Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sneak Peak: Frost Fever; A Raven Saga book 5

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If you've been reading my facebook status for the past few days you know I've been editing. Well I've been self editing the next installment of My Raven Saga. This is number 5 all about their main healer Jet and Paget is part Frost Fey.Every time I read this one I have to keep my cool cause I just start fanning myself.

So here is a quick sneak peek. Enjoy!
P.s. I'm still working a few kinks out so no scolding me on grammar.

He wrapped his hands around her waist. The cold of his power intensified being so close to him. She tried not to succumb, but it took everything in her not to swoon from the cold. He leaned in and met her mouth in a soft, warm kiss. At first, she didn’t react, but with the ecstasy that pumped through her, she finally gave in and returned the kiss. The cold power chilled her heart and stirred her desire. She wanted to fuck him there on the street. His tongue ran along her top lip seeking entrance, but she knew better than to give in. Any more he would think that he had claim to her body and she wasn’t having any of that. She pulled away.

“I’ll never be yours, Malik. I don’t know why you keep pursing me.” He brushed a stray hair from her forehead with his cool fingers.

“So frail and so stubborn. Your heart races with the human emotions that plague you. The faint blush on your cheeks is amazing. Something that we Frost fey don’t have. We can b are so cold, and yet you’re so warm. Everything that we’re not. If you gave all of it up, then your heart would be cold too and you’d understand how I truly feel about you. You think that I court you because I want to get between your legs into the warmth of your pussy. What I really see is the strong woman that could lead our race and temper the cold of our existence. You make me warm, Paget. Stop keeping me out in the cold.”

She studied his blue eyes trying to read him, but what she saw was only a deep clear pool. He’d always tried to woo her before. This time seemed a little different. She shook her head not letting her will be lost under the crushing weight of his. “Malik—” Before she could answer, one of the ravens squawked above her. They both glanced up and she saw a total of eight birds. One was silver. Another had silver feathers scattered among the black and the rest were the color of midnight. She met the eyes of each and felt the weight of their combined power on her mind.
“What do we have here?”
She glanced at the fey and then back to the birds. “You can see them?”
“Of course I can. I’m surprised that you can though. There have been rumors about them flying about and staying busy.
“What are they?”
The silver one cawed again. His eyes were trained on her. She tore her gaze away. Whatever they were, the crept her out. At least the silver one did. He appeared to be their leader.
“They’re protectors and bounty hunters these days it appears. You realize they’re in the Grey. The humans can’t see them.”
She hit him in the side. “I’m away of that. I wasn’t born yesterday.”
“Well they must be watching out for someone around here. “
She nodded. She wasn’t about to tell him how the mall or taking one of the birds home. “Must be. They’re interesting creatures.”

He ran his fingers down her neck. The distraction pulled her gaze away from the birds and back to him. She tried to shrug him off, but part of her really did enjoy the attention. It was a strange duality that fought inside of her.

“I think that you’re the most interesting thing around here. Why don’t you let me take you back to the other realm? I’ll build temples to your beauty. The others will cower at your feet from your awesome power. Nothing is going to stop me from having you.” She heard the dark tone to his voice. This was the possessive man that she knew.
“I’m good thanks. I’m still pissed at you for messing up my last day. I liked my job and now I have to find another one.”
He brushed his cheek against hers. “Whatever you do get, I’ll tell you know. I will get you fired. It was time you took your place among us. I never understood why you did it. You live in that big old house. You don’t need the money. You uncle left you with a whole bunch of cold cash and a doorway to the other realm. Come back with me.” He nibbled her ear. His power infused her and they moved in between the worlds. The birds were crisper now they were on the same plane. Wailing spirits surrounded her. The ghosts hovered close, drawn to her energy and heat. The flatness of the world pushed against her senses. If she were truly human, she would have fainted in the vacuum of the world, but she wasn’t. Being one quarter fey and used to traveling in the Grey, she was used to the different realm. The birds’ auras were more visible now reflecting in the two dimensional air. The silver one had a bright halo of white light around him. Another had a blue aura. Another one dark green one.
“Don’t worry about them. I’m the only one that you want.” He kissed a line down her throat.

She placed her hand on his chest. “I’m going back.” She turned and walked toward her car, feeling the atmosphere ripple when she reappeared back into the normal world. Now that she had no job, she could get some errands done.
“Remember, midnight. See you then love,” he whispered next to her.

She jumped, but he had disappeared. Her window frosted over but he wrote the number twelve on the window.

Stay tuned... I'll be posting more here and there while I put the finishing touches on it.

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