Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goings on of Late

Hi Everyone,

This past month has been crazy for me. I've been writing up a storm and my day job has been keeping me swamped so trying to stay on top of things has been a little hard of late. Not to mention I've lost my voice for a few days which hasn't been fun so I've been pointing and waving at hubby and anyone else I've encountered which has been equally fun. I blame getting sick on heading to the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie Concert that we went to last week with all the people, but who knows. Thursday night we went to our first baseball game of the season. We have season tickets to a college league here in town that is fun to go to.

I've discovered a new movie that I can't wait to see called Suck. It looks to be a pretty good vampire movie when it gets released in the US and with an awesome soundtrack to boot.

I've recently finished reading:  Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara, Staked by J.F. Lewis, - Both were good. I'm still catching up on a huge to be read list, but slowly I'm going through it.

Recently I've been revamping my Devil's Tavern's series and currently have contracts for books 1 & 2 - Invitation and Vengeance. Frost Fever  is coming out from Amira Press on Friday June 4th. I just got a new contract and cover for Hazy, Hot, & Hunted which is out from Amira Press.

So back to writing for now.

Take Care.

For a good listening break check out Flesh and Bone by Burning Brides.

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