Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Holidays

Hello Everyone,

For the past week or so, I've been traveling on the road. We left our house on Dec. 22nd and began our 1000 mile drive home. We had our lab Morrigain with us who decided that after driving 5 1/2 hours to our friends house in Va, she didn't like the 17 inches of snow that they had on the back porch and decided to christian their floor. Being from NC she's not use to snow and not used to traveling so long in the car. We had great weather the two days that we traveled. The next day we ended up driving into Western Mass to spend with my inlaws which was awesome. Attended a Xmas Eve party with his relatives that ended up being over 60 people so it was overwhelming, but fun.

The next day and the main focus of my trip was to get to my grandparent's house on Xmas day which was anot 3 hour drive. My grandfather is dying of liver cancer so it's only days now until he goes so it was nice to get to see him. His body mught be gone, but his mind is still alert. Of course it was hard because I was close to them and they raised me while I was growing up. From there we ended up driving to NH to spend time with my father, 2 brothers, and step-mother.

I don't think we stopped until the next day. But the next day was spent traveling back to my grandparent's and taking pictures with my family. That was always good, but sad too since it is my grandfather's last. And living so far away now, I haven' t been home for Xmas in 7 years. My husband hasn't been home in over 10. We spent a few days back with my father and hanging out.

Of course I have gotten sick with a cold. The dog is doing great. She was trying to play with my father's poodle and kept barking at her. My brothers had a ball with her and my husband had to carry her up the stairs at the house because they were so steep and she sin't used to them since we don't have any at home.

Not to mention it's cold here. But I'm used to the weather in the south now so being 12 degrees here with the wind chill being -5 is great. Staying warm is my first priority. I haven't been doing much writing. Now we are back on my husband's side of the state and hanging out with his dad. We are heading out for a New Year's Even party if it doesn't snow too much. Of course I'm popping cold pills every few minutes and getting over pulling my hamstring which driving 18 hours doesn't help. We are leaving here on Saturday for another 8 hour drive back to VA to stay with our friends again. Then Sunday back to NC another 5 1/2 hour drive and then down the mountain back into the state.

I'm off work until Wend and then reality will hit again. So much fun. But for me I have a feeling i'll be settling into things and then flying back home for a funeral. Who knows at this point. Our biggest purchase on the trip is a GPS system which my husband finds amazing. It's really funny honestly because I've been telling him this and he finally listens to me. But of course that is the way of things.

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