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February Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

What a month January was. I had four book releases and ended up editing five books that are coming up for the rest of the year. Of course that also included finishing Passion Fur Three the sequel to Three Fur All. Passion will be later this spring with Amira Press.

The Storm Riders series will be riding again as well with Sugar and Spice press. My hunky series about two hunky men and the women they get involved with while trying to keep Mother Nature in check. Throw in a dash of angel and a shake of demon and poof you get the Storm Riders. The first one releases in month on February 11th.

Not much else is going on in my world. Spent some wonderful time with author Dahlia Rose and went to a mummy exhibit here in town. It gave me some wonderful ideas for further books.

Look out for a blog hop I’ll be participating in and giving away a book or two. That runs from Feb. 11-14.

Read below for some sneak peeks.

Hope you all have a great month.

Dark Blessings


Storm Riders – Will be available on Feb. 11th.

Currently Reading/Read:

The Lady of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Kidnap & Ransom by Michelle Gagnon
The Vampire Diaries : Stefan’s Diaries #5: The Asylum by L. J. Smith (Author), Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
The Making of A Monster by Gail Petersen
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding
Vampire Shift by Tim O’Rourke
The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer

Movies watched/plan on:

Underworld: Awakening- Definitely recommend this one. Loved it. Left it open for another movie. Although I would rather have seen it in 2-D.
Grave Encounters- Great Indie Film if you love Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, etc. A little slow at first, but loved it.

The Lady in Black- can’t wait for this one.

Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance


Underworld Awakening Soundtrack:  Listened to it a couple of times now. I like it, but I like the first two better.

Blood & Chocolate Soundtrack:  Like this one a lot. Has gotten me into the mood to write vampires for some reason. I would recommend it.

Florence & The Machine:  Really enjoy the singer’s voice getting into them. Have to start trolling albums I think. Any suggestions?

Storm Riders – M/F/M

George has been searching for a way to predict tornadoes that mimics her inherent ability. Her encounter with a handsome cowboy that drives away a twister has her stumped.

Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her even offering themselves to her for a wild, stormy night of passion. When their boss, Raul gets wind of this, he demands they cease all contact. Neither Wyatt nor Landon can stand to think she won’t be part of their lives.

She’s turned their worlds upside down, and each craves George’s touch. Will Landon and Wyatt get to keep her? Or will Raul separate them forever?


“Excuse me.”
            The pit of her stomach dropped. Her glass barely touched her lips when she heard the husky voice. Everything in her froze. She turned around slowly to see who was behind her. Her gazed stared at the black, but well-worn cowboy boots that somehow seemed familiar. Dark blue jeans encased muscled calves and thighs. His pants weren’t too tight and just hinted at the curves and bulges they concealed. A stretched black shirt hugged a broad chest which only enhanced the flatness of his stomach. Sandy brown hair brushed the top of his shoulders. Full lips that might turn up into a sneer in a heartbeat were smiling at her. Dark blue eyes gazed at her holding more wisdom than they should have.
            “Can I help you with something?”
            He gave her a crooked smile. “I was wondering if you might want to dance.”
            She glanced at him and tried not to melt right there on the bar stool. The band was starting a slow song. Couples were getting snugly on the floor. A pang of longing went through her. He seemed handsome enough. He waited patiently. She sipped her drink one more time and placed it on the bar. “That’d be nice.”
            He offered her his hand. She took it. Once she did, a bolt of electricity zapped her and made her stagger. He caught her and held her close. “Are you okay?”
            She reached the top of his chin and tilted her head back so she could gaze into his eyes. For a moment, she thought she saw a tornado reflected in them. Shaking her head, she dismissed the vision. Get a hold of yourself. “Yeah. Tripped. That’s all.”
            He led her onto the dance floor and rested his palm against the small of her back. The heat of his hand burned through her thin shirt, but the overwhelming sense that a storm was near made her head spin. Her stomach knotted the way it got before a boomer rolled in. Her muscles were tense and she didn’t know why. There was a static charge in the air. She rested her hands on his shoulders and moved in time to the music. Over her partner’s shoulder, she saw Trina sandwiched between the two college boys. Her friend gave her a thumbs up.
            “What’s your name?” her mystery man asked. His hot breath tickled her ear and made her shiver inside.
            “Georgiana. Everyone calls me George. You?”
            She nodded and settled against his shoulder inhaling his musky scent. She tried to ignore the static charge in the air and relax into the dance. For whatever reason, she was comfortable with him. Not many men made her feel that way. If they did, then the relationship lasted a few months before they left. He pressed her a little closer against him until her breasts brushed his shirt, but he made no further move. His hand remained on her back and didn’t try to slip down and cop a feel. His other hand rested on her hip. She appreciated he was being a gentleman. Then the song ended.
            “Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.
            “I’m good thanks. I had quite day and not sure alcohol needs to be involved in it. What about you?”
            He chuckled. “I thought men bought drinks for ladies and not the other way around.”
            “Ha. I’m no lady.”
            Wyatt laughed. “You sure look like one to me.” His lips were only inches from hers.         
The pull between them was dizzying. She was already tipsy even though she was stone cold sober. Gathering her self-control, she placed a hand on his chest.
            “What would you do if I wasn’t?”
            His gaze darkened. “You really don’t want to know. If you’re playing around with me, I’ll—”
            George felt him stiffen up. Crap.“I’m just kidding. Sorry. I’ve had a-ahh…well a fucked up day. Thank you for the dance.” She began to walk away, but he caught her arm and spun her back around.
            “I know you were. I was just joshing. I’m sorry you had such a crazy day. We should compare stories. Maybe you can come back to my place and tell me all about it.”
            She raised her eyebrows. “You’re awfully full of yourself, aren’t you? Do you honestly believe I’ll go home with you just after one dance and the offer of buying me a drink?”
            Wyatt captured her lips in a kiss that caught her off guard. She stiffened before responding. The moment his lips touched hers, she heard thunder rattle everything around her. Static electricity exploded through her. Her head reeled. Before the storm around her could ease, he pulled away. She stood there, lips pursed, frozen, taking a moment before she realized it was over. When she opened her eyes, he gave her his smug smile.
            “Wow. I’ll take that as a yes.”
            He stepped closer and reached behind her settling his hand on her waist, but his fingers pressed against the mounds of her derriere. “Only if you really want to. I can sense you do. What we have between us is stimulating. A little tumble in the hay won’t hurt either one of us.”
            She bit her lip. He’s so fucking fine. I can’t say yes. I normally don’t do stuff like this, but like he said, one night wouldn’t hurt. I don’t think he’s an axe murder and I really need to get today out of my mind. “Do you always use such cheesy lines?”
            “Only on the beautiful ones.”

Passion Fur Three -  M/F/M

While taking pictures in the woods, someone tries to kidnap Cassidy. She escapes and runs into Ronan. He brings her to the police, but can’t wipe Cassidy from his mind.  To thank Ronan, Cassidy suggests going out for dinner. She’s also asked out by Henry, Ronan’s friend.

Before Cassidy can go out with either man, she’s bitten by a werewolf and all hell breaks loose. Girls are going missing. A serial killer has returned to Lupine Gorge and set his eyes on Cassidy. Ronan and Henry will find him and do anything to keep her safe. Even sacrifice themselves for the woman they love.

“How is your dinner?”
            “It’s really good,” she said.
            “Anna is the best chef in town. We’re lucky to have her. But not as lucky as I am to be sitting here with you. The universe has been good to me on this night.”
            “You really go with the flow of things?”
            “Best to master your emotions than let them get the better of you. I learned that after my run-in with Tyler. He was the reason why Ronan stepped in and did what he did. We’ve been friends for many years, and he’s always been there for me. When I proposed he open the bar, he grumbled about it until I told him it was a good idea to help him interact with people. It’s not good for him to stay up on the mountain all the time. So I became the manager. After a few incidents of him losing his temper with some of the patrons, I suggested he try something to wrangle his anger.”
            “Hence the fishing.”
            Henry laughed. “Yeah. He bitches and moans that he hates it, but I know he secretly enjoys it. If he didn’t, he would’ve stopped a long time ago. It has helped him tame his inner beast.”
            “Good to know. How about we finish dinner and think about dessert?”
            “Yeah, really.” She ran her finger along his arm. At her touch, she felt his muscles quiver.
            “Sounds good to me. I have some chocolate back at my place.”
            “I love chocolate. I especially enjoy licking it off my fingers. Maybe other places too.”
            “You keep talking that way, and we won’t need to go back to my place. I’ll pull you into the men’s bathroom and fuck you right there.”
            Cassidy dropped her shoe and then ran her foot along his inner thigh until her toe hit the erection that strained against his pants. He jumped when she touched him. “I have to veto the bathroom. I’m more of a bed kinda girl.”
            He gripped the edge of the table. His knuckles were white from clutching it so hard. “God, you make me so hot.”
            “I’ll make you even hotter later. Want to get the check?”
            Henry nodded. He signaled the waitress when she walked by. Cassidy took another couple of bites of her chicken. Henry paid the check, and then they got up to leave. He slid his hand around her waist and settled it on the top of her ass. Cassidy jerked from the sudden contact.
            “Is this okay?”
            The cool spring air ran a chill through her when they walked outside. He walked her to the car and stood her against the passenger-side door. His body heat kept her warm. Henry pressed his lips to hers. She pushed herself against him, feeling his taut body. I can see myself with him. Oh yeah. He’ll be great with his clothes off. Tonight is going to be good. She giggled. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and Frenched her. Cassidy dragged her hands over his back and clutched his ass. The door handle pushed into her left ass cheek, making her uncomfortable. She broke the kiss and was about to say something when she heard a growl.
            “What the hell?”
            Henry turned toward the sound. “Don’t move, Cassidy.”
            She glanced over his shoulder and saw a large red wolf glaring at them. Its teeth were bared, and the hair on its back was raised.
            Henry stepped toward the wolf. “You know better than to come out in public. Get the hell out of here before anyone sees you.”
            The wolf snapped at him and advanced.
            “What the fuck are you doing, Henry?” Cassidy asked, not sure she was seeing right that he was talking to the animal that had stepped into the parking lot.
            He pressed the keys into her hand. “Go around the car slowly and get into the driver’s seat. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.”
            “What? No. Not without you.”
            “Don’t argue with me on this. It won’t hurt me.”
            Cassidy saw the determined look in his eye and knew he wasn’t going to back down. She studied the wolf. It held its golden gaze on her. Henry kept himself between the wolf and her while she inched around the car. [A1] When she was halfway around the vehicle, another wolf crept out of the shadows. Henry growled at the other wolf and lunged at it. It didn’t back off. She fumbled with the keys to the car, but dropped them to the ground. When she reached down to get them, another growl rumbled in her ear. She looked up slowly. A third wolf stared directly at her. She held up her hands.
            “Nice wolf. Good boy.”
            The wolf stepped closer, blocking her path. Henry was still behind her, fending off the other two wolves. She started to rise. The wolf lunged and landed on top of her. The force of the impact knocked her into the pavement. Pain exploded in her head, and her vision clouded. The weight of the wolf on top of her didn’t vanish. Its rotten breath blasted against her face. Cassidy heard Henry’s voice yelling at her through a tunnel. Before he could get to her, powerful jaws ripped into her shoulder and scraped the bone. She cried out in agony. The wolf was suddenly gone, but her life still flashed before her eyes.
            The next thing she knew, Henry was above her. Ronan had appeared on her other side like magic. Cassidy tried to focus on what they were saying, but a burning sensation had started to spread from her shoulder and throughout her body with every beat of her heart. Soon the blaze burned away at her brain, and she knew nothing else.

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