Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Release: Captured by the Alien Vampire Highlander

Do you love #scifi? What about #highlanders? How about #Vampires? How about putting all three together to get - Captured by the Alien Vampire Highlander.

This book was a bit of fun for me to write and mashing some genres together because why not.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



A bright light hits Della in the grocery store parking lot. The next thing she knows, she's naked and siting in a cell with a green skinned man eating her chocolate chips wearing a kilt. Not able to believe her predicament, Della tries anything to get away from her kidnapper.
All Luris wanted was a cooperative Plasma Unit to drink blood from. What he gets is an Earth woman with an attitude. With space pirates on his tail, the only thing he can do is race toward home bringing Della with him until trouble catches up with them. They must work together or they could end up lost in space.

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Where the hell are my clothes?” Della charged at the opening in the room. Instead of passing through it, she hit a cushion of air. An electric shock flung her back across the room back onto her bed. It knocked the wind out of her and left her body tingling. The impact made her muscles and her head hurt. Stars appeared in her vision as she sat up. It took her a minute before she caught her breath and sat up. Okay. There’s some kind of force field keeping me in here. She got up and poked the barrier with her finger. The jolt prickled her flesh. Her mouth tasted as though she was sucking on a mouthful of pennies.
Something moved in the room before her. A chair rose out of the center of the floor and a man entered. He wore a dark blue and gold plaid kilt with nothing else on. He was built like a girl’s wet dream with muscles in all the right places. Della licked her lips. Maybe I might enjoy being ravaged by him. She shook her head. No. He kidnapped me, but damn he’s one fine specimen. His long auburn hair hung down his back like she loved in men. He settled in the chair and flung one leg over the arm eating a bag of chocolate chip morsels.

“Did you get take those from my grocery bag?” She pounded on the static barrier to get the guy’s attention. No one messes with my stuff. I went through too much shit to have him eat my profits.
He turned his gaze upon her and kept on digging into the bag of chocolate chips. His smug look boiled her blood. Her captor stared at her and tossed another handful of chips into his mouth. He closed his eyes as though he relished her purchase.

“Hey, asshole. Let me out of here.” She pounded harder. The shock sent her backward a step, but she did it again.

“Plasma Unit 5287, if you continue this behavior I will be forced to take extreme measures with you. What is your distress?”

Plasma Unit 5287? “What are you babbling about? Why are you eating my groceries? Why am I naked? How did I get here? Where is here? What —?”

He waved his hand and she went silent. Della tried to speak, but nothing came out. Her hands went to her throat. She strained until she hyperventilated. She moved down her neck and discovered a hard oval the size of a dime embedded in the hollow of her throat. Della pounded on the barrier again.

Her kidnapper rolled his eyes and set the bag down on the seat. He walked over to the cell. “Why are you giving me so much trouble, Plasma Unit 5287?” He laid his palm on the force field and the wall disappeared.

Della rushed him. Before her fingers wrapped around his throat, her body froze. He chuckled. She could move her eyes and her tongue, but she had no control over her other body parts.

“Surax, why did you bring me back such a troublesome Plasma Unit?”

A female mechanical voice sounded out of nowhere. “She fit your profile for a Plasma and a Body Unit. You only specified blood type, hair and eye color. You did not give me specific parameters for mental state or attributes. If you desired something more to your liking, you should have asked for it.”
He grumbled a response.

Something in Della clicked as she examined the man before her. Being this close, she noticed the six fingers on both hands. His skin had a greenish tint with the same gold plaid pattern on his kilt woven across his abdomen and arms. The texture of his flesh resembled small scales. His eyes were bright purple with a hint of gold. His nipples were… well he didn’t have any nipples just sculpted pecs and an eight pack of etched muscles on his torso. He had no hair anywhere except on his head with his eyebrows and long eyelashes. When she breathed in, Della caught a whiff of something sweet.
What’s this mutant talking about? Someone help me. All she got out was a short moan.

Her captor’s eyes narrowed. “How did you override my suppression module?” He walked around her. “Surax, is the module malfunctioning? Do a diagnostic.”

A warm feeling burst from her throat. Della grunted in pain. She tried to reach her neck, but all she got was her pinky to move.

“There it is again. Surax, results.”

“All’s functioning within normal parameters. Maybe she’s stronger than the device. It happens.”

He stroked his chin. “Plasma Unit 5287, I am going to release the suppression module. If you behave, I will answer your questions. Do you agree to comply?”

Comply? After you kidnapped me. Fuck you, you green skinned-kilt-wearing freak. She wanted to scream at him. All she managed was a small yelp.

“If you’re going to be that way, then I’ll leave you where you stand.”

Shit. He understood me. He read my mind.

“Yes, I heard your thoughts. I can also sense your emotions. The suppression module enables us to communicate. Some species I interact with don’t have vocal chords. Since you’re being difficult, you can stay as you are. I’m going to snack on those delightful morsels you brought with you. Maybe you’d like a change of scenery since you are hell bent on figuring out where you are. Surax, retract the sun visor so Plasma Unit 5287 can see where she is.” Her kidnapper smirked as he took the chocolate chips.