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March Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

February started off great. I was really into a new book about reincarnation that had me in tears a few times. I wrote it in two weeks and that turned into Reborn to Darkness which was picked up by Amira Press. Did edits on Fae Dreams with Rebel Ink Press that will be out later this spring. And then I got sick. The bane of an author’s existence. The cold I had knocked me out of really writing anything for a week and a half. But that’s okay because I had more edits to do. The DH was sick too, but that turned out to be allergies. Now we are both right as rain and I’m looking forward to a rocking month.

Not much planned for March in the way of cons or big projects. Although I do have two scheduled releases that are planned, Passion Fur Three with Amira Press and Smoke Jumpers: Storm Riders 2 with Sugar and Spice Press.

Working on a new M/M book about an Egyptian Lion God and his devoted priest. There is no title yet, but so far it isn’t going as planned. But that isn’t nothing new. After that will be The Dragon and His Houseboy 2. A new cast of characters will appear, but the old ones will put in their two cents as well. From there the plan is to work on the next book in the Fur world (Three Fur All, Passion Fur Three). I have a good idea of where I want to go with the book and I’ll be combining this book with characters from A Cat For All. I hadn’t planned on that originally, but the characters started talking to me about another book so we shall see how they fit into plot.

After that anything goes.

Read below for some sneak peeks.

Hope you all have a great month.

Dark Blessings


Passion Fur Three -  available on March 2nd.
Smoke Jumpers: Storm Riders 2 – Will be available on March 10th.

Currently Reading/Read:

The Tunnels by Michelle Gagnonr
Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding
Vampire Shift by Tim O’Rourke
The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer

Movies watched/plan on:

Feast 1,2,3 : If you love Monsters and just crazy stuff happening I recommend the trilogy. It’s great if you need something to get your mind off your troubles.

Final Destination 5- Clever ways to kill people. I like the Final Destination movies. Hubby had only seen one of them and he enjoyed it too.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil- Awesome movie if you want comedy and gore.


Nothing new on the music front this month. Just my favorites have been on the playlist.

Concrete Blonde
Type O Negative
The Bangles

Smoke Jumpers – M/M/F
Callin and Alonzo are lovers and Storm Riders.  One night, Callin saves Merin from a raging forest fire. Not able to resist the spark between them, he finds himself in her arms.

Alonzo walks in on Merin kissing Callin and drives her from the house. He forbids Callin to see her again. All the while, Callin is investigating rogue forest fires. Merin gets dragged to Alonzo’s shop by her best friend. He apologizes to her and invites her back to their place for dinner. At once, their mutual passion blazes between all three of them.

Meanwhile, their commander tells them to ditch Merin and for Callin to discover whose setting the unscheduled fires before the angels notice. If the angels get involved, all of them will be punished.  Will Callin find whose lighting the infernos or will the angels get to it first?

He sighed. His partner would have to wait. He hefted the unconscious woman over the horse’s back and grabbed her pack. With a graceful leap, he settled onto the horse and wrapped his arm around her waist. He wound his free hand into the horse’s mane. “Can you get us home please so I can take care of her?”
     The horse snorted and began running toward the fire. As he did, he also burst into flames. Atop the horse, the Rider and the woman were unaffected by the combustion. On his steed, he was invisible to any human passing by and going faster than any man-made vehicle. Inferno was a mystical mount who had chosen Callin when he took the position as Rider fifty years ago. It was his job to control firestorms whenever they broke out. He and his fellow Rider, Alonzo, were only two of the Riders who controlled the elemental storms. After a few minutes, Inferno halted near a house they shared in the middle of the woods, up on a mountain away from civilization. Alonzo and he wanted to be away from things just in case they lost their temper. It would do them no good if their neighbor’s house caught on fire when they had a quarrel. He slid off the horse and carefully picked up the woman. Inferno snorted but didn’t comment when he brought her into the house. He waited for some witty retort from the elemental, but got nothing. He dropped the woman’s pack on the floor. Alonzo greeted him at the door.
     The other Rider gave him a questioning look which he ignored. He pushed past him went through the kitchen and settled the woman on the couch in the living room. “Can you get me some water please?”
     Alonzo reappeared with a cup of water and a wet cloth from the kitchen. He leaned against the door frame arms crossed over his chest and motioned to the woman on the couch. “Where in the hell did you find her?”
     Callin glanced up into the honey colored eyes of the other Rider. His toned chest and defined arms were visible under the sleeveless plaid shirt he wore unbuttoned. His blue jeans were worn at the knees and a little too tight, hinting at what was underneath waiting to be unleashed. Peeling his gaze away from his lover, he began dabbing the wet cloth on her face to wipe away the black soot. Her hair was filled with bits of ash and her clothes were ruined. Her jeans were scorched where she’d jumped through the fire. He ran his hand down her cheek feeling the softness of her flesh. So much different than touching Alonzo’s rough one.
     “She was at a campsite in the forest. I was walking to clear my head and I noticed a fire had sprung up. She was in the middle of it. I couldn’t let her burn.” He shivered at the memory of fire licking against his flesh so long ago. The memory was so vivid it still made him wince.
     “Cal, you should’ve left her. We could get into trouble.”
     He gritted his teeth. “She doesn’t know anything. I wasn’t on a job. How many times are we going to have this conversation? I do my job when we’re not riding the flames. I’ve saved others’ lives and nothing’s happened. Besides, you didn’t leave me.”
     The other Rider sighed. “That was different. I needed a partner. Events happened and the timing was right. You were too adorable to lose. Hey, what happened to that cross I gave you?”
     Callin touched his neck only to find the necklace was gone. “Must have fallen off when I went to rescue her. She probably grabbed it. I’ll look for it after.”
     “You’d better.”
     He wiped the rest of the grime off the woman’s flesh. Her skin was tanned underneath the soot. Her heart shaped face had smoothed out in her unconsciousness. Her even breathing said she was going to be out of it for a while. Callin pressed his hand against her forehead and closed his eyes. The healing gift he’d inherited from his mother flowed through him to the woman. He took a quick stock of her condition and her injuries. Everything was minor and she was sleeping peacefully. The flames that had consumed her pant legs hadn’t done any damage to her flesh. Coming back to himself left him slightly dizzy. His mother and grandmother had been laying on hands faith healers from the turn of the century through the depression. He’d inherited a minor level of the first. He stood up and shrugged off his coat and pants. He felt Alonzo’s gaze burning into his back watching his every move. At times he didn’t understand the possessiveness his partner felt for him. They were lovers, but sometimes the hovering got to him. That’s why he’d gone out for air tonight.
     Earlier in the evening, they had gotten into an argument over something minor about redoing their kitchen. Alonzo didn’t want a new stove, but Callin wanted to focus more on his cooking because he would have to change jobs soon. He needed some air to clear his head. Alonzo knew how much he loved fighting fires and soon he would have to give that up for a while due to their particular lifestyle.
     A warm hand touched his shoulder lightly. “I’m sorry. It’s not up to me to say if she should live or die, but did you have to bring her here?”
     Callin turned and caressed his lover’s face. Alonzo turned his cheek into his palm. The other Rider’s eyes begged forgiveness. Alonzo’s hand slid over the top of his and interlaced their fingers. His other hand trailed down his back and rested on the top of his ass. “Fuck. You really know how to lay on the guilt trip. Giving me those puppy dog eyes.” He captured the other man’s lips in a rough, sloppy kiss. Running his hand over Alonzo’s crotch, he felt his dick stir from the attention.
     Alonzo sucked on his lower lip before breaking the kiss and then grabbing a handful of his ass. “We’ve been together long enough I know what gets you hot. I’m sorry about our argument earlier. You know how I get when it comes to changing things up. I’m stubborn that way.”
     A burning pain shot through his skin where his lover touched him. The fire raced along his veins and made him buck forward. Sweat broke out on his forehead from the sudden rise in his body temperature. His partner knew better than to get anything started while the woman was on the couch. Callin wasn’t sure when she would awake. Another shot of heat curled around his insides. Alonzo’s hand left his face and began toying with the zipper of his jeans.
     “I know you are. ‘lonzo ,you aren’t making this easy for me.”
     The other Rider batted his long eyelashes. He hated that Alonzo knew how to work him over so easily. One smoldering look from under those droopy lids of his made his mouth water. Callin’s cock shifted getting harder the more Alonzo played around. His hand now ran the length of the seam along his crotch barely touching the material, but Callin could feel the heat from his flesh as he used a little bit of his power to entice him.
     “I never make this easy for you. Besides I want to wrap my lips around your dick and make you scream,” he breathed into his ear.

Reborn to Darkness -  M/F

 When Sorin’s beloved Tatiana dies, so does his heart. Four hundred years pass and Sorin rescues Nicolette from a pack of hungry werewolves. But there’s something familiar about her that he can’t shake and for the first time in four centuries his heart stirs.
Nicolette can’t banish Sorin from her mind. She has feelings and dreams about him she can’t place. Before they can fully realize their strange connection, an old enemy from the past reemerges. He will do anything to possess Nicolette even turn her into a werewolf. Sorin must stop him or risk losing the woman he loves forever.

Sorin knocked on the bathroom door. The radio was turned down and Nicolette appeared at the door wrapped in a towel. Her hair was slightly tangled, but it was damp. The scent of the lavender in the shampoo and the cranberry in the soap clung to her skin and tresses made his mouth water. He swept his gaze over her body and his eyes settled on the swells of her breasts. Water droplets clung to the curve of her shoulder. One slid down and dropped into the hollow between her breasts. His gums tingled with the thought of tasting her. His cock tightened at the idea of sliding between her milky thighs and feeling them wrapped around him.
            “Are you okay?” she whispered.
The fear in her voice snapped him out of his daze. Sorin shook his head and then clamped down on his control. His throat suddenly went dry when he met her wide brown eyes. “I-I’m fine. It’s just been a while and…”
“I understand. I never thought I’d want to be with anyone after Tristan, but here I am.”
“I bought some things. I wasn’t sure if you needed them or not. I set them on the counter in the kitchen.”
“Thanks. I’ll look at them later. You don’t happen to have a brush.”
“In my bedroom. I’ll go get it.”
She grabbed his wrist and stopped him. “Maybe you could help me with the tangles. If you don’t mind.”
A smile tugged on the corners of his lips despite how he tried to hide his nervousness. “I can oblige.”
He led her into his bedroom and grabbed the brush on his dresser. In the past he had always watched Tatiana brush her hair, but she always kept it short. Nicolette had hair that flowed down her back like melted chocolate. She scooted onto the bed and he stood behind her. He gripped the brush handle and heard the plastic groan from the force of his grip. Sorin tried to relax, took a section of her hair, and lightly pulled the brush through it. The wetness of the strands clung to his fingers and showered the bed with little droplets of water, but he didn’t care. He pulled the brushed through another few tendrils and his fingers brushed along her nape. The heat of her skin burned him.
“I won’t break. You can pull harder.” She turned and looked at him.
He nodded and worked on the side of her hair closest to her neck. From his vantage point, he saw the beautiful line of her shoulder and her collarbone that effortlessly moved into the swell of her right breast. The brush dropped from his fingers and hit the carpet. Sorin pushed the hair from her throat and placed a light kiss right under her ear.
“I hunger for you, Nicolette. I hunger for your body and your blood. You know what I am, but can you accept me truly?” His fangs broke through his gums, drawn out by the sweet promise of her blood.
Even though he had watched her for the past month making sure she was protected, being so close to her, had drummed up fantasies of slicing into her throat. It had driven his hunger to a maddening state that he was feeding every other night just to keep it in check because he desired her so much. He trailed is finger over her jugular vein, feeling the pulsing warmth just beneath the smooth skin. Nicolette turned and met his gaze. In her eyes, he saw the fear of what she was relenting to, but also the excitement and the acceptance. Her skin was flushed with the anticipation of their joining and it only added to his exhilaration.
“I’m not afraid of you, Sorin.” Nicolette placed a hand on his face and drew him to her lips. Her kiss was full of a hunger all its own as their mouths met and caressed one another. She bit his lip and tugged on it before letting him go. She took in a deep breath and then angled her head.
Sorin leaned closer and placed his lips on her throat, tasting her skin. The soap had a salty tang to it along with the bitter flavor of the cranberry added to it. He draped his left arm over her left shoulder and slid his fingers over her collarbone. Sorin swiped his tongue over the column of her neck until he found the perfect place to bite. Her pulse throbbed against his lips. The warmth was there and it was all his for the taking. His teeth grew to their full length and with one quick bite, trying not to hurt her, he punctured her throat.
Nicolette’s back arched when he bit her. Sorin held her to him, resting his palm over her heart. A passionate cry escaped her throat. Her blood rushed over his tongue and then down his throat. Her memories swam through his mind. They were too overwhelming for him to focus on. But her emotions were sharp. In them he sensed his beloved and Nicolette. There was also the sadness of her recent loss. He understood it had also affected her soul too. Her hands clutched his. The blood he took in was beyond anything he had ever tasted before. There was power in it and longing. The flavor of copper and the slight tang of something else he couldn’t describe. It took everything he had to pull away from the fount so he could focus on the woman on the bed.
He swiped his tongue over the wounds and then unwound from Nicolette so he could see how she was doing. Sorin sat on the bed and looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her chest rose and fell, drawing in several breaths. The wounds stood out on her pale throat. He touched her cheek.
“Are you okay?”
Nicolette opened her eyes. “I’m fine. That was amazing. Nothing that I’ve experienced before.” She bit her lip and then started to undo her towel.
“Are you sure about this?” Sorin asked.

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