Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cover Reveal: Awakening The Beast

Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited about my new cover for Awakening the Beast coming soon with Amira Press.

It's soo pretty....


Illiana’s ominous dreams demand she returns to her beloved forest. A sleeping force has awoken in the mountain she must investigate. Freeing Daruk, a dragon shifter, from the bowels of the volcano, he offers to give her and her mates a ride back to the forest.

Christopher has defended his forest against the vultures and lions who stole his home. He longs for Illiana’s homecoming and keeps hope alive for his pack and the raven flock.

Illiana joins forces with Christopher to drive the intruders from her home. Only a looming menace threatens to pull her apart from the inside and the outside. Together, they will face their troubles even if it means their lives.

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