Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sneek Peak; My Guardian Cowboy M/M

Hey guys,

My Guardian Cowboy comes out with Sugar and Spice Press on May 7th. Here is a sneak peak.


Ethan thought his world was perfect until it was shattered. Nursing a broken heart, he meets a mysterious cowboy in a bar. Gabe's sexy lips and broad chest draw Ethan in immediately, but before Ethan can explore his cowboy’s body, he disappears into the night.
Ethan searches for his cowboy under every cowboy hat he sees. Then, by some miracle, Gabe appears back into his life. Drawn to him like no other, Ethan will do anything to hold onto Gabe lest he vanishes again.


Ethan took another sip of his coffee. “Yeah. I guess you’re right. Thanks for the coffee and lifting my spirits. By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”

“That’s because I didn’t tell you my name.”

“I’d like to know it.”

The other man leaned back in his chair and stared at Ethan. He took a lemon and squeezed it into his tea. “I’ll leave that till later. Tell me, do you think that today’s events were meant to transpire? From you walking in on your boyfriend with another man, to you ending up at the bar, to us talking together?”

Ethan shrugged. “I don’t know. Do you? After everything that’s happened to me today, I’m not sure what is fated or what isn’t.”

“I believe that things are meant to happen. We make sacrifices. So what’s it going to be? Care to accompany me back to my room? The hotel isn’t far from here.” The cowboy settled his hat back on his head and looked Ethan in the eye. He ran his finger along Ethan’s thumb and back of his hand. The gentle touch aroused Ethan. A chill wound through him that touched his spine and caused the hairs on the back of his head to stand up.

Ethan wasn’t sure what to make of the offer. Sure he’d been propositioned before, but circumstances were different. They had only just met. His heart was torn into thin strips and strung along barbed wire for all to see. The attraction Ethan felt for the man was undeniable. Just thinking about the prospect of fucking this man hardened his cock. But he couldn’t react to the physical impulses scorching his body. He needed time to cool off and get his head on straight once again. The cowboy had been right about one thing. He was his saving grace. He had deterred Ethan from swallowing that beer and he was grateful for that. His timing had been perfect. That enticing smile and kind words had kept him occupied. The cup of coffee, sweet and watery, had sobered him up and he could think straight now. The hurt he’d felt on the discovery in his apartment would never leave him, but he had to be rational. The next step was to go back to the apartment, confront his boyfriend, gather his things, and then move out. His temper frothed underneath the surface, yearning to erupt in a flurry of shouting and flying fists. It would be so easy to resurrect that side of himself. If he dug up the past, then all of his bad habits might return. They were so close now, scratching at the door to be welcomed back. Ethan shook his head. If his anger consumed him, he really would end up back at the bar and drinking himself to oblivion.

The lure of the cowboy’s eyes held him to his seat. His entire being urged him to say yes. He could see them entwined together on a bed, naked and sweating. His cock buried up to his balls in the cowboy’s ass, hearing him panting and begging for more. Ethan’s dick shifted from the fanciful daydream. He gripped his length and readjusted. He shifted in his chair and fiddled with the spoon next to the coffee cup. Another image bombarded his psyche of the cowboy sucking his cock, slowly drawing him into his mouth and twining his tongue around the shaft. It would be a sweet release as he plunged his rod into that succulent mouth. He would thrust into him faster. The cowboy would take him all in and cup his balls, squeezing them ever so much that it was painful. But the passion that it would enflame between them was more than he would be able to bear.

Ethan clenched his fists and pulled his hand away from the man across the table. It took all his willpower to do it. When the contact between them was broken, his mind cleared, although the effect it had on his body remained. He was overheated and needed to jack off to obtain some relief.

He cleared his throat to remain in control because his cock felt like it would explode. No man had ever made him react that way. Ethan took another sip of his coffee and then glanced at the cowboy, studying the hem of his collar. If he looked directly in the eye again, he would lose it. Everything in him tugged at him to look at those green eyes again

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