Friday, March 26, 2010

Carrion Comfort out Today with Amira Press

Step deeper into the world where even vampires have something to fear!

If you loved Midnight Mocha and A Taste of Darkness then you'll love this deeper look into the vampire world.


Ever since Japer lost his family, he’s been hunting those responsible.

Grace is summoned home to find the creatures who murdered Jasper’s family. One night she bumps into a man that saves her from being mugged. Grace’s heart softens toward this gallant stranger, and they spend a glorious evening together making love. Not expecting to see him again, she discovers Jasper, her knight, has been training as a vampire hunter.

Jasper wants to protect Grace from the evil fiends he’s hunting. She pleads with him not to continue on his hunting forays for fear she will lose him.

Together, they must face the darkness that awaits them in Boston’s underbelly before the monsters decide to hunt them.


A neon pizza sign flickered above the restaurant. I smirked at the one pepperoni in the sign that kept blinking in and out. The buzz of the lights made my ears itch even when I stepped inside. A very sleepy clerk reclined in one of the red plastic booths. A stack of books was spread before him on the table. His apron was stained with tomato sauce and flour. A streak of white lined his nose, and a few strands of hair stuck out from under his cap. The place smelled of grease and burnt bread. I could go for a pie with linguisa and hot peppers right about now.

When the bell rang on the door, the heavy-eyed server roused himself. I looked over to the mirrors on the wall and noticed my reflection. I could have passed for one of the numerous college students strolling the streets. He walked behind the counter and straightened his apron while I perused the menu.

“Can I help you?”

Grease was caked onto the Formica counter I rested my arms on. It might be clean to them, but the sheen and the slick on my fingers remained. I gave him a wide smile. “Large pizza with linguisa, hot peppers, and extra cheese. Oh, bacon too.”

He rang up my order. I paid and then waited in an empty booth. The minutes ticked by while he banged the dough in the back. After a few moments, the aroma of freshly baked bread filled the small space. My mouth watered. I could also go for a pint or two of his blood. No one else was around, and no other heartbeats echoed in the back. Why not? A girl’s gotta eat.

I got up and locked the door. I flipped the sign to closed and then waltzed into the kitchen. I stayed by the oven, feeling its heat warm my cold flesh. The clerk slid my pizza onto the conveyor belt for it to start cooking. He wiped his hands against his apron and stopped when he saw me.

“You can’t be back here.”

I put my hand on my hip and pushed out my chest. His eyes strayed to my breasts. “I hope you don’t mind, but I was getting awfully hungry and thought maybe—”

“Your pizza will be done in a few minutes.”

I bit my lip and began twirling my hair around my finger. He wasn’t falling for the bait. “I know, but I was thinking . . . maybe you could help me out.” The aroma of the cooking pizza assailed my senses. It raised my hunger for blood, too. The clerk stayed planted to his spot. Inching closer, I gave him my most innocent smile. This time, I placed my hand on his chest and felt the steady beat of his heart. The other rested lightly on his neck. His flesh burned from the warmth of the oven. I trailed my fingertip over his face, feeling the slight stubble, and then over his lips. He swallowed, finally getting the hint I desired something more than pizza. Never before had he thought some hot chick would come on to him in while he was working.

“Wow. I-I’ve never done it in the kitchen. You sure—” He placed his hands on my hips. Through the light contact, I felt him shaking.

I put a finger to his lips. “Shh. There’s nothing to worry about. You let me do all the work.” I squeezed his hardening dick through his jeans. His anxious gaze searched mine. I didn’t break the eye contact when I sank to my knees. He unzipped his jeans and slid his boxers down. He was semi-hard, but when I began kissing the inside of his thigh and grabbed his ass to keep him steady, his dick hardened all the way. A moan escaped his lips.

“Oh, baby.”

My lips slid over his inner thigh, finding the spot above his femoral artery. His hands gripped my shoulders hard. My teeth shifted. The smell of the pizza mixed with the copper scent of the blood flowing underneath his flesh. My stomach gurgled. The darkness inside threatened to overtake me, but I pushed it back and pierced his vein.

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