Monday, July 25, 2011

Cons and Coffins

So this weekend I traveled to Louisville, KY to head to FandomFest and hang out with some really cool authors and other authors that I didn't know. It's always great to hit conventions and meet people that you don't know especially for me because, I am shy and it gets me out of my comfort zone. Of course I'm not the best at self promoting. Although it seems the chocolate penises I made for the erotica panels were a big hit. Unfortunately the ones I had left well went limp from the heat so I had to chuck them when I got home.

The only thing that stunk was that the vending area I was in had no AC and very little air flow so it was hot. Very hot. Enough to melt the chocolate penises.

After a seven hour drive home last night, I finally got in about 11:30 last night. Hubby is away visiting family in Mass but we have a house guest who is staying with us who watched the dogs. Of course they were happy to see me. The lizards, well I think they were happy to get fed. Had to fight my way through intermeintent thunder storms in the mountains on the drive home, but safe and sound. Now if i could only park in front of my house. That's another long story.

Overall, glad to be back. Had a fun experience hanging out with other authors and meeting new people. Today I've worked some for the day job and cleaned the house. Now to try and get the dog hair out of the coffin.

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