Saturday, March 1, 2014

In My World...

Bigfoot has shot off the planet into space and is getting into multi-partner relationship with an alien Yeti named Hermon and two hip alien female shifters. There are grim reapers who get along with crazy gods who show up naked in witch's beds.. The Angel of Death is multi-dimensional who has a tendency to appear in different realities because, let's face it, he's death and an angel so he can pretty much do what he wants. I have dragons who fall in love with phoenix. I have lions falling for wolves and getting into fur fights with ravens. Vampires are part demon and demonic jesters who want to take over the world.

 And this is all just in one day mind you. Think of the parties that go on in my head when I'm not paying attention. Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from, but if I start to question too much my muses kidnap me, lock me away in some dark room, and threaten to vacate the premises. So I have learned to go with the flow of writing.

Flowing sometimes comes easily and other times I run into roadblocks, writer's block, that has a strange way of coming on. Normally, I want to start cleaning everything in my house and have the urge. So I start doing something else. I used to pull out the crafts, but with the carpal tunnel being such a pain I stopped doing a lot of that. Instead, I go out and play with the dogs. And yet while I'm playing with them, my muses are tapping on the block with tiny hammers trying to break through the wall. Once they get a hole, then damn overflows and that's all I want to do.

So I start writing again and the cycle goes on where the Yeti is stomping around and new character has emerged in the form of a mummified hand named Omar that just wants some action. And ideas start percolating.

If you haven't guessed, I have a warped sense of humor when it comes to my characters. Some people don't get that, but ehh that's okay. Everyone has their own opinion on things. I've been doing this for a long while now. Some people call me an over achiever for the goals I set. I tell them I just can't write fast enough to get all the ideas dumped out of my mind. I'm sure that's the way with all authors. There is just too much for the muses to lay around with. They want more and more attention and sometimes the strangest things give me ideas.

The world outside of my imagination is rather boring. I work for an insurance company full time, have three dogs who take up a lot of time, a husband of ten years, and friends of course and other hobbies. That's rather the boring stuff. Who wants to talk abuot sitting in front of a computer for hours on end and typing. People want to hear about the exciting stuff. Well, all that takes place within the world inside my head.

It's a great place to live. I only with I could take people there on tours. I'd make a killing. The rides are fun, a little dark, but you might come out alive.

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