Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Booty-licious Crafting: Mystic Magic Designs Guest Post

Hey everyone,

We all know it's Christmas. I mean if the songs on the radio and the wrapping paper don't give it away, I don't know what will. As much as we all love to shop and get that perfect something for the ones we care for, sometimes going to your local mall just doesn't cut it and we want something from unique and from the heart. That is were you're local crafter and small business owner comes in. I mean who hasn't found the cutest stuff being handmade for the ones they love that just says it all.

One such small business is Mystic Magic Designs. If you love unique stuff, check it out because they have some awesome stuff that will rock your socks off. Here is a little bit about the owner- Leah Ward and how she got started crafting.

I learned to sew from my mother and have always been artistic. In high school, I created my first Booty Bag and used it to carry around all my books. Today's Booty Bags are of a much higher quality than my original. I am also a gamer chick and love geeky gaming items. Gamer Bling is just that. I have always been into creating my own unique items and I love the idea of sharing my art and items with others. In high school I learned furniture refinishing and sign lettering. All my wooden items are hand stained, painted, and finish coated and my love for the mystic comes through in all of my designs. I love anything artsy and have the utmost respect for artists and always have.

Mystic Magic Designs are local crafters making unique items! Specializing in hand painted wooden items, Gamer Bling jewelry and accessories, Resist This jewelry and Booty Bag purses! Try shopping local business owners and crafters this holiday season! Please check us out! We have a regular website:

a Facebook page to like:

and an Ebay store for convenience:

which is linked to our regular web page. Not all items are on the Ebay store so if you see something you like please don't hesitate to ask if it is still available!!!

We accept custom orders and would love to hear from you.
Email: mystic.magic.designs@gmail.com and if there is a specific item you are interested in please let me know due to a lot of unspecific spam I have been receiving.

Pay Pal is accepted at our regular webpage for your convenience and also on the Ebay store.

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