Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy past few days!

Life has been crazy these past few days.

I've been a role writing and editing. I finished edits for Carrion Comfort coming soon from Amira Press.
Last night at 12:30 A.M., I finished Frost Fever: A Raven Saga Book 5.

My day job has been very busy so even having a chance to think has been few and far between. While I've been balancing this, hubby and I have been out shopping for phones.

I upgrade to a Blackberry and hubby got one too which is amazing because he is not technically inclined. So I've been showing him the ins and outs of the gadgets and he's getting it. I think now he is really addicted. I know I am loving it.

This past week, I also got some exciting news. I now have a new contract with Aspen Mountain Press for Storm Riders, the first in my Rider series. I am very happy about this. I have four books planned in the series. Book two is done, called Smoke Jumpers. Here is the Blurb for Storm Riders:

Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her even offering themselves to her for a wild, stormy night of passion.  When their boss, Raul gets wind of this, he demands they cease all contact. Neither Wyatt nor Landon can stand to think she won’t be part of their lives.  She’s turned their worlds upside down and each craves George’s touch.

Will Landon and Wyatt get to keep her? Or will Raul separate them forever?
Today was spent getting the puppies a bath and shopping while they were gone. We had to get a lot of stuff today which is great to knock off the list that we have had growing for awhile. Updated my website today. Now I have to edit Frost Fever, and work on something else. I swear the list that I have to work on keeps on growing which is awesome.

Well hope you all have a good night. I'm off to take care of hubby. He's not feeling well. Poor man!

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