Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cover Reveal: Cosmic Shifts

Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to reveal to the world my new cover for Cosmic Shifts my print collection of 
Hairy & Hung/ Come & Yeti coming soon with Purple Sword Publications

When Phillip saw the shooting star stumble to Earth, he had to investigate. All he was trying to do was mess with the Bigfoot hunters who were after him. He finds an unconscious green woman. He knows that she can’t be captured or she'll end up on the military’s dissection table.

Upon waking, Alika discovers a large, hairy beast, with intelligent eyes helping her. Once they figure out how to communicate their goals are united. Get her off the planet before the military finds her. Thankfully, she sends a distress call off to her home planet. While waiting, she falls for the big hairy male who has kept her safe and knows that she can’t leave him behind no matter what the cost.

Once Elarna received Alika’s transmission for help, she races to Earth to aid her friend. Heading back to Rovan, their home world a malfunction occurs in the ship. The three of them crash land on a frozen desolate planet. Phillip escapes in a pod and searches the cold wasteland for his love and Elarna.

Upon seeing the crash, Heragthan rushes to the downed ship. He finds Elarna thrown from the ship and hears the Yetan guard approaching. He whisks her away and knows he can heal her. When she wakes up, Elarna is astonished to find a large hairy creature tending to her, but there is something about the gentle giant. And when  they figure out who to communicate, he vows to help her rescue Alika. Before he can do that, Phillip finds them and is astonished that the Yeti can shift into a male just like him. Together, they storm the stronghold and save Alika. However, the only problem is they have to get off world without the Yetan guard capturing them. While struggling to keep her safe, Elarna falls for the alien who rescued her.

Together all four of them must face the hardships of escaping and deal with exploring the growing feelings they have for one another.

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