing them in for now.
            “Hey, bitch!” He cocked the gun. His excitement blanketed him. It made me giddy. If he only knew what he was getting himself involved with. I turned slowly playing the sweet and innocent part. After all, I was a woman out on my own in the middle of the night. Women were helpless at least that was the age-old adage. One I had used to my advantage over the years. I tried to appear shocked and scared. His gun glinted in the moonlight.
            “Please don’t hurt me,” I whimpered. He enjoyed my fear.
            “Give me your wallet.”
            “Sorry. I don’t have one.” I stepped forward. Confusion crossed his mind before it hit his face.
            “Give me whatever you have then. Come on. Fuck. Hurry up.” He motioned with his free hand.
            I smiled. He was so mine. This time I didn’t care if I dropped a body and left it for the cops to find. He was pissing me off and I was hungry again. I looked him up from his feet, ragged and holey shoes, torn jeans that had seen one too many park benches, a dirt, sweat stained shirt, and slowly worked up over his scraggly beard. The wrinkles around his eyes were a roadmap of his life. He wasn’t very old but he’d seen one too many sleepless nights hooked on crack and whatever drugs he could get his hands on. His eyes were dreary gray, the color of the Northern sea by my old home in England. Once my gaze met his all of his willpower drained away.
“Put the gun down, Larry.” I gleaned his name from his thoughts. The weapon in his hand wavered. “You don’t want to hurt me. You know I have nothing for you. Don’t you?”
            His eyes widened. I licked my lips. I used more of my mental whammy on him then I had on the pizza guy. I had to be more careful with this guy. His heart rate dropped. I stepped closer. He didn’t move. His gun hung limply at his side.
            “Good boy. Now come to me.”
            He stepped forward again. Before he came into my arms, he was tackled and thrown to the ground. Our connection snapped. I snarled. There went my meal. My would-be attacker was wrestling with someone. I’d been so caught up in my prey I hadn’t sensed anyone else around. I started to mold the shadows around me, but if I disappeared it would confuse my hero. Is every girl helpless at three in the morning?
            “I said shut up!” My hero chocked the gunman who was out cold. The man stood up towering over me. I came up to mid-chest if I was lucky. He was tan, square jawed, and had deep intense eyes. They held a lot, but I didn’t try and read him. It was hard enough to play nice and mortal while not wanting to tear out his throat, but I could easily throw him down and fuck him for a few rounds. We’ll see how well he can be thrown around by little old me. Maybe he’ll even enjoy it.
            “Miss, are you okay?” His gaze searched my face.
            I nodded trying to act frightened that someone had assaulted me. “Yes. Thank you. Oh my God! He was going to kill me.” I stared wide-eyed into my hero’s face. His big smile softened his features.
            “Well, he won’t be hurting you now. What were you doing out here all by yourself? It’s dangerous for a woman to be alone in the Common at this hour. You’re not from here are you?”
            I glanced at the man on the ground. The bouquet of his blood filled my nose. My mouth watered. So much going to waist. “I’m from New York. I haven’t been to Boston in ages.”
            “Are you staying with anyone? Can I walk you to your hotel?”
            Oh great. This is all I need a real chivalrous man. “Thank you for your concern and all, but I’ll be fine really.”
            “You don’t have a place to stay, do you?”
            I opened my mouth and then shut it. Tobias would let me in. I knew that. Besides I didn’t have to sleep when the sun was up. It would sap my strength, but I’d be okay. I shrugged. I hung my head. “No. My friends aren’t home and I don’t have a key. I have no clue when they’ll be back.”
            He looked around weighing his options. He didn’t want to leave me out here alone and stranded. I didn’t have to look into the future to know what he would say next. “Well…I have a spare room. You can stay the night. No strings of course.”
            Of course.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Day in the Life of the Angel of Death.

The morning comes and yet it's bright rays can't drive me into the darkness like others of my kind. For eons, I have done my duty, taking the souls of those that cross my path. But lately the old hunger is stirring. I gaze upon the stars littered upon the dark face of the universe and ponder my existence. I never asked for this life. I was chosen and lifted up to take my wings. Dark wings that are a shroud to those so close to death and feel my cold touch.

A quick kiss and you would be mine, falling under my spell, waiting for the split second when your being is filled with my frozen rapture. You see a light, so soft and yet so bright. Warmer than the sun, but it doesn't hurt to gaze into it. I can see this light and linger on the fridges of Heaven, but I can cross into that space unless I give up the one thing that sets me apart from the other angels.

My minions, helper angels, come to me and tell me who they should take. I can only split myself into so many pieces and race across the universe, time, and space touching those who must feel my skeleton hand. It's not only humans who see my visage, but other forms and in other times. I am all encompassing. Humans see my skull face, but there is another behind it. One that feels comfort and pain. So many don't think that I can, but it's true. I answer to only one whom I've given my undying love to.

However, these past few months. Things have been changing in the heavens. I sit and ponder at the rumblings of war. I try to stay in the background and do my job, but as the unrest spreads through my brethren, the dark hunger inside of me stirs. I lick my lips yearing to feel the warmth of another's touch. Another's life. But to do that would be blashephey and ressurect the one thing that I swore I'd never embrace again.

So I say until you, when you feel my cold touch. Pray it is on a good day because lately. My days have been oh so very bad.