Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Glimpse into Turning Ash

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into what I have been working on today. It's finally done. Yeah!

Ashling stared at the pale stranger before her. If she hadn’t seen a picture of him, she never would have believed that Devlin was standing there. She never would have committed to meeting him in person to unless she hadn’t talked to him on the phone first. Before that there were hundreds of text messages and emails. She had spilled her heart to his man. He did not judge her for the choices she made. Moreover, their long talks blossomed into a good friendship. Finally he suggested they should meet.
Devlin leaned against the glass of the empty coffee shop, half shrouded in shadows. His shoulder length hair was caught back in a ponytail. The illumination of the lights made his skin even paler than in his snapshot. A strand, escaping the binding of the elastic, played along his high cheekbones in the gentle breeze. He was even more beautiful in real life than staring at his photograph. Ashling had committing his to memory just in case she woke up and the photo was somehow gone.
She stood on the corner, still in the darkness, feeling the energy of the environment playing on her skin, tickling her. She drew in the strength of the night letting it feed her deep hunger. The energy filled her with warmth. She had to remember this man was like her, a psychic vampire. She licked her lips. Part of her wondered if she blinked is Devlin would disappear. My nerves are getting the better of me. Maybe I shouldn’t do this. There were many stories of women meeting strange men from the Internet and the women were never heard from again. She gripped the sides of her skirt wiping her sweaty palms on the fabric. She sucked on her tongue ring, pushing it up and down inside her mouth, and clinking it against her teeth. Even her toes shook. This is ridiculous. He won’t hurt me. I’ve been talking to him for over a year now. I know him.
“Yeah, but how much do you know him?” Christa’s voice echoed in her mind.
More than I ever knew you before I told you what I was. And that didn’t stop you from hanging around me. Ashling dismissed her friend’s statement and drew in a breath. She pushed up her glasses. Car headlights blinded her. She threw up her hand to protect her eyes from the glare and withdrew farther into the shadows. It was safer there. The velvet darkness concealed her even from Devlin’s eyes. Her eyeteeth tingled. A slow burn unwound in the pit of her stomach. This isn’t good. It meant her hunger was unsatisfied. The energy of the night wasn’t helping. Ashling had fed before she came to meet Devlin. Christa had allowed her to draw in some of her energy before she left. Normally, Ashling liked to feed while she was asleep and dreamwalking, but tonight she needed the energy. Her nerves were burning through the energy. She ran her tongue over her teeth willing the hunger away. At times like this, when her hunger raged it seemed she possessed actual fangs like she was a real vampire. That’s preposterous.
Smoothing the fabric of her skirt one more time, she stepped into the dim light of the café. Devlin wasn’t there. Somehow he had disappeared in the few seconds she blocked her eyes from the oncoming headlights. She turned searching Massachusetts Avenue for him. There were too many shadows for him to hide in, if he was playing with her. Shit. He must have thought I wasn’t going to show and left. Regret consumed Ashling. Her chance of meeting her online friend was blown. He had disappeared into the night. Maybe it was all my imagination. Maybe I didn’t really see him.
A deep laugh erupted next to her ear, a velvet purr she wasn’t sure that came from a human throat. Ashling spun around. Devlin now rested against the telephone pole gazing straight at her. A wide grin spread on his sensuous lips. She stared at him. The smile made him breathtaking than the dark brooding photo he had sent her. A row of silver hoops hung in both of his ears climbing up to the top. His eyes were dark and smoky, surrounded by long onyx lashes. A sprinkling of stubble ran along his chin. In the picture, his face was angled down so she hadn’t seen his eyes that closely.
Her throat went dry. She struggled to find the right words even in greeting. Here was the guy, her savior sometimes, who had listened to her and helped her through the horrible bouts of hunger she’d had, the depression, and the rejection she’d experienced over the past year. It wasn’t easy being a psychic vampire in the world. Most of the populace thought she was insane for being what she was, but when she did find the small niche to belong to; her whole world had opened up. She had discovered kindred souls among the online communities. There was always the possibility they were yanking her chain, but she was pretty good at reading people. Just as she was the first time she had gotten a personal IM from Devlin.
She was browsing some threads on a message board. Her little icon showed she was online and accepting instant messages. Devlin’s popped up. She almost ignored it, but something in the way he phrased his question that was unlike any others she had come across. It intrigued her. His icon on the forum was a smiley face. Most of the logos, like hers, reflected something of their owners’ dark personalities. Hers was a little picture of one her Living Dead dolls, Lilith to be exact. The smiley face should have turned her off, but staring at the blinking cursor while he waited for a response, Ashling studied his introduction question. It read:
“Are you happy, Ashling?”
Was she happy? What a crazy question to ask her? Of course she was happy. Her fingers poised on the keyboard of her laptop ready to make some snide reply, but the question echoed through her thoughts. Was she happy? She had a boyfriend. She was keeping the hunger at bay. She had a job that she liked. Her roommate was great. There were no problems in her life except finding others who were like her and the online community was revealing more psychic vampires every day. Even though she was finding them, a small part of her never felt they were completely like her.
So she typed her response. “Most of the time.”
“What about right at this moment? If you could capture it and freeze it, would you be happy?”
“Yes,” she replied, but doubt lingered in her mind.
There was a pause. She wondered if he was laughing. A low chuckle echoed through her darkened bedroom. I’m hearing things. It’s imagination giving this crazy guy a personality.
“I’m not so sure about that.”
“Why? Can you make me happy?”
“I don’t know. I was only posing the question. I like to make people think.”
Ashling snorted when she read the response. He certainly made her think. “Well, are YOU happy?”
“Of course. I’ve just met you.”
Blood rushed to her cheeks. Why am I blushing when I don’t even know this guy from a hole in the wall? He could have been a depraved serial killer for all she knew. “Well that’s nice of you to say, but you don’t know me.”
“But I want to know you.”
“Well I don’t want to know you.” Ashling closed the lid of her laptop shutting off the contact with the mysterious IMer. For the rest of the day, their small conversation stuck in her head. Even while she was at work pouring drinks, the band on stage couldn’t pull her mind off the conversation. When she arrived home that night, exhausted, smelling like cheap beer and cigarettes, she dared open her laptop. The little white box remained, waiting for her to reply. She shook her head and closed the computer again. If the guy really wanted to talk, then he would have to wait until she had showered and gotten a little shut eye.
“Are you daydreaming?”
Ashling blushed. She glanced at Devlin completely tuning him out. She looked away. “Sorry.”
“No need to be sorry. I never took you for someone that daydreamed. You’ve always been so down to earth when we talk.” There was a hint of annoyance in his voice. She didn’t blame him. Devlin lived a few hundred miles away in New York City while she was in Boston. They had arranged the meeting a few weeks ago when they both had a few days off.
She shook her head. “I’m not really. I was thinking about the first time we met. When you IMed me and asked me if I was happy.”
“Are you?”
He smiled this time. Amusement lit up his smoky eyes. Ashling bit her lip harder, this time tasting blood. She shouldn’t fantasize about Devlin. Evan and she had dated for over a year now. They were good together. He was a normal looking college student, but underneath his Polos and khakis, there was a rocker with some outrageous tattoos. Ashling hadn’t told him about being a psychic vampire yet. He thought she was only interested in vampirism. Evan wasn’t pleased when she told him that Devlin was coming out to meet with her. She explained that she and Devlin were only friends.
“Why don’t we go inside? It’s getting a little chilly out here.”
She nodded and headed toward the café. Ashling reached for the door, but Devlin got it first holding it open for her. Blood seared her cheeks hurting her face from blushing so hard. She’d had butterflies in her stomach on the subway ride over, but those fluttery little insects had morphed into dive bombing hawks, churning her stomach. There was no reason to be anxious around Devlin. She ducked inside glad that the interior of the café was dim. There were plenty of nooks and crannies where she could hide, especially upstairs. They walked to the counter and ordered. She got a hot chocolate with shaved dark chocolate on top of the whipped cream. Devlin ordered peppermint tea. He didn’t seem the type who went with tea. She assumed he was a hardcore kinda guy who drank his coffee black. They said nothing while Devlin followed her up the winding staircase. Her favorite spot, next to the window, was open. It was in the corner where she could look down and watch the pedestrians passing by. Sometimes she wondered what they were rushing to. Tonight she paid the bustling street no mind. She was too enamored with having Devlin here in the flesh. Part of her yearned to reach out and touch him, fling her body against his to feel he was solid. She didn’t. And he hadn’t made any move to touch her either. Devlin slid into the chair across from her careful for not even his boot to bump her knee under the small table.
Ashling poked at the dark chocolate slivers with her spoon not able to meet his eyes yet. She tried to keep her hands steady. What can we talk about? I’ve told him all my secrets. He knows so much about me. Even more than what I’ve told Evan. He even knows about some of the sexual things I’ve done. Devlin could be my best girlfriend. She tried to put down her spoon gently on the rim of the saucer, but with her shaking hands, she dropped the spoon. It clattered and spattered her with hot chocolate droplets.
“Shit,” she muttered. Her right eye started to twitch from the stress of the meeting. Ashling grabbed a napkin, dabbing at the spots on her cheek and then on the table. Devlin’s hand shot out. His fingers landed on the white napkin pinning it to the wooden surface. There was still centimeters between them.
“Ashling, focus.” His voice was controlled. She dared a look into his eyes. They smoldered, reaching into her soul and capturing her. She drew in a breath nearly choking on the air she gulped in. The heat from his fingers brushed against her flesh. His aura bumped against hers enticing the hunger. The temptation to pierce his aura and drain is slowly, savoring it, pressed on her mind. Her teeth ached again. His gaze held her, but she regained control and finally looked away from him.
“Sorry, Devlin. I’m normally not this discombobulated when I meet new people.”
“I don’t bite, Ashling.”
She laughed. “You could if you wanted to.” Devlin was a psychic vampire like her. That was the whole reason she had started talking to him in the first place. He also professed to drinking blood from time to time, but mostly he got by on energy the way she did.
Devlin smiled, flashing his perfect white teeth. His canines were longer than normal giving him natural fangs. “You’re absolutely correct. I could bite if I wanted, but there’s no one appetizing in here at the moment. Except you, of course.”
Ashling snorted. “Now I know you’re lying.”

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Xmas

I am sure everyone now is settled down for Xmas and maybe still full. I know we have a ton of halm left, but then again after buying a 8.5 pound ham for three people you know that there was no way we were all going ot be eating it. I'm going to boil it soon and make a pea soup out of it.

We woke up Xmas morning and hubby started to make Breakfast which is great. Of course I had to finish it, but that was fine. It's just awesome to get him to cook.
After that we started opening our presents while starting with the two dogs. WE got them each peanut butter flavored bones. We only have one left. But you can see how cute they are.

After that we ended up opening up our gifts. Hubby was bugging me since the night before to open them. He's worse than a little kid, which makes him so cute. He was happy about what he got becuase I had already gotten him some larger gifts before xmas so the small ones were all that were left.

He got me a portable air hockey game, a calender, a book, and a few other things.
My mother came after we opened our gifts and stayed to eat with us. Which is great. She is only an hour away from me now. We convinced her to move south a couple of years ago.

All in all it was a great Xmas and next year I hope that we can go back to Mass and spend the holiday with our family since hubby has the week off and I have more time that I bought from work.

How was your day?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming on Friday: An Eternity of Shadows

I wanted to everyone a sneek peek of my book that will be coming out on Friday. It's called An Eternity of Shadows.
For five thousand years, Caleb has been bound to Raven form. Now he wants out. In order to free himself of servitude, he has one final assignment. Watch over Keeleigh.

Keeleigh always felt like she never belonged. Her pointed ears and magickal gifts separate her from others.

Caleb desires eternal rest. Keeleigh craves to learn more about her Elvin heritage. But a new threat is rising from the shadows targeting any magickal or psychic mortals.

Will Caleb make his peace before seeking Death? Will Keeleigh uncover her magickal past? Or will she find she’s next on the list?


As Caleb took form, he realized he was a man again and not a bird. Morrigain had always allowed them to be human in the astral realm, but in the mortal world, they were confined to their feathers and only were allowed to be human in the astral if Betha summoned them or there was an emergency. Caleb smiled as he flexed his fingers and enjoyed the weight of his flesh rather than feathers. When his shape solidified, Betha looked over at him. Her azure green eyes captured him. They were completely human as if he’d never lost her to death. Chocolate brown hair hung in waves to her waist. The dress she donned was emerald green and enhanced the paleness of her flesh. His breath caught in his lungs. She was a jewel and for a moment he was taken back to the days when they’d frolic in the sea like children proclaiming their love for one another. He had tried so hard hold onto that love, but somehow it was escaping him.

“Caleb!” Her voice was a breathless whisper. There was so much emotion in it was almost like she was drowning.

He remained perfectly still as he took in the scene before him. Betha was crying. His love was completely human with no taint of the Banshee him her. What had happened to cause her to revert? Are you finally being returned to me after all these years, my love? Since he did not approach her, Betha threw herself from the remnants of her throne into his arms. The Raven Warrior was stunned. This was the first time she had done this. Caleb held Betha loosely not sure what he should do. Hesitation and shock still held him in their sway. Since they did, the queen clutched him harder as if she were trying to see if he was real. The Banshee Queen trembled when she looked up at him. Caleb saw there were tears in her eyes like small jewels balancing on her eyelids.

“Betha, what’s wrong?” he asked, keeping his voice even and low. He didn’t want to spook her. He wanted to keep her just the way she was. Anything could trigger her turning back into the Banshee.

“Caleb, where am I? Where is this place? What are all these strange creatures who keep haunting me? Where have you been? I thought they took you away from me.”

He lifted his hand and stroked her hair. It was as soft as he remembered. He hadn’t held her like this in over five thousand years. Even in the few lucid moments she had as a human, she had never come into his arms. Betha came up to his chin and was petite. Her fingers sought his and wound together. A hard lump of emotion formed in his throat. Inhaling, he noticed that she still smelled like decay, but he didn’t care. She was in his arms once again. She was his again. He was stupefied as all of this was happening. Caleb thought Betha was lost to him forever.
“Everything’s okay. There’s no need to worry. I’m here to watch over you like I always have been.”

She pulled away from his embrace and stared at him. Caleb lost herself in the depths of her eyes like he was drowning the sea. Her eyes were almost the same color of the ocean that had swallowed Atlantis. Surprise changed Betha’s features when she reached up and touched his hair lightly. Her fingertips ran over his cheek as she noticed his eyes. Caleb shivered at her gentle touch. “What happened to you?”

It all came together at that precise moment for Caleb. This was truly the woman he had fallen in love with. This was the woman he had promised himself to forever. Before him was his heartmate. All the love he thought was slipping away from his soul, washed over him and he felt ashamed that he had ever doubted the goddess. Ever since Maili, her daughter, had died Betha’s human memories, her persona was resurfacing. She’d been having more and more lucid moments. Sometimes she’d remember everything that had happened. Others she would be as she was now. The woman he loved naïve to the ways of the world and completely unaware that Atlantis was no more and she had died. Before something seemed to lurk in her eyes, but when he stared into their depths now they were clear. He chuckled as her shock turned to puzzlement as she waited for an answer.

“It’s a long story, my love. What matters is that you’re here with me.” He drew closer to him, trying to engulf her like a hurricane does a small island and pressed his lips to hers. Betha melted as she always had. Heat swept through him, the joy of being able to hold her once again. Wonderment that the action he had been cursed for was finally paying off. His beloved was coming back to him. He felt wetness in his eyes from tears running down his cheeks. Betha wrapped her arms around his neck. They used to make such wonderful music together. They would stay up all night and talk. Their souls were matched. She was his heartmate. That was the reason he had risked his own life and sacrificed his soul to Morrigain so Betha would be able to live again and one day they could be together. It seemed today was that day. After five thousand years everything he had hoped for was coming to fruition.

She pulled away from him and gave him the sweetest smile. Her lips were the red of a ripening apple. Her nimble fingers ran over his cheek again. Caleb savored the smooth touch as he traced his thumb over her luscious lips. Thank you, Morrigain. Thank you for lifting my curse and giving her back to me. Thank you. I’ll never doubt you again. Never! Caleb didn’t know if the goddess heard his words, but he prayed that she did. Caleb returned his beloved’s smile and then picked her up and swung her around. A burst of joyous laughter bubbled over her lips as he joined in, not remembering when he had felt this happy.

“Stop, silly. I’m getting dizzy.”
Caleb put her down reluctantly. She rested her head against his chest as she was as out of breath as him. The Warrior’s heart pumped like a war drum in his ears. He swallowed and felt her hands running over his dick as he had started to be aroused by just seeing her. When she looked up at him, there was a playful gleam in her eye. He knew what she wanted and so did he. Betha leaned up on tip toe and brought her mouth to his once more. Her tongue ran the line of his lips until he met hers and locked himself to her.

But just when she was returning his kiss and deepening it, a sharp pain rode up his spine like he’d been hit with a barbed whip. Caleb broke away from Betha shoving her away from him. He screamed. The bones in his back cracked and started realigning. Horror shot through him. He stared down at his arms. Silver feathers were sprouting on his flesh like newly frosted snow. This was not happening to him. Not when he had just gotten Betha back. His nose grew longer connecting with his mouth. He was shrinking painfully as all the bones in his body reshaped to that of a bird. The Raven Warrior reached out and tried to hold onto his love, but what escaped his throat was a loud croak. Betha screamed. Her beauty melted away. Her pearlescent skin grayed and flaked off turning to ash as it hit the floor. Her hair fell away and what was left on her balding heard were white whips. Betha’s eyes shrank like raisins into her sockets and disappeared altogether. The shapely form under her dress went flaccid as she lost her legs and they became tendrils of smoke. Her fingernails grew long and deadly. Her teeth became pointed and yellowed. Where her nose had been was nothing but a dark hole. Everything about the woman he loved disappeared, just as his humanity had. The Banshee Queen opened her mouth and screamed. This shouldn’t have happened. Betha was his heartmate. Only with his heartmate could he be human.

Caleb hopped forward willing himself to regain mortal form, but his power wasn’t working. Betha stared down at him and snickered. “Tsk. Tsk, Caleb. Everything you ever wanted. Poof. Gone at the drop of a feather. Fly away birdie before I decide to eat you for dinner.”
Hope you all like it. I am so excited for this to come out. I've been looking forward to it for awhile now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guest Blogging Tomorrow at Shiela's Stewart's Dark Cravings. Come Join me.

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be a guest blogger at Shiela's Stewart's Dark Cravings BlogTomorrow. COme on over and join me.

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Today.. got some stuff done

So today wasn't a complete bust. I woke up and well waking up for me is not easy. It takes hours and hours even if I drink coffee, which i drink maybe once a month. I'm not a morning person. SO went to work and had a list of stuff to do there. Yeah working full time.
I have edits to do for a book coming out on Friday and I'm working on those as I can. I got 20 or so pages done, but then forgot my memory stick at work so can't work on it now, but oh well.

I got some more notes done on my class. I have a few pages left to do, but I can only write so much because it irritaes my hands. Yeah Carpell Tunel.

I did however, get my current book done, Turning Ash. Now to edit the first 3 chapters and then get ready to send up to New York. Of course I have a short I have to finish by the 31st.
I also have another class to take by the end of the month so I have to get cracking.

Oh did I mention this is the busiest time of year for me at work? LOL.. It's so much fun...
Tonight I made pizza for dinner, and I have to go wrap hubbies xmas presents.

Smacking Self in Head!

Never answer emails when you haven't had coffee and are still half asleep. Very bad things can happen.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Release! How to Ruin Xmas for a Vampire

I am celebrating my new release today. It was co0authored by a good friend of mine, Dahlia Rose. We have a blast writing together. I hope that you have a blast reading it.

How to Ruin Xmas for a Vampire!

out now from PHAZE


A hot and feisty next door neighbor leads Jarreth to decimate the gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons littered his lawn. The cold of many lonely winters has frosted his eternal heart, until Diana strolls in with her garish Christmas music, which he can't stand. He denies his feelings for her, until he finds Diana is threatened by his old vampire flame.

Throwing aside the vow never to love again, Jarreth steps in and saves her only to find out he could lose her one again.


Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way,” Diana Kringle sang along softly to the music on her radio.

It was twenty-two days until Christmas and she was busy in her kitchen making Christmas cookies for the senior citizens center down the street.

God, I love Christmas, she thought as she buried her hands in the dough for gingerbread men. She had already made almost five dozen cookies and she was enthusiastically getting ready to make five more. Diana knew she probably went overboard around the holidays but she could not help it. From the time she could even remember she was bounced around from foster home to foster home. Some of them were definitely not the greatest places to be and some she never wanted to leave. But she always had to eventually. Either the family could not afford to adopt her or when the checks came late they sent her back to the home. One thing always stayed the same, Christmas. Each place she ever lived had some kind of tradition for the holiday and each year whatever she had saved from her meager allowances or what she could earn, Diana bought a Christmas trinket. From an ornament for the tree, to a bobble head Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Where ever she went, they went. Now at twenty-eight years old, she had amassed quite a collection, actually a garage full of Christmas cheer.

She had moved from Philly to New York after she had saved enough to buy a small house in Long Island. She moved to New York for one main thing—this was the place to be on the holidays. It started with the Thanksgiving Day Parade where Santa came to town, Rockefeller Center and the big tree in the center with people ice skating around it, and the picture windows in the big department stores in Manhattan. The whole city seemed to come alive around the holidays. For a long time when she was growing up she pretended that Santa and Mrs. Claus were her real parents that is why she had the last name Kringle. As she grew older and the awful predicaments she was in at some points made her rethink that theory. But she never stopped loving this holiday or what it meant. Good cheer, peace and love to all men. Yeah, Christmas rocked.

Diana dusted her hands against her candy striped apron and went over to the oven when its buzzer went off. Another batch of gingerbread men ready for gum drop buttons, she thought with a wide smile. She happened to pass her window when she came back from her oven and looked out at her decorations. The lights that were strung around her porch glittered merrily. All her new neighbors loved her Christmas montage on her front lawn and most of the other houses had some form of holiday cheer. All accept one, her neighbor directly across the street. Half the time there was no light even at night time and no one saw him in the daytime. On a few occasions she saw him leave his house at night with his long black coat.He looked dangerous and made her shiver, was it from fear she really couldn’t tell but he intrigued her. She did have the sneaking suspicion he was causing her elves to molest each other and made Santa give Rudolph the finger plus broke a few of her candy canes. She woke up and found a few of her things wrecked but never mind she always had replacements. If anyone ever saw her garage they would think that the North Pole had permanently taken up residence. She replaced the trashed candy canes, fixed Santa’s fingers. Her elves were stuck in that very naughty position so she had to put them away and bring out the spares. Her holiday would not be ruined by a few pranksters who did not know she was the queen of Christmas.

By the time she was done with her first set of cookies, it was time for the Christmas party at the senior center. She boxed up the finished ones and made sure to tie each package with a large pretty bow in red or green. She had made an extra package for her neighbor. No one that young and handsome should be alone or cranky on the holidays. She took off her apron from over her tight wool sweater and even tighter blue jeans and put on her winter coat. It was blue with black feathers around the cuffs and collar. Her dark hair was pulled up in a ponytail. Diana checked her face in the mirror by the door and made sure her shimmer cherry gloss looked particularly luscious against her creamy brown skin.

“Why are you doing this? He probably isn’t even home anyway,” she muttered to herself. She put the rest of her cookie packages in the back of her car before crossing the street.

Her boots crunched on the soft snow and the dim evening light reflected off the powdery substance as she crossed the street. She looked up at the darkened house that somehow reminded her of the ghost houses she had seen in a few horror movies. She felt a chill go up her arms as she opened the gate and it creaked ominously every millimeter she pushed it. She looked up at the window once again expecting to see him looking through the thick drapes because he heard the gate open.

“Oh, for goodness’ sake!” she muttered. “You are a grown woman and there is nothing to be scared of!”

Diana gave the gate one big shove and gritted her teeth against the noise it made. The only sound she could hear was her boots against the gravel and snow. She looked up at the steps, there were only seven but somehow they looked like a whole lot more. “Let’s get this over with,” she said under her breath. The steps were wide and not even cleaned off from the snow.

Obviously he did not give a damn if he came out and it was covered in ice and he broke his neck one morning. She reached the fifth step and decided that was enough. Diana reached over to put the box by the door when it opened inward and she was looking at two very large black boots standing there. Her eyes traveled from the boots to the long black coat that hung down to the ankles. It felt like slow motion as her gaze went up to the black jeans on lean hips, past the dark shirt and to even darker eyes.

Diana felt like screaming and running away like kids would when they got a scare. Instead she swallowed the lump of fear in her throat and stood up to her height of five six meeting his gaze and pasting a smile on her face. “Hi! I was going to leave this for you but since you are here, Merry Christmas!”

“What is it?” His short answer made her smile falter for a minute.“It’s Christmas cookies, gingerbread men to be exact!”

“What am I supposed to do with them?”

Was he serious? Diana looked at him with an expression of surprise. “You eat them of course.”

“Lady, do I look like I eat cookies?” He asked. He leaned against the door jam and folded his arms. “Does it look like I do this whole Christmas thing?”

Diana let her gaze go to his chest. Damn he was rude and didn’t even crack a smile. “I don’t know, but you’ve never tried my cookies! And maybe you didn’t have time to decorate, I could come over and loan you a few of my things…”

“God, no! I don’t want any of that multi-colored crap anywhere near me! So what makes your cookies so good lady?”

“My name is Diana not lady and they are made fresh and with a healthy dose of Christmas cheer.”

“Then I definitely don’t want them…Diana what?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your name, you said Diana. Diana what?”

This conversation had gone completely off course. “Diana Kringle.”

He made a sound of amusement. “You’re kidding? You must have been teased unmercifully.”

“No I wasn’t.” Diana was getting irritated. “Listen, do you want the cookies or not? And since you know my name I should at least know yours.”

“Jarreth.” He supplied. “I’ll take your cookies. Maybe I can find some use for them.”

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vampires and Coffee, what more do you need!

Midnight Mocha



Coffee is heaven for Sophia. Alex is as delicious as his Midnight Mochas that he makes especially for her. Sophia keeps her distance because she is promised to another. However, she secretly lusts after Alex.

Alex desires Sophia, but he keeps himself away from her. He masquerades as an ordinary coffee shop owner, but it’s a ruse to protect his dark secret. Alex is a vampire who wants to claim Sophia as his own. There’s only one problem.

Another vampire has set his sights on Sophia. Will Alex win her heart in time? Or will he lose her forever.


This story gets 4 tombstones. It was fast-paced from the first couple of pages. Even the way it was written was different in that the story was written from the perspective of the two main characters, with their points of view interchanging and at times was a brilliant read, with extraordinary characters and surprising twists and turns that will keep anyone interested in reading more. - Lyda, Bitten By Books


Sighing, I slipped into some jeans and an old T-shirt Drew had left behind. I used to like to confiscate his T-shirts. It was a godsend we’d never moved in together so I didn’t have a lot of his stuff to give him back. I sauntered into the kitchen and put water on for coffee. I’d only had instant these past three weeks, and I was seriously craving a Midnight Mocha, but I hadn’t scraped together the nerve yet to go in and order one. There was a knock on my door as I was about to sit down. The sudden rap startled me. I was way too skittish these days. Monsters. Vampires. What was next? Hobbits on stilts? Or Drew with more flowers in hand, begging me to marry him? Closing my hand around the doorknob, I took in a breath expecting Drew to be on bended knee when I opened the door.

On the other side stood Alex, looking as normal as anyone.

I drew in a breath, trying to shush my frantic heart. Instinct kicked in and told me to run, but I stayed my ground even though fear penetrated every muscle.

“Hi, Sophia.”

His voice was a low whisper. A black, mid-length leather jacket hung over dark slacks and a tan shirt. Sunglasses hugged his face so I could barely see his eyes. In his hand was a cup of coffee. I inhaled and realized it was my favorite. Boy, he knew the way to a girl’s heart. The heady aroma of the drink made my mouth water. I swallowed my fear as he took his glasses off and slipped them into his pocket. Underneath the dark lenses, his eyes were as dark as the coffee concoction he held.

“Hi, Alex.”

His eyes searched mine. “Can I come in?”

“I thought your kind could come and go as they pleased since you’d already been invited in?”

His lips turned up in a chuckle. “That’s just a myth. We don’t need to be invited in. I just didn’t want to barge in since it’s rude, and I figured you might not be happy to see me after . . .”

I looked down at the carpet. The rug was a weave of gray, pink, and tan. I’d never noticed the hallway carpeting before. My gaze settled on his shoes. They were black leather and looked soft, expensive. I can do this. Part of you still wants to jump his bones. He’s bringing you a peace offering. Let him in. The fear in me receded. My mouth suddenly became dry like someone stuffed a thousand cotton balls into it. I forced my gaze back to his chest. The more I studied him, the more my body warmed to the thought of having him naked in bed with me. Finally, I nodded. My eyes quickly met his and I tried to stop the burn coloring my cheeks. “Well, umm—”

“Sophia, I can go if you want me to.”

I heard the disappointment in his voice, and it stabbed my heart. The way he said my name was like a caress on my cheek. I didn’t want him to go. I yearned to be in his arms with his lips finally on mine. Yeah, he was a vampire. I’d been dealing with that fact for three weeks. Did it still freak me out? Oh, hell yeah! But I couldn’t just let him walk out of my life. That would be blasphemy. He let out a long breath, inferring my silence to mean I didn’t want him around. This time, I met his gaze, almost daring him. I locked my eyes with his. Moving out of the doorway, I saw his smile return.

“I don’t want you to go, Alex. I want you to stay. This is just all a little eerie.” I leaned on the door and shut it as he walked in and took stock of my apartment. The kettle was beginning to whistle, and I wove into the kitchen and shut it off before the noise got annoying. When I turned around, Alex appeared in the doorway. I nearly landed on the ceiling. Closing my eyes, I took a long second to catch my breath.

“I’m sorry.”

My hands were shaking. I hated that they were, but I couldn’t stop them. When I opened my eyes, the coffee he had brought was on the counter. I gripped the cup and tried to drink the liquid but couldn’t because my hand was shaking a mile a minute.

“Shit.” I forced myself to try to calm down. There was a space between me and Alex that hadn’t been there before. I hated it. A chasm had opened between us and there was no bridge to get to him.

“Sophia, I’m making you uncomfortable. I’ll go.” He turned to move out of the kitchen. I set down the coffee cup, reached out, and grabbed his arm.

Now my whole body shook. “No, Alex. Please don’t. This—you—it’s fucking strange.”

Gripping his arm, I noticed he was all muscle. I wondered if all of him was. He looked deep into my eyes. For a moment, his hunger flashed, but he reined it in. He was as tense as me.

“I know. I should’ve told you. I didn’t what to spook you, but I guess I did. I didn’t mean to hurt you the other night.” His voice was low, a hypnotic tone that lulled me a little into calmer waters. His fingertips traced the places on my neck where his claws had nearly pierced my flesh. At each stroke, warm tingles started to zing through my body, touching my toes and engulfing my heart. My mouth got even drier so I swallowed. His eyes never left mine. We were both transfixed. His other hand rested on my hip. The warmth of his fingertips burned through my jeans. My breathing increased. I was scared of him, but the anticipation of being so close and yet so far made my cravings for him irresistible.


“Yes?” His fingers pressed lightly on my pulse point before he brushed a piece of hair from my face. His nails grazed along my cheekbone. I stepped in a little closer so my breasts pressed against him. Tentatively, I rested my head against his chest and let my hands wrap around his neck. A sigh escaped my lips as I relaxed in his arms somewhat. Like the original moment, he stiffened and then let his palms sit lightly against my back. I inhaled and smelled the mocha on his jacket. His hair was tainted with the aroma along with a hint of vanilla and shampoo. Everything in me felt so right in his arms. Even though my mind was screaming because of what he was, I felt safe.


I lifted my head, making sure my cheek brushed against his, so I could meet his gaze. “Yes?”

He paused. We were so close.

“There’s someone at your door. They’ve been knocking for a few seconds.”

I stared at him. I hadn’t heard the rapping. “Let them knock. I’m kinda busy.” I stretched up and was about to taste his lips when I heard the door open.

“Sophia?” The voice belonged to Drew.

“Shit! Why is this always happening to us?” I muttered.

He still had my key. In one of his voice mails, he mentioned he was coming over one of these nights so we could discuss our “relationship.” I groaned. Alex brushed his lips against my hair and untangled himself from me. Straightening my shirt, I poked my head out of the kitchen and saw Drew standing in the hallway, wondering where I was. His face lit up when he saw me. I used to love his smile. Now the look was annoying. In my mind, he was still an ass after the events at the restaurant, and I hoped his favorite shirt was forever stained from the wine I’d thrown at him. I stepped out of the kitchen, but didn’t make a move to go and greet him.

“Drew, what’re you doing here?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I wanted to see you. We need to talk about us. You haven’t been returning any of my phone calls, so figuring things out between us is kinda hard. I want us to work, Sophia.” He stepped toward me, but I backed away.

“Us? There’s no more ‘us,’ Drew. Didn’t you get that when you called me a whore in front of the entire restaurant? Or did me giving you back your ring not tip you off? I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Look. I’m sorry. I was a jerk. I know that. Don’t shut me out just because I accused you of sleeping with Alex. I—”

At the mention of his name, Alex came out of the kitchen. The shocked expression on my ex’s face was priceless. It went from red to purple in a matter of seconds. “So you are fucking him! I knew it.”

“I’d leave now if I were you!” The menace in Alex’s voice made my blood run cold.

Monday, December 8, 2008

He's in Your Dreams. He Can't be All bad, right?

Dreaming of You Excerpt

Available at Amira Press


For the past two months, Tabby’s been dreaming of a luscious man who changes forms every time she closes her eyes. He’s a vampire, then he’s a werewolf. He’s whatever she desires, but only in her dreams. Then one day she hears his voice outside of her dreams. What is he? Why does she crave his touch?

It’s only when he reveals his true nature that she understands how much danger she’s truly in. He’s not the angel Tabby thought he was. He’s something far worse--a daemon who feeds off of souls. And her soul is next on the menu.


He placed a finger against my lips. “I won’t. Kiss me, Tabby.” He pulled me closer. His lips were soft. The kiss was brief, but the heat that fired down my spine was enough to make me break out in a sweat. The Daemon Lord ran the back of his hand over the curve of my neck and under the silk of my bathrobe. I sat perfectly still as he slid the material off my shoulders, letting it pool around me. His dark gaze searched mine as if he was waiting for me to break my word and run away from him. But I didn’t, I would finish this and then he would be trapped. So far he hadn’t noticed the Devil’s Traps. Once he was distracted, I would slip out of my bed, pretending to have to go to the bathroom or something.

Tentatively, I reached out and placed my hand on the side of his cheek. My whole body shook. My heart double thumped in my chest and it was hard to breathe. Closing my eyes, I tried to calm myself. His hand rested over mine above my heart.

Calm yourself. I won’t do anything against your will. Don’t you know that by now? he whispered.

I opened eyes. The way that he cocked his head, staring at me made me think. Something about what he said made me sit back and study him. He had said that Tucker had told him I had the ability to see through illusions. Was this all an elaborate illusion? Tucker had once told me in the bathroom that dreams were only gossamer. “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything you wish?”

I leaned in, kissing him lightly before whispering in his ear. “Tell me your name.”
He breathed in a sharp breath through his teeth and pulled away from me. “I can’t do that, Tabby. Then you would have power over me.”

I placed my hand flat against his chest. It felt like he had a fever. Underneath my palm, his heart beat a slow rhythm, slower than mine. “You already have control over me since I saw your true form. Why not tell me your name and then I can have control over you?” I slid my finger under the waistband of his pajama pants circling the elastic. His erection was already visible peeking through the slit in his pants. I gave him a sly smile and lowered myself to his cock wrapped my lips around the head and taking it into my mouth a few inches.

A garbled moan escaped his lips. I licked his soft skin enjoying the salty tang to his flesh. I went down on his further drawing more of his length between my lips, devouring him slowly as my tongue ran up and down his shaft.

“Using your wiles won’t get my name out of me, Tabitha.” His hips surged forward as I let my teeth scrape along his flesh. “I’ve had encounters with angels and demons who—” A groan of pent up agony rumbled from his chest. I moved in centimeters taking as much of him as I could and then painstakingly slow came back up until I had almost let his cock escape the prison of my lips. Then I repeated everything I had just done. His hips thrust forward again keeping time to my swirling tongue. His sharp nails cut into my shoulders. I could sense he was ready to come, but right at the last moment I pulled away.

The Lord’s eyes were closed and his breathing was labored. When he opened his eyes they were golden. He smiled and I saw some of his teeth had become pointed. “Maybe you have a little bit of the Devil in you yet.” He ran his thumb over my mouth. I nipped at it, playing the part I knew I had to.

“Will you tell me your name?” This time I pulled up my nightgown and straddled him, letting him feel the warmth of my pussy since I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I ground against him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

His hands slid under my nightgown lifting it over my head. It landed in corner becoming part of the darkness in the room. Rain still poured outside. The thunder rocked the apartment as his nails scraped the round mounds of my ass. “You may entice me all you wish, Tabitha. But you will not tempt my name from me. Now lay back so I can claim you as I am meant to.” Still holding me, he leaned over and brought me down on the bed, but I rolled out from under him and off the bed. He gave me a devilish smile. “What are you doing? If your intention is to drive me mad, then you are doing it perfectly well.”

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hours and Counting

So I have to take a test tomorrow for work tomorrow. It's on Home Owners Insurance. So much fun to study I have to force myself to stay awake while I steady. No joke. I really have to. AFter that I have to take two other classes by the end of the year. So I'll be studying my head off.

The good thing about today was that I got some xtra money which is cool becuase well now we need it. Long story there. Anyway I didn't get some news that I wanted to hear, but oh well life is life.

So typing now and getting ready to work on book that I'm going to send in to NY publishing house. I'll probably do that this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on it. Of course I haven't sent it yet and it will take at least 3 months to hear back from them if I do at all.

Right now I'm watching Kitchen Nightmares and wishing Supernatural was on. But of course the episodes won't be new until Januray. Damn. Oh well tomorrow is the day. Tick tick tick. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amira Press Secret Santa

Amira Press Secret Santa Contest!

You can deck the halls and string the lights!The holidays are here and we are ready to celebrate with you!The Amira Press authors have come together once more.

To be your personal Secret Santa!This contest runs from now until December 23rd.The winners will be announced on that day in our yahoo group!

Please note for the Secret Santas who get multiple entries, winners will be chosen randomly.

Here’s what you have to do!Follow the clues to find the author.

Find the Secret Santa Logo on their personal website or Myspace.Copy and paste it along with the answers to the clues into an email and send it to

If you are correct, you win that author’s Secret Santa Prize! You won’t know who your secret Santa is until you find them.

Please choose only one (1) author when you follow the clues!

There is a chance for multiple winners, so enjoy the fun and hunt away!

~Secret Santa 1~

She gave us a twist and made her fairy tale erotic. What happens when you kiss a cursed prince?Find her logo and her roaring personalityIn a place where we all have a space.

~Secret Santa 2~

She makes desire deadly in her books with Amira Press. She named her Calico Cat Chloe on her blog on the space we all know. And that is where you can find her logo.

~Secret Santa 3~
She is one of the featured authors this month. With an exotic name to match her books she sets fire to her words.Her latest book sends Karma your way. Destiny will send you to her website where the logo is hidden.

~Secret Santa 4~

From Dusk until Dawn Her book will send you into the realmWhere a vampire is given a second chance. To find her logo visit her space. And return to me with your answers.

~Secret Santa 5~

As elusive as this author is you can’t not find her books. Into the realms of the unknown she will take you there. She found her vampire among the Shadow and Flames on her website.

~Secret Santa 6~

She has taken us back to the old West in her most recent release. And to a place where the honor of knights still make us melt. You can find the peace of redemption on her website.

~Secret Santa 7~

By day she is an ER nurse saving lives. By night she takes us into the pages of her magnificent books. Her book sends us back in time and pulls the strings to our heart. Find the musical notes in her words on her website.

~Secret Santa 8~

Vampires, demons, witches and goblins. Her latest book sent us a succubus to excite our dreams. This author can weave a dark erotic tale around the night. Her books are exotic as her name and her name is her website. Find her logo there.

~Secret Santa 9~

She left an island where she had sand between her toes. And now she puts her dreams in the pages of each book she writes. For the holidays her book melts the heart of the coldest of men. Her website offers you a logo and a hint of Caribbean spice.

~Secret Santa 10~

Her books put the smell of brimstone in our noses and love in our thoughts. But each word took us deeper into the unknown until we were left reeling! Her myspace holds the key to your Secret Surprise. Don’t mumble about, run and get it now!

Those are your Secret Santas, Guys and Dollz! Remember choose one and follow the bouncing silver balls. To find your Secret Santa…Happy Hunting and Holidays. From all of us here at Amira Press. We’re coloring the world!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a night!

You would think that everything would be ordinary, but of course it wasn't. First hubby was home before me which can be normal or not. It depends on this job. I think tomorrow he won't be back for dinner, but that is cool. Hubby works for a landscaping company helping design waterwalls and such. It's pretty cool. It makes for paying bills interesting, but it's good.

Anyway, I got home and start to make dinner, but turn on the water, there was nothing. SO can't make dinner. I guess the tuna casserole wasn't meant to be made. Damn! LOL. So we ended up going out for pizza. Which is right down the street.

After dinner, we went to see the Xmas lights. There's a town litterly 5 minutes from us, right across the street, that is called Xmas Town becuase all month long the whole town is decorated with xmas lights. It's kinda cool traffic and all. But already on for a day and traffic was backed up. So come back home and yeah we have water which is cool. Yeah. Hubby is watching NCIS which is his favorite show and I'm watching heroes. Puppy is chewing on crack bone to leave us alone and I'm looking to crack some word count.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Buy 10/ Get 1 Free!

Yes, you read it right!

If you purchase 10 books from the Amira Press Web site, you get the next one free. All you have to do is email us at customerservice AT and we will email you whichever book you select in your chosen format. The free book must be the electronic version. We must be able to verify that you have purchased ten books previously and have not already received a free book in the last batch of ten. You don't have to buy all ten at once.

You can do this over and over. That means if you purchase ten books, you get the eleventh free. If you purchase ten more, you get the next one free, and so on. All of the books must have been purchased from this Web site, and the same email used to purchase the books must be used to get the free ebook.

There is no time limit on when you request your free book.

It's as simple as that. Enjoy reading!

Go to to start reading!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Win An E-Book Reader

Amira Press is giving away a free e-reader!

Between December 1, 2008 and February 14, 2009, purchase any book from the sponsoring authors listed below and you will be entered to win an e-reader from Amira Press.

When you purchase any of the sponsoring authors' books from our Web site, simply email customerservice AT with your name and order number, and you're entered. If you purchase more than one book from the sponsoring authors, you will be entered for however many books you purchased.

Click on an author's name to view their books. Winner will be announced on February 14, 2009 just in time for our Valentine's Day Celebration, our Anniversary!

Sponsoring Authors:

Kendra Mei Chailyn
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If you have any questions, please contact customerservice AT

Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. No purchase is necessary. For a single entry, email customer service with your name. The winner will chosen randomly and will be notified by email. If the winner does not respond within one week, a new winner will be chosen.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My life has been crazy these past four days. Me and hubby have hardly been home. Which is a nice thing in itself to know that we've been busy and able to get out of the house.

Thursday we ended up going to visit some friends and see their new baby. Plus we were able to visit with other friends from back home. That was nice. Her baby is so cute. But it doesn't make me want one. But he's so tiny.

Friday: Well we had a long day at work. The weather sucked. Hubby didn't work becuase of the rain which sucked even more, but oh well can't yell at mother nature. Well you can, but it won't do any good and she might get pissed and shoot lightning at you. So I raced home, grabbed hubbie, and we spent the next hour and a half on the road in traffic because people freak here when it starts to rain. The drive should have taken us like 40 minutes. Anyway. We went to this Pagan group that I found. And we were there for a couple of hours. The people are really great and I am having such a better experience than I did a couple of years ago with the other pagan groups I tested in the area so I am happy about that. Hubby liked it too I think so I might get him to go back. The only draw back is the group is like 35 miles away, but ahh who cares. Gas has finally come down. We're sitting at 1.89 right now.

Saturday dragged hubby to volunteer for my work. That was a couple hours of cleaning and stuff. I dont mind the volunteering. Actually it's great to help out the community and stuff, I hate the fact that it's "mandatory" at work. So we did that and came home and I tried to write most of the day and did okay. I'm working on something else for one of my publishers. I'm really supposed to be studing for a class for work. I have to pass a test by the 5th and then hope I have time to take another class to keep my insurance license current. I think I'll do okay. I hate the studying though.

Today hubby took me to the local Ren Faire for my b-day. We go every year and it's always a lot of fun. They had these carved wooden dragons I'm aiming on getting next year. Of course when we went to the faire last year I was inspired and poof a book came out of it. That book is going to be available next month called an Eternity of Shadows. I'm very happy about that. Anyway today was great and already people are threatening me on bugging the shit out of me becuase tomorrow I'm turning 30. But that doesn't realy scare me either. I'm okay with it. Now I have to finish a book which I'm no where near geting down because it's taking on a life of it's own and figure out what the hell am I going to have for dinner.

Oh the count down to Twilight has begun. I have the day off from work to go see it on Friday. And then CHEESECAKE!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The reviews are in! YEAH!!

I got some awesome new reviews that I wanted to share with everyone. Check them out!

Whispers in the Dark:

"...The third book of the Raven Saga brings deeper emotions and passions. This is one of those stories that was able to caress my heart and radiate warmth within me. Crymsyn Hart never cease to amaze me with her ideas and smooth words. Whispers in the Dark is definitely a must read book and I would not be surprised if it ends up on your favorite book shelf too."
5 Tombstones -reviewed by Amy
Bitten by Books

Through the Mirror: Circus Diabolique
"...give this book 4 tombstones. Ms. Hart’s description of the characters is well written and creates a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. She does an admirable job of drawing the reader into the story and writing a gripping tale. While there is some adult content in this book, it is well written and adds to the development of the characters relationship.

I have to admit, after reading the first few pages, I was a little hesitant to continue the book. I normally stay away from novels that have a horror type element to them because I have an active imagination at night, but I felt myself drawn into the tale that Ms. Hart weaves and found myself turning each page just to find out what happened next. The dark circus that she creates in her novel is a creepy place that I know I would never want to visit. If you’re looking for something a little bit different from the vampire and werewolf novels out there, pick up Through the Mirror by Crymsyn Hart. You will not be disappointed."

4 tombstone- Reviewed by Virgina
Bitten by Books

I am so excited about these. These are great!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it the end of the world...

You know for the past month I have been asking myself that question. Is it the end of the world. I know it's not, but still sometimes it feels that way.

What is the end of the world you say? Well in 1 week I'm turning 30. It's a big deal. Some women freak out others drink. Some have wild sex. And do whatever the hell they want. Me, well, I don't think that I'll end up freaking out or resorting to any of the above really.

I've already banned my friends from throwing me a wild party and hiring strippers. That's not a me thing. Hubby asked me what I wanted and I didn't give him an answer. So he asked me how about I take you to Ren Faire? Now that is so me. I'm not the flashy kinda girl who wants anything big or out of our price range. Ren Faire is good.

But I think the weirdest thing is looking back. I mean I was the oldest one out of my High School Friends to turn 30. A couple of them have kids. One just got married. I'm married, two dogs, no kids and 25 books to my name I think. I've lost count.

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago visiiting with everyone in the family and it's strange for me to see how much time has flown by. Would I change it? Well I think that is something that everyone asks themselves. I would change somethings, but then again how would that have affected the person I am today. If I stayed in Mass I never would have met my husband or the great friends that I've met here. What if I stopped writing, trust me I've thought about it. What happened if I started doing psychic readings again

So many quesitons. So many different answers really. But the one thing I do know, is that the world is not going to end when I turn 30. It will change. I will change along with it. I'll keep writing as long as my hands will let me and I'll bug the crap out of hubby. Someone has to.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hot Releases!

Her newest Paranormal Books

Take a slice of the darkness!

Gods and Goblins Oh My

Every spell Kalli casts explodes in her face. Going to bed disgusted, she awakes to find a gorgeous, naked man in her bed. Ensnared, the witch discovers that her naked burglar is a god named Lugh. Kalliope's yearns to be touched by him, but before that can happen, another prowler comes into her life. Cromm, a death god, comes to collect on a promise made before she was born.

While trying to escape him, she finds herself spirited away into a realm of gods and goblins. There Lugh's ex-lover captures Kalli, keeping her prisoner in an oak tree. While imprisoned, Kalliope meets a goddess who gives her three magickal apples. From the first bite, her world changes forever. The witch is now the newest magickal being on the block.

Who will win Kalliope? Only time will tell, and she doesn't have much of that left, oh my!


Circus Diablolique "Through the Mirror"

Rhianna has finally moved back into her childhood home despite her mother's warnings never to return. On her first night back, she wakes to a voice begging for help. Instead of her reflection in the mirror, she finds a man staring back at her. Rhianna's heart turns at the sound of his pleas, even though fear grips her soul. Who is this ghost in her mirror? As much as she desires to help him, he warns her that there's something else lurking in the mirror.

Alexander has been trapped in a different realm helping his brother lure souls to their dark circus. After years of serving a demon, he wants redemption. It's only when he sees Rhianna that he knows he can be saved.

But his evil twin, Donavan, mustn't find out about her, or Donavan will want her for himself.

Can Rhianna save him? Or will Donavan claim her soul?


Whispers in the Dark

Interracial (BM/WW)

Seth's flown the skies for two thousand years. His soul was sacrificed to live forever as a Raven. Civilizations have risen and fallen while he's performed his duty of protecting charges. Through this he's never found true love.Jayd has employed Seth, not knowing his true nature, only that she's lusted after him. He keeps his distance and barely ever speaks. Jayd craves to feel his lips, but won't dare approach him.

Lately, the shadows are whispering and Jayd's terrified to go home.

Will they discover what's after Jayd? Or will the darkness take her before Seth can claim her?


Don't forget to check out Crymsyn's other titles visit her website to find out more about this authors hot works!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Come Chat tomorrow with the Love You Divine Authors.

Join with me and some great other authors 11/09 at Coffeetime...ALL DAY

All the wonderful authors from Love You Divine witll be at the Latte Lounge!

Here's the link to join us:

All Day Sunday November 9th

The Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance boards!

It would be great to have you all there. Come and see you never know what contests and free stuff will be given away.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Cover Woo hoo!

Here is my new Cover for A Taste of Darkness coming soon form Amira Press.

Tricia has lusted after Zander, but he never let's her get close. Fed up, she walks out of his life for good.

Zander keeps Tricia at bay because the beast within him wants to rip her throat out and paint her bedroom in blood. Finally, he gives into his desires, trying to mend the rift between them. Little does he know, Tricia is falling for her boss, Kevin.

Kevin hates Zander but will do whatever it takes to keep Tricia. Having a relationship with two vampires is harder than Tricia ever imagined. Especially when neither of them are what they seem.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Reviews Yeah!

New Reviews WOO HOO!

Hi Guys,
I got some awesome new reviews I wanted to share! I'm so excited. Yea!

Whispers in the Dark: A Raven Saga Book 3

"... Hart's story had a melancholy feeling to it that reminded me a little of Poe's raven. The mood of this novel beautifully conveyed a sense of the raven's character. I thought this fit in really well with the the whole paranormal romance theme. Too many paranormal books today try to be tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing, which can be funny if I'm in the right mood, but it takes the fear factor out of it completely. Hart has kept up the thriller edge in WHISPERS IN THE DARK, giving it a genuinely gothic feel that I love to find in paranormal novels, and which I think enhances the romantic parts as well.

And speaking of romance, here it is sweet and exciting and satisfying - and everything else you would want it to be in this romantic thriller. There is an authentic attraction built up between Seth and Jayd that makes you route for them as they struggle to overcome the many obstacles keeping them from each other. I don't want to put out any spoilers, so I'll just vaguely throw it out there that another thing I liked about WHISPERS IN THE DARK was that the main characters were not immune to evil."
4 Pixies- Dark Angel Review Reviewed by Nancy Madory

How To Ruin Halloween for the Grim Reaper

"...Ms. Hart and Ms. Rose filled this story with the desire of life and love. Harmony needed to be shown what it was like to love and to be loved and Andy was just the right person to do it. It was a very touching story and within the plot, I was excited to see if Harmony would fall for the help from Andy or if she would just be sucked into the 'darkness of evil'. I've never read a book that involved Grim Reapers and this one was pretty interesting."

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Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Ruin Halloween For the Grim Reaper

Here is the blurb and excerpt from another new release by me and Dahlia Rose from our How to Ruin Series...

All Harmony, the Grim Reaper, wants is one day off. She has one more soul to collect before she can run away to the sun, surf, and a good book.. But no matter what she does, he isn't coming with her.
All Andy wants is a chance at life. When Death comes knocking in the form of a beautiful woman, how can he say no to the luscious lips and a smile to die for? Instead of going willingly into the afterlife, he instead decides to fight for a chance to survive and to keep the sexy Grim Reaper around for a while. Now all Andy has to do is make Harmony realize that it isn't his soul in jeopardy, but hers.


Harmony stared longingly at the calendar. Only three more days until Halloween, then she would have a day off. She sighed as she stared at the palm trees lining the white sandy beach and the turquoise water lapping at the shore. Already there was a hammock, a good book, a coconut filled drink with a pink umbrella, and some sun tan lotion calling her name. Her bags had been packed for days, but she was getting impatient counting down the time until she could take the day off. After all, as a Grim Reaper, the only time Death got to take a holiday was on Halloween. It was the only day in the year that her office shut down. She could do whatever she wanted from midnight to midnight. Every year, she found herself on a secluded paradise, with a stack of books, and a gorgeous cabana boy who refilled her drinks. She wasn't the only one looking forward to a vacation. The whole office was. Harmony was only one out of two hundred Grim Reapers. She'd been in her job for almost two hundred years now. The pay was great, the hours were long, but every year their quota increased. If they didn't have their list cleared by midnight on Halloween morning, they had to work overtime until they could get caught up.

Each Reaper worked alone. It wasn't a job for just anyone. She'd seen so many of her colleagues burn out after only a couple of years. Afterwards they would get processed like the rest of the souls they handled. Harmony had never seen what was past the waiting room. She wasn't in any hurry to find out yet either. She liked life too much. Granted, she had died, but dying was the only way to become a Reaper. When the Reaper who had come to collect her soul saw how reluctant she was to leave her body, he decided to give her another option. Harmony smiled as she thought back to the first time she had seen Clem, her mentor, the Reaper who had brought her into the office for an interview.Clem wasn't the typical Reaper. All humans saw Death cloaked in a black robe. Sometimes mortals were more perceptive, seeing the skeletal face and the scythe, the symbolic façade of Death. In reality, the preferred dress for her position was all black. Clem, on the other hand wore Hawaiian shirts, torn jeans, and sandals. She'd never seen him when his hair wasn't a mess, with his beard all scraggly. His entire face was tattooed with leopard spots. Plugs stretched his ear lobes to the size of a small orange. A silver bull ring ran through his lower lip. He had a chain stretching from one ear to a hoop on his top lip. Clem liked to boast that the punk rock piercing craze was his idea.

The day he had come to collect her, when she saw him standing there in his Hawaiian shirt with spots on his face, she nearly died all over again from the shock. At first she thought he was a demon come to take her to hell. Once he had explained he was a minion of Death, coming to take her to the great dance hall in the sky, she had calmed down.Her face burned with the memory of how she had died. She was a burlesque dancer in the mid-1800s. While she was dancing, Harmony had missed a step and slipped. It wasn't the fall that had killed her. She had stumbled back into one of the sets. A sandbag came off the rope it was holding, landed on her face, smothering her. It was an embarrassing way to die, but ehh, she had gotten over it. She wasn't showing her skin to make a living, which really made her happy.

"You daydreaming again about where you're going on your vacation?
Let me guess, this time it's Cozumel, the French Rivera, or how about Jamaica?"Harmony looked up at Clem through her red hair.

Today it was slightly wavy. Tomorrow it could be full blown curls looking like a summer sunset had been painted on the strands. Every day her hair changed texture and color. It seemed to get a life of its own after she died. In life she was a boring brunette, but in death she was a lively red head. Her skin had paled. Her eyes reflected the light like any night creature. Once in a while, she wondered if Reapers were related to vampires, because if she got a whiff of blood, her mouth watered. It was very disturbing. She waited for fangs to grow or bat wings. After two hundred years on the job, it had never happened. Today Clem's outfit consisted of dark blue khaki shorts, a worn out, holey Jimmy Buffet T-shirt, over which he had an outrageously bright yellow Hawaiian shirt, with his customary sandals. Harmony had never been able to figure out his age. His beard was dark brown, but his hair was salt and pepper. There were no wrinkles on his face, because if there were, the tattoos covered them up. He acted like he was twenty, but possessed the wisdom of Solomon.

"No, I think I'll make it simple this year, I'm going to Barbados. I haven't been there in a while. I want to take it nice and easy. I might even try to throw in some gambling this year. I don't know though; don't want to press my luck too much." Harmony smiled, tearing her gaze away from the calendar on her desk. Turning her head she glanced at a picture from last year, when she was taken unaware by a tourist on the beach.

It showed her with big sun glasses covering half of her face, nose buried in a book, with legs that stretched out a mile. Of course the tourist had been aiming for her cleavage, which was quite visible even in the one piece she was wearing. She tried not to think about that. Harmony remembered she had taken off her glasses, giving her Death Stare to the tourist. It hadn't worked since she was enjoying her well deserved vacation. If the look had worked, the guy would have been dead in half a second flat from a heart attack. Harmony was at the top of the list for harvesting souls, with her Death Stare; at over twenty thousand and still counting. She didn't like to brag, but she was the fastest, most rewarded Reaper in the history of the office. As soon as a name appeared on the list, she was there collecting the soul before anyone could say "Hey look, it's Elvis." Who was actually a Reaper, by the way, often getting in trouble when he made "unofficial" stops. Of course, he was given special treatment because he was such a celebrity. At the office Christmas parties he always sang.

"Well, I can see that you are, as always, way ahead of the curve. You don't have any backlog. Your list for today seems to be shorter than anyone else's. You must be going for employee of the year again," Clem said as he sat on the edge of her desk.

Harmony blushed. She hated being the center of attention, which was odd since she used to dance burlesque. She had become used to the anonymity of Death. It was true, she did excel at being a Reaper. Clem joked about her sixth sense. It seemed she always knew what soul would end up on her list before he did. When that happened, she always appeared to them minutes or hours before hand. Harmony liked to think that this was what she had been fated to do. Now that she was caught up and then some, she could take a few minutes to herself, to file some of the paperwork piling up around her. She hated the paperwork aspect of her jobs. Sometimes there were just those souls who did not want to continue on to the great beyond. They did not want to see what was past the Waiting Room. If that happened, she got a backlog, had to file a ton of papers in triplicate in order to get upper management to understand what happened. At least in the past few years, they had streamlined the form, making it pretty simple. It was known that some humans didn't want to give up the ghost right away because they didn't realize they were dead. It was very rare that someone, like she had been, just flat out refused to die.

"Now you know I don't plan for that. It's just a knack I have. Besides I learned it from the best there is!" She smiled up at Clem.

Her mentor, and boss, smiled back at her. "Hey, what can I say, I'm the greatest boss in the history of the Reaping office. Now, before your head is filled with frolicking dolphins and way too many Pina Coladas, here is your list of souls that we have so far. Knowing you, you'll have them all done by lunch time. Remember, we're meeting Melody tonight for dinner.

Harmony rolled her eyes. Melody was Clem's girlfriend from the Supernatural Creatures Division. He had been seeing her forever. Harmony liked her okay, but whenever the three of them got together, Clem insisted they sing karaoke since they had a great Melody and Harmony. It was an awful joke because even though Melody could sing like a lark, Harmony sounded like a dead black cat.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be there I know. Now shoo, so I can get back to work."Clem handed her today's assignments and headed back to his office. Taking the list, she skimmed over it. There were over six hundred names, but that was a typical day's work. It only took about two- three minutes for her to snatch a soul and then bring it back to the Waiting Room. After that she was on to the next one. Harmony sighed, while staring at the clock. It was time to get back to work and she only hoped there wouldn't be any snags.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gods and Goblins oh my! Newest Release

Hi guys,

Here is another excerpt from one of my newest releases Gods and Goblins, oh my! This is actually a release and I am so happy it is out again!

If a gorgeous, naked god appeared in your bed, what would you do?
Every spell Kalli casts explodes in her face. Going to bed disgusted, she awakes to find a gorgeous, naked man in her bed. Ensnared, the witch discovers that her naked burglar is a god named Lugh. Kalliope's yearns to be touched by him, but before that can happen, another prowler comes into her life. Cromm, a death god, comes to collect on a promise made before she was born.While trying to escape him, she finds herself spirited away into a realm of gods and goblins. There Lugh's ex-lover captures Kalli, keeping her prisoner in an oak tree. While imprisoned, Kalliope meets a goddess who gives her three magickal apples. From the first bite, her world changes forever. The witch is now the newest magickal being on the block. Who will win Kalliope? Only time will tell, and she doesn't have much of that left, oh my!
Something tickled the side of her face. It drew her into half-wakefulness, but not enough to force her to leave her dream about the naked man she had met in the woods. He really had made an impression. He was in the middle of giving her a massage that was leading to other things.
The sound came from her dream man's lips. She smiled at the way his mouth formed the syllables of her name. It made her quiver inside. His hands were firm on her shoulders, easing the tension out of the deepest muscles. He sat on top of her, digging his fingers into her back. His hot member was hard and poking against her rear. The faint smell of pine lingered around him. God, he knew what he was doing.
"Harder," she whispered.
She heard him chuckle. His fingers dug into the lines of her neck, relaxing the spaces between her vertebrae. His breath hot against her cheek, her dream man smelled so good, a combination of fresh rain and musk. The touch of his fingers stirred her passions. The massage he was giving her was amazing, but she wanted more.
She endured a few more strokes of his palms and then turned over, staring into his eyes. Rising up, Kalliope locked her lips to his. He stiffened, seeming surprised she had kissed him. She had wondered if he was ever going to, but hey, this was her dream, so she could do whatever she wanted.
Her hands entwined in his hair until he finally responded to her lips. His hands cupped her butt, getting a firm hold. He was hard and warm against her inner thigh. All she had to do was move a little and he would be buried inside of her. His fingers tickled along her back and his lips traced the line of her jaw. Meanwhile, she pressed herself into him, feeling the lines of his stomach. Her breasts fit perfectly against his pecks. Everything on him was defined muscle. Kalliope had never had anyone like him.
Her dream man's hands played with her hair and his lips nipped the hollow of her throat.
"Kalliope." This time, when he whispered her name, she realized she was more awake than she'd thought. The caresses she felt were not just from her dream.
Her eyes snapped open. Comprehension brought her to consciousness. A jolt of fear, anxiety, and surprise ran through her. Oak leaf green eyes stared down at her. The heat from his body warmed the sheets and radiated onto her, making her very aware of him. When she realized he was really there and not in her mind, whatever sleep clung to her addled brain evaporated. She scrambled out from underneath the covers and out of bed.
A man in my bed! Oh my goddess! How did he get in here?
"You! What are you doing in my bed?" The witch gasped, noticing he was propped up on one arm.
The sheet was draped over half of his chest, covering his lower anatomy. She could see his tanned skin in the low light of her nightlight. It looked shiny. She wondered if he'd been oiled up. His face was firm, with a rounded jaw, defined nose, and perfect teeth. His dark brown tousled hair had highlights of red and gold woven through it and curled around his ears, touching the top of his shoulders. For a long moment, Kalliope stared at him. He didn't blink, and he studied her just as she did him. She recalled her dream and felt her cheeks redden. The aroma of pine and fresh air filled the room. For a split second, all her fear and doubt melted away. Calmness and serenity washed over her. His smile widened, and he patted the place on the bed she had leapt from.
"Come here," he whispered.
Unable to focus, Kalliope stepped forward, feeling the places igniting where his hands and lips had touched her in her dreams. He looked gorgeous, and his eyes promised many delicious things. She could have a field day. Just before she fell under his spell, her foot came down on something sharp, which stabbed her big toe.
"Ouch." She jumped. The sudden pain snapped her mind back to reality. It didn't matter that he was naked and in her bed or that her dream was the hottest she had had in months. "Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?" She realized her state of dress and grabbed for the sheet, but found her phone instead. She brandished it like a weapon. Kalliope swallowed. Her heart thundered in her throat. Her eyes caught the curtain blowing in the light breeze. She hadn't opened the window. He must have climbed up the fire escape.
"Kalliope." His face lost the smile. He slid out of the bed, not bothering to cover his nakedness.
Kalliope was horrified, but her eyes strayed to his well-endowed manhood. Evil thoughts passed through her mind. Her cast-off dream resurfaced. She saw herself surrounded by flowers, in a bed of moss, with his fingers exploring parts of her that hadn't been caressed in years. His hard anatomy rested against her lower back. She licked her lips. His kisses had been sweet and light. She had wanted him in her dreams and part of her still did.
The intruder took a step forward and that jumpstarted her brain. A jolt of terror moved her to run into the bathroom. Kalliope realized her hands were shaking. She pushed the lock on the knob and stared at the phone. The knob shook back and forth. She waited for the intruder to break down the door and rape her. Fear gripped her every thought. She kept backing up.
"Kalliope," her assailant called through the door.
"Go away," she said, trying to sound brave.
Suddenly, her heel collided with the tub, and she lost her balance. Kalliope grabbed onto the shower curtain. Her weight caught the drape. The thick plastic ripped from the metal hooks, leaving some spinning on the rod. Her backside landed on the green shower mat and her feet went over her head. Her head hit the neon orange tile walls.

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