Saturday, February 11, 2012

With Love V-Day Blog Hop Contest

With Love V-Day Blog Hop

 Hello Everyone! Can you believe it's that time of year again where love is in the air?

It's hard to believe that Cupid is running around shooting arrows at people and getting them to fall in love with one another. It is a wonderful season.

Soon it will be spring and the birds will be chirping. The creative juices will be flowing and all of us authors will be writing our heads off as long as our muses let us.

One of the most romantic things my hubby has done for me was on our fifth wedding anniversary, instead of buying me roses, he went outside and cut roses from our rose bush and places them in a bowl of water for me. Hubby isn't really one for shows of affection, so for him this was very thoughtful. But it's the little things like that display that makes my heart melt. In May we're coming up on eight years so I can only imagine what he will do then

So on to the contest for the Blog Hop.  

Real simple everyone. Just leave me a comment about what your most endearing or romantic thing someone has done for you or you have done for them.

Please leave me your name and email address so I can contact you and which book you might like.

I'm giving away one pdf copy of Bitten by Love and one pdf copy of A Cat For All

Enjoy the Blog Hop and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day.


JoAnna said...

Hi Crymsyn. I would have to say my DH has been the romantic one lately. He gave me a pink ribbon necklace the day before I started my radiation treatments and then just this week sent me pink roses for the end of the treatments. He is such a sweetie!
Thanks for the giveaway, hope you have a wonderful Valentines day.
JoAnna B
Beckerjo at Verizon dot net

Savannah Chase said...

Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.

Unknown said...


~Ley said...

I don't have my own guy yet, but every year Dad gives all of his girls a card and flowers. It makes me feel so special every time.


Kaylyn D. said...

My hubby isn't very romantic but he gave a duplicate of my wedding bouquet for out 5th anniversary. It was beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentine's Day!

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Thank You for your contest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

mcv said...

Well I can't think of anything specific but I do have to give the DH kudos for NEVER forgetting a holiday, valentine or anniversary gift. He's very thoughtful.
mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Oh, nice!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Karen said...

Hope all your dreams come through this Valentine's Day.

Shannon Leigh said...

My husband (boyfriend at the time) left me a cd with the song Making Memories of us by Keith Urban on the sink in my bathroom the first Valentines we were together. I'd just gotten out of a bad marriage and the words of the really meant a lot to me.

author_shannon_leigh at

Unknown said...

I want a cat for all! <3

I've been plotting this year so that my mum can have a spa day for Valentines this year ^_^

Em said...

A tough one, probably most romantic thing was having a five course dinner prepared for me with apple cider, just had a baby so it was really sweet to try to make it really romantic.

emily.heisler @

Rhonda D said...

My husband burned me a cd of songs that were out when we first met. It was my favorite gift ever! Thanks for the great contest and Happy Valentines Day!
Rhonda D

Lisa said...

I don't remember anything specific for valentine's day, but the day after I had a miscarriage (10 years ago) hubby brought me a stuffed male & female gorilla hugging each other with a heart between them. I still have it. I would love A Cat for All.


Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

I would not be able to choose which I would want. I would be greedy and want both. I'll let you decide. Love both the covers. Can't wait to read what's inside.

Happy Valentine's Day!

star DF said...

Hi Crymsyn! Can't wait to read both books! I would have to say the most romantic is the year DH sent me flowers to work, and remembered my favorites, Lily's & Orchids instead of roses!

thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentines Day

stardf (AT)

SiNn said...

ty for the chance the most special thing anyone ahs ever done for me would havet o be my better half wrote me a song and wasnt justa normal love song but the song he wrote he wrote me to show me how he sees me not how i see my self it was so beautiful and he does thesethings alot makes me feel all special

ty for the chance


Ashley Applebee said...

My honey is very romantic :) he likes to leave me little notes to brighten my day :) Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love A Cat For All if I win :) Happy Valentine's Day!!
Ashley A

Julianne said...

The sweetest thing is my Mom took me to a spa the day before Valentine's Day. A full body massage, and a pedicure, and then lunch. I felt very special. I so love my Mom.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Julianne said...

I forgot to mention my choice of book, A Cat For All.

Teresa Tio Miller said...

Hi Crymsyn, I have to say since my husband and I have February birthdays we don't generally do much for Valentine's day. However, when we were dating I decided the best thing we could do is have a 'Love Fest' where we barely left the house for the whole weekend and spent a lot of quality time together. I do mean QUALITY. ;)

I have to admit my book choice is A Cat for All. Thank you so much for participating in this Blog Hop!

teresa dot miller at tigerblossom dot com

mimirose41209 said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for being a part of a great hop!

My hubby is so sweet. He always calls me at the end of my work shift (I work at night) to remind me to be careful on my way home. He does this as a small way to let me know that he is thinking of me and can't wait for me to come home!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

Vanessa N. said...

My boyfriend cooked me a candlelight dinner even though he didn't know how to cook. So sweet.

Vanessa N. said...

Forgot to put which book I'd like. I'd love A Cat For All.

mbourn said...

Thanks for being on the Blog hop!! I think the most endearing thing done for me was when my hubby got a sitter for the kids and took me home for some personal attention!! I loved it.

I would like A Cat for All.

menina.iscrazy said...

I don't have anything personally but, I did create for my parent's a book that has pictures of their years together along with letters/stories from relatives about them. I did that for their 30th anniversary. This year it'll be 37 years together. :)


menina.iscrazy @

Renald said...

Oh like the books, Happy Valentine hop, Deb P

desitheblonde said...

thanks for the op and i in joy the book you have and read them

desi the blode at msn dot com

baberthefirst said...

My husband doesn't believe he should only have one day to celebrate our love. He does things for me all year long. Tonight (Valentines Day), after 12 years of refusing to buy me flowers, he did. My favourite, a dozen red roses!!! Happy Valentines day everyone!!!

AlienZombie13 said...

The most romantic thing I still do for my husband is tell him that I fall in love over and over again with him everyday. Happy Valentine's Day!

Crymsyn said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for leaving your comments for the Blog Hop. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Winner will be announced shortly.