Friday, August 3, 2012

Who loves big, sexy, hairy men and aliens? A glimpse into Hairy & Hung.

I wanted to share a little of my latest, unedited, title called Hairy & Hung. The idea started off as a conversation between some friends and then developed from there. I mean who doesn't wonder if Bigfoot is real and what would be do if he came across an alien. Well I decided to try and answer that question. Enjoy the except.

Phillip stopped at the mouth of the cave and glanced behind him, hoping the alien woman could keep up with him. It seemed the steep incline up to the surface was not bothering her. Maybe her six toes give her some kind of super grip on the rocks. The image of her naked body danced through his mind. He shook his head, trying to push it aside. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. It did not really matter because he had, and would always be faithful to the woman he loved. As Phillip thought about his beloved, he tried to call up her image within his thoughts. All he could see clearly was her wonderful smile and the long, dark hair that hung in a braid down her back. He clenched his fists together and tried to recall her more clearly, but the details of her face had paled. Kaylana had slowly been fading from his memory for years even though he had tried to hold onto her. The love burned in his heart, but it did not account for the loneliness he had suffered all these years. It was nice to have some company in the cave even though she was a woman from another planet.
Alika. The name flowed through his head like the river winding under the mountains. It was the only word he had understood from what she had said. The rest of it was nonsense. Her words had sounded more like a babbling brook with a few cricket chirps and bird whistles thrown in for good measure. There had been a grunt once and a while too, but he figured that was her frustration coming through. Even his name she was not able to pronounce so well. It seemed she could not put the sounds together the right way. She had communicated she needed to go back to her ship. Phillip figured she needed something there. Hopefully, there was a gadget there that could aid in their communications because pointing and drawing things on the dirt floor was not the best way to get his point across.
Alika met him at the cave entrance and smiled at him. He returned the gesture and knew it was more of a grimace, his lips peeling back from his sharpened teeth. Phillip had frightened many a person with that same look. But they mistook him for some feral animal about to eat them and not for the man under all the hair. His guest said something, but he shook his head and motioned her forward. Phillip took in a whiff of the cool night air. It helped to revive him and keep him focused. He glanced up at the horizon. The stars were in full blaze, beaming their light down to the earth. He wondered if any of them were the one she had fallen from.
His visitor rubbed up against his shoulder and tried to move ahead of him, but he gently grabbed her arm. She spun around and said something then pointed down the hill. He nodded and put up his hand hoping she would understand to wait a minute. Phillip touched her chest and then pointed at the sky. Her mouth turned down in a frown causing little lines to be etched into the corners of her mouth and even deeper ones into her forehead. And yet it made her all the more appealing. I have to stop letting my mind wander there. I can’t be with another woman and she will eventually return to her home planet. That is if the authorities don’t get her. I’m not going to let that happen anyway. Their fate would be the same if they were ever caught. Alika stepped away from him and gazed at the sky for a long time. She raised her arm and pointed, following a line of stars and stopped by the Andromeda constellation and gestured she meant beyond that. The sadness in her eyes was apparent. She was a very long way from home. Wetness lined her eyes and twisted Phillip’s heart even more. Sometimes he forgot he was a man underneath all the hair, big feet, and the animal instincts in him took over. Being with her, Phillip remembered he was also a man who had feelings. He swiped his finger over her cheek, bringing the tear with it. Alika stared into his eyes and he was captured by her orange gaze. It seemed like her eyes were on fire. It was a striking feature against her light green skin.
Alika pulled away and motioned back toward the hill. He nodded. Moving among the brush and the dense foliage made it easier for him to blend in so that no one would see him. Phillip moved at his normal gate and did not hear her behind him. He reached the bottom of the hill, he glanced back to see if Alika was keeping up with him. Over the years he had perfected nearly gliding over the landscape and barely leaving an imprint of his large feet. They traveled toward the crash site and when they finally got closer he heard the hum of engines and generators. Bright lights lit up the area where the ship had skidded and broken apart. The scent of churned earth and ozone clung to the area, but the aroma of gasoline and sweat overpowered his senses and made his eyes water. This was one reason he hated to get so close to mankind. They took over the environment and did not care about it. They invaded the land and perverted it, eating up the pristine landscapes that provided sanctuary for him and the animals that inhabited the Earth. He growled his dislike of the machinery. The ground rumbled beneath his feet from the heavy equipment being used. Once upon a time, the native peoples had probably seen him exactly the same way that he saw the men who were working on the crash site.
She slipped past him, heading off toward the site. Great! He raced after her and ensnared her waist before she slipped into view. A disgruntled cry escaped her lips and she struggled to get out of his grip. Wow, she sure is strong! Phillip wrapped his other hand around her waist and hauled her back into the shadows so they would not be discovered. She beat her fists against his chest and tried to escape his grasp. He hated that he might hurt her, but she had to calm down.
“Stop,” he commanded, but it came out as a grunt.

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