Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Life Thus Far

Many people have asked me how Im doing, or what's going on in my life at the moment. Some are wishing me Merry Xmas and happy Holidays. But me...well I'm not really in the mood this year for cheer and presents. It's not that I' hate the season, but I just have other things to worry about like I'm sure a lot of others do.

Work is busy, but ehh that is a good thing. It drives me insane at times, but good to be working.
I pulled my hamstring so besides the pain and not sleeping,  I've been stressed. Now I have drugs that are helping a little. Still not sleeping well.

The worst of it is that my grandfather is dying. He has days to live or maybe hours. I'm not really sure. The plan is to be there on Xmas and hope to see him since our drive is 18 hours. AFter being diagnosed with liver cancer several years ago, it's finally caught up to him. I know everyone has to go through death of a loved one and that people have said he's going to a good place, lived a full life, yada yada, but it stll sucks and it hurts.

He has been very much a father to me over the years. Even with the years I lived with him. He even officiated over my wedding which was awesome. I've been in NC for 8 years and the one thing that sucked was leaving my family behind and friends.

I was lucky to have my mom move closer and meet my husband. Over the past year, I've had some crazy things happen to me. I've met some wonderful people and lost some good friends. But hey, move ever onward and all that.

So now I wait for my phone to ring. The death toll that it will bring.

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