Sunday, April 28, 2013

April...why have you forsaken me?

The month is almost gone and some crazy things have been going on. I've been writing on and off, but not as fast as I like since my hands have been bothering me. The husband had some news from the doctor that we had to change his diet and I get to eat fish...not my favorite thing in the world...but anything to make sure that he stays healthy. He came back with super high cholesterol so I'm cooking a few different things for him. Lots of chicken which I don't mind. He goes back to the doctor in three months to get a check up and see if everything with the new Meds are working.

On the writing front, I'm waiting to hear back from three different publishers on three very different projects. As the waiting continues, I vow to I will not keep checking my inbox to see if I have gotten a response yet. Of course, I have already broken that vow considering I can get a little obsessive.

So as of right now I have written over 60K words on two very different books. One the third in the Two-Natured series and the other is the second in my Deathly Encounters Series.

And while I'm writing, the days are slowly slipping away and April has forsaken me and May is coming soon. I can't believe it. In that month, the husband and I will have been married nine years one year less than me writing professionally. So I guess that is a milestone.

On April 19, 2013 I was on the radio with Almost Live with Alex talking about my books and my past work as a psychic. The link is posted here if you want to listen to it. I'm in the second hour, but check it out.

If you like vampires, check out my blog post on the V Spot Blog. They have some awesome authors posting.

As fast as April is going, it seems my Lab/Border Collie is actually faster. We had a random bunny running through our yard at night and she finally caught up with rabbit so we had a bunny funeral at 11 p.m. on Friday night after dragging the husband out of bed. Poor bunny, but at least our dog hasn't gotten the squirrels that frequent the yard yet. I don't think I can deal with all the little furries.

So as today is a rainy day, dinner is going to be chicken and spinach pizza and I'm going to write for the rest of the night.

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