Friday, February 13, 2015

New Release Dragonkin: Storms from Amira Press

Hey Everyone! Today is release day and I am so excited to have Dragonkin: Storms out with Amira Press.

A little bit about how the book came about. I wrote the original Dragonkin four years ago that is also with Amira Press. At the time I was dealing with the death of my grandfather who was a huge influence in my life and the story helped to filter the emotions I was experiencing. It's about love and loss and finding love again and I thought the story was finished.

However, over the years I have had readers contact me who loved Dragonkin so much they have asked me if there would ever be a sequel. Well I thought about it and the muses started contemplating something that turned into an idea that I could run with for a plot. Dragonkin: Storms is a very different story. The original characters from Dragonkin play an important part in the story and we get to see how their family has grown.

But storms is a different story about Savanna,  Drake, & Wyeth and how they find love amidst the storms going on in their life. I hope you enjoy reading it it just as I did writing it.


Drake rescues Savanna from certain death. Her touch stirs his inner dragon. He brings her to Wyeth’s house to make sure she’s safe.

There’s something about Savanna that Wyeth can’t shake. When both men converge at Savanna’s, anarchy ensues. Savanna is Drake’s only hope of returning home, another world filled with magic and dragons.

Savanna’s falling deeply in love and can’t let either man go. She won’t pass up the opportunity to get Drake home, but she's not sure she leave Wyeth behind. With the coming storm threatening to rip them apart, the dragon has fully awakened within Drake and it also wants Savanna.


She turned back, about to return to her car, when she saw Drake approaching the house.


“Hi.” He didn’t look at her. There was a restless energy about him that she had seen the other night, but it was more than that. It seemed that he was in a hurry. He wanted to flee, and yet, that other part of him wanted to stay. And deep within her, she wanted to comfort that part of him. Reading the different parts of him was exhausting.

He stood next to her while she knocked. The silence between them stretched as she waited for Wyeth. Savanna tried not to notice Drake, but it was tough, considering what had transpired between them and the fact that he was a beefcake. “So, the other night. You kissed me.”

“I did.”

“Is that something you do all the time? Kissing strange girls you’ve just met?”

Drake’s gaze traveled down her face and settled on her breasts before it moved back up again to her eyes. “Was that a problem? You didn’t seem to mind.”

“That’s not the point. You told me and Wyeth something that you don’t tell anyone else, and then you do that and walk out. You’re an enigma, and because of all of this three of us are connected on some strange level now.”

“Is that what you think?”

“Don’t start playing test the psychic. I’m not up for it tonight.” She crossed her hands over her chest and stared at him. It took everything in her, because when it came to men she was never the straightforward one in the relationship. She gritted her teeth, because she sensed the very thread between them pulling tighter, making her crave to be closer to him. It hadn’t been so bad before when Savanna was away from him. Now that they were feet apart, she yearned to rub along his body and smell his musky scent. She closed her eyes and took in a few breaths as the cool night air caressed her.

“I wasn’t testing you,” Drake said, his voice inexplicably closer to her than before.

Savanna opened her eyes, and he was inches from her. It took all her willpower not to throw her arms around him. “Then what the hell were you doing?”


“I’d hope so. I-I would appreciate it after everything that happened.”

“After I left your apartment, I came back to the lighthouse and started packing. I got halfway packed, but I couldn’t banish you from my mind.” Drake rested his hand on the wall, trapping her between him and the wall. He stared at her with the intensity of a hunter that had found its prey and was waiting for her to bolt. “I did everything I could to push you from my thoughts. Let’s face it, you’re not my type for a human woman. I’ve had many, and don’t think that your size deters me, because it doesn’t.”

“Yeah. I get it. You don’t like buxom beauties or fat chicks. I’ve heard it before.”

“You asked for the truth. Nevertheless my thoughts returned to your lips and how you felt against me, and the heat that we had shared. You speak to the beast inside of me. I needed time to sort things out. I didn’t know if I could leave, and then I sensed you had come here. I had to come see you.” He captured her lips in a hungry kiss that curled her toes and made her moan.

“Hey, Savanna…” Wyeth called. The place where Drake had kissed turned into air. She heard one of them cry out in pain. When she opened her eyes, Wyeth was the one on top of Drake this time, hitting him.

“Dear Lord, not again,” she muttered. “This is getting ridiculous.” Men did not fight over her. “Guys, enough!” She tried to grab onto Wyeth’s arm, but he pushed her off. She landed on her ass, which hurt, and then she heard a rip where her dress tore up the side. Hot tears of frustration and anger lined her eyes. She stood up, and her anger consumed her. The heat of it made her so warm that she was sweating. A fire sparked inside of her. It glowed within her mind. She reached out her hand, as the energy needed a way to escape because she could not contain it within her. If she even tried, she would burn up. Savanna focused it down her left arm. A grapefruit sized fire ball appeared and landed next to Drake’s head.

Both of them stopped fighting.

All the energy drained from her. Dots appeared on the edge of her vision. Savanna sank to the ground. Wyeth slung a hand around her waist, and Drake came to her other side until she was suspended between them. They walked her inside and set her on a chair. The cool air helped clear her senses. Drake knelt before her, patting her hand. Wyeth returned with a glass of water and held it to her lips so she could take a sip. As she swallowed it, feeling parched and wrung out, she was able to concentrate.

“How did you do that?” Drake asked. His voice was filled with awe.

“Do what? Shoot fire out of my hand? How the fuck should I know?” She turned to Wyeth. “Really? You had to jump on him and start fighting.”

He was taken aback and his face paled. “He was kissing you and…” 

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