Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you ready for the Storm?

Hi Everyone,
I'm so excited to announce that Storm Riders is out today with Aspen Mountain Press!


George has been searching for a way to predict tornadoes that mimics her inherent ability. Her encounter with a handsome cowboy that drives away a twister has her stumped.

Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her even offering themselves to her for a wild, stormy night of passion.  When their boss, Raul gets wind of this, he demands they cease all contact. Neither Wyatt nor Landon can stand to think she won’t be part of their lives.  She’s turned their worlds upside down and each craves George’s touch.

Will Landon and Wyatt get to keep her? Or will Raul separate them forever?

EXCERPT:Wyatt kept checking his rearview mirror to see if Georgiana was still behind him. I can’t believe I scored her. She a hot piece of ass and she seems familiar. Oh well. Maybe I’ve run into her before. I do loose track. He chuckled and pulled into the driveway. He parked and slid out of the auto. After a moment, he saw headlights and she pulled in beside him. He waited and she slipped out of her vehicle and took in the surroundings.

“Wow. Nice place. You work here?”

He smiled feeling a little cocky. “Something like that.” He gazed down at the huge barn and attached indoor. The door was open to the barn with the light on in Gina’s office. The horses were in for the night. He heard them rattling the barn doors. He glanced at the house and saw Landon was home. He’s probably reading some stuffy old book. I know what he’ll say if he runs into us. He’ll tell me I shouldn’t be running around and risking the chance of exposing our secret.

“So you just staying here or something?”

His grin widened. “No. Actually I own half the place.”

“Oh. Well.”

“I’m sure you thought I was some no-good-cowhand going to take you to my loft in the barn.”

She laughed. “It had crossed my mind.”

He inched closer to her feeling her hesitation now that she wasn’t in the heat of the moment at the club. She was fine looking in her short jean skirt and black T-shirt. The fabric showed off the lines of her bra and the bumps of her nipples from the chill in the air. He ached to run his hand over her breasts feeling their firmness.

To ease the tension, he stepped closer to her and cupped her cheek. Georgiana drew in a quick breath. He saw the trepidation in her eyes. Seizing the moment, he leaned in and kissed her not too hard, but just enough to leave her wanting. When he touched her again, he noticed the energy between them. His lips got all tingly from kissing her, but he thought it was a fluke from the dryness of the air at the bar. Now it was stronger. His whole body was on edge the way he was before a ride. He could sense a storm in the air, but he had no orders that one was coming. Withdrawing a step, he waited for her to come around.

“Do you still want to come inside? I’ll understand if you don’t feel comfortable.”

The tip of her tongue touched her lips. The small gesture tightened his cock. Oh baby, I can’t wait to get you alone so you can use that on me. She ran her hands over her arms. He noticed her hair was standing on end.

“No. I’m okay.”

“Great.” He offered her his elbow. She looped her arm through it and he led her inside.

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