Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sex is always fun. Don't you think?

Sex is a normal part of life. It can be recreational, series, and involve so many positions that it makes me wonder how can a person contort themselves in certain ways. It's enjoyable and squishy all at the same time and yet some people find it hard to live without.

But when people try to talk about sex, they blush or they can't talk about it at all. Some have no taboos and are open to talking about everything including all the kink that can be involved with sex as well. Overall, the most basic point being if you talk about it or not, think it's funny or not, this is how we all got here. Procreation is something that our parents did, my parents did (even though I really don't want to picture that), and their parents before them did.  No matter what it boils down it, it's a part of life and it sells.

This past Saturday I attended ConCarolinas, a sci-fi/fantasy convention that is local to me in Charlotte to support my friends, Alexandra Christian and Siobhan Kinkade and to see some friends I only run into at the Con. I wasn't there in any official author capacity, but to hang out and have a good time maybe sell a few books for my friends. It was a long day, panels were attended, drinks were had all around, I met some awesome new people, and then it was nearing midnight and the erotica panel came around.

So I attended and since Siobhan and Alexandra were the only authors up there, I got dragged into going up and speaking which was awesome. There was a large gift bag of adult goodies, books, and others treats being given away donated by the lovely Bobbie Jo Baynard.  The three of us talked, rocked, and conquered the erotica panel with a great audience, a microphone that kept drooping, and six inch rainbow penis sucker that stole the show.

Writing erotic romance was never what I started off writing. I started with horror and have recently turned my hand back to writing more horror and making my romances more graphic because that is what moves me. However, you have to admit that no matter what sex is an integral part of any relationship and when I wrote my first sex scene I blushed all the way through it. Now, blushing is not a problem just vocabulary. It's difficult finding the right words for the human anatomy and making sure which limb is where and who is touching who.

So far I seem to be doing a good job of it. I haven't gotten any complaints.

What do you all think?

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