Friday, April 30, 2010

News, Craziness, and Hair!

Hair, hair everywhere. Hair in my food hair all over the place even after I just sweep. The puppies are shedding. Cadence especially. Morrigaine isn't so bad yet. Oh well it adds more protein to our diet at least that is what hubby has been saying lately. I swear though with all the hair that I pick up, I could make a ton of money selling it. However, enough of my dog grooming habits, I've been crazy with the writing.

I'm currently working on a series that has five novels in it that I'm completing one a month. On top of working on another series that I have to write two more books in. Books 1-2 are done. Book 3 is half way done.  I've also started a new Dragon Shifter piece. Not sure where that is headed, but we shall see.

Gods and Mummies, oh my! has gone through it's first edits.

Frost Fever: A Raven Saga book 5 has been picked up by Amira Press. I'm really psyched about this because I've been wanting to share Jet's story.

Storm Riders will be coming soon from Aspen Mountain Press. I'm very excited about this. My hunky cowboys are finally going to be given a voice. I hope you check them out.

Turning Ash has gotten a great review from Whipped Cream Reviews!

Hubby and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary which is hard to imagine considering we have been together now for 8 1/2 years. We have an awesome relationship and were married on Beltane, May 1st, in 2004 by my grandfather. That was a wonderful day and I'm still dealing with him loss. Some days it's better, but most of the times it's still hard. Yeah I know that everyone deals with it, but you know... That's one of the reasons I'm so busy writing. Takes my mind off the stuff.

During the day my mind is immersed in insurance. So living in my other world keeps me sane.

Well I hope all is well.
Take Care.

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