Friday, August 18, 2017

Cover Revelations

 I've been sitting on these two covers for a while now and wanted to share them with the world. I'm so excited for both of them.

Both books are coming soon from Purple Sword Publications.

A Deathly Undertaking


Darria Savege is an undertaker's assistant. When her boss is killed, she assumes the job of undertaker and all the strange things that goes with it. She awakens a mummified hand named Omar. She works with a grim reaper named Oliver who collects the souls of the bodies she works on.

New and strange powers awaken within her. A dark necromancer is after something in her morgue. All she has to do is avoid being killed by him or by some of the bodies she works on. But that's not the real dilemma. Medusa is trying to get out of purgatory and turn the world to stone and Darria is the only one who can stop her.

The other novel was co-written with a good friend of mine Anastasia Rabiyah, called Dark. 

And the book is 



Kelly has been running all her life, but now something’s caught up to her that she can’t escape from. The ugly little world she’s been trapped in for the past ten years is being whittled away, piece by piece, person by person. 

The monster destroying it is as much a mystery to her as he is to himself. Her only hope is to find a way to run before it’s too late


These are the books coming soon. Plus I have a few more that will be released this year.
The next book in the Krampus series for Halloween and one for Christmas.

And the 3rd book in my Deathly Encounters Series with Seventh Star Press.

Stay tuned.

Hope you like the covers as much as I do.