Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Hi Everyone,

Today hubby and I went to an awesome place called Tiger World in Rockwell, NC. I highly recommend going to check it out. It is a great Non Profit Organization that that rescues tigers and other animals.

Tiger World

Hubby has a love for tigers so for my gift to him we went up there for a few hours. The organization is not that far off the highway and the tigers are up close and personal.
We were only three feet from the tigers as opposed to being at a zoo where they are off in the distance. We were there during feeding time. Once of the tigers leaped into the air and grabbed the meat. It was great. They had a cage with three lions and the male made it quite known by roaring at the passersby that it was his food. 
Besides the tigers and lions there were a couple of wolves, some monkeys, a couple of baboons, and two very cute tiger cubs that wanted everyone's attention.

Today was an awesome day. Hubby was very happy with his Valentines. He even listened to me and didn't get me any chocolate. However I did end up with an awesome Gift Certificate to a local spa. That is a good thing. Now we are chilling and I have to slave over the stove. But that isn't a bad thing. I'll write more a little more on Raven Saga Book Five. I'm over 20K which is great. 

New cover for Carrion Comfort is on the blog.It is awesome and sexy. Not sure on a release date, but ehh I have book 4 brewing in my mind if I get to it.

Hope everyone had a sexy day. It was great for me and it's not ever yet.

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