Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Chance to Enter to Win a book a month for 2010!

Enter to win a BOOK A MONTH FOR 2010!!!

This is your LAST Chance - from the authors of The Cupcake Giveaway.
Buy one of their books and get 10 extra entries!

Authors to Visit:

Lissa Matthews

Crymsyn Hart

Cathy Yardley

Sabrina Darby

Juniper Bell

Rachel E. Moniz

Kim Knox

Eliza Gayle

Morgan Q O'Reilly

Sela Carsen

Anny Cook

Kerry L. Morzack

Ann Lory

Kim Knox

Penny Watson

Ciana Stone

Adele Dubois

Ann Rought

Emily Ryan Davis

Darren Micheals

Shelli Stevens

Annie Marshall

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