Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016 - I'm alive. I swear. Or Alive-ish.

Hello World. I am alive. I swear. I just haven't been blogging. I've been sticking my face in the computer and writing. Books and more books. And then there is the day job and the puppies and normal life stuff.

But mostly focusing on writing. Since January I have four new books come out with Changeling Press. 

Shift Inc: Bear Embrace
Shift Inc: Captive Hearts
Shift, Inc. Wolf's Bane
Raven Saga Box Set 1-5

Another new book is coming out next week Shift Inc: Reviving the Dragon

Also I have signed on with Evernight Publishing with a short story entitled: World's Apart which will be out August 16th.

My latest horror novel - Death's Revival- has also come out with Seventh Star Press.

I am very excited about all of these so you know what's been keeping me busy.

Along with fangirling over Supernatural and Sharknado 4. Mostly Supernatural.

Currently I'm working on some stuff dealing with Grim Reapers. And waiting to hear back on something else. And you know editing something else.

So I'm always busy. I just stay quite. My life is rather boring so I don't mind getting lost inside my head.

Just sometimes I forget to come out and say hi to the world.

Hi World!

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