Thursday, January 1, 2015


Dear 2014 where did you go? It seemed like you were just rolling around and then you were gone again. I'm not exactly sad to see you go, but in some ways I am and in others I'm not. A lot of stuff happened in the last twelve months.

Let's see...Hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I finally got a new ring for it.

We learned and adapted to our dogs' needs with the inclusion of a new puppy in winter of 2013. Our lab turned ten and after a year and a few injections for her arthritis and she's been playing Frisbee again after a year and a half.

I took a major break from writing romance because I was getting burnt out on it. I finished up the projects I had but took a year off before I started anything new.  For that whole of 2014 I focused on writing a horror series which the first of came out with Seventh Star Press entitled Death's Dance.
I then wrote books two and three of the series and have four outli0nes.

I have written two books in an Urban Fantasy series about a supernatural undertaker that I'm ... well we won't get into that, but they are not available to market at the moment. Book three is next on the list to start writing.

I have finished a short story for an anthology and if you know me, then writing short ( under 10k) is very difficult.

And then in November I started another book and wrote 104k words in a month and no I wasn't doing NANO which was more of a personal challenge really because I hadn't written like that in a long while due to the carpel tunnel in my hands and wrists, but I was able to get through it so I know I still got it.

The day job under went radical changes: moved offices, changed the name, worked more hours (a good thing since I'm somewhere between part time and full time), and hired/fired some people.

Personally, I went to the gym and then I didn't. So that was an epic fail, but I am going to jump back on that again and see how long I can go.

I got to spend time with my family and well then there's my mother...that's a novel in itself.

So that was 2014. I had some awesome friends to spend the year with, met some great people, had a few books released, got a few books back from a publisher, dealt with stuff with the husband that made me want to kick his ass and warn him never to do it again, and overall it wasn't a bad year.

So what's 2015 going to look like?

Well on the day job front... more hours I hope.

Messing with the dogs since they are my children.

Seeing two projects with two awesome co-authors come out.
At least three other books slated for release so far for the year.

Heading to Mid-South Con in Memphis  March 20 to be a guest.
Heading to Austin, TX in May for Austin Author Affair.
Not sure on the other conventions coming up. I'll play it by how much money I have. LOL

I have a new series of m/m shorts I'm working on starting today.
Another book in a new series I'm working on with Siobhan Kinkade and one with
Anastasia Rabiyah.

So  between everything else that comes up the plan is to finish at least 12-15 books for the year including shorts and all, but I hope it to be more. 

Time with the husband and just enjoying life.

Have a rockin' 2015 folks because I know I am.


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