Saturday, August 27, 2016

Writing from The Hart Chapter 3

I haven't really blogged much this year. Why? Well no real reason and many reasons I guess. My life is mostly boring. The exciting stuff goes on inside my head which is where I like to keep it. I've had my fair share of exciting when I was a teenager and in my mid-twenties. And I'm happy to be leading the boring life. One of the more quiet aspects about my life I don't talk about in public much is I'm a psychic medium, clairvoyant and empath.

This wasn't something I woke up one day and said hey wouldn't it be fun to be. It's not something I can completely turn off or ignore. Tried that and it didn't work out so well. Because of the experiences I've had they have influenced my writing which is one reason I feel so at home writing paranormal. Besides having an interest in vampires and ghosts in general I'm also pagan so that plays into my writing as well. And lately I've been writing about grim reapers. Again personal experience there too which is hard to explain without sounding crazy. But then again when you tell someone that you hear voices in your head that aren't your own  - or your characters'-then you get strange and funny looks.

It's always amusing when in my day job we get talking about past job experiences and of course I always tell them I was a psychic because well hey I still list it on my resume since it helped put me through college. Most find it interesting and ask me about it. Others I'm sure thing it's all - wooo-- and I'm talking out of my ass.

However, yeah, no. The place I used to work at is still in existence. And it was just a little over a year ago that my mentor, friend, old boss, passed away and it really struck home. Alex was one of the most kindhearted people I had met, stern, crazy, and a whole other host of things that made me want to kill him at times and hug him. And of course  he might be gone from the world but the bastard still owes me money. LOL.

I found Alex on the old Compuserve online chat rooms where he was running a psychic development classes. And at that time I was still in high school and dealing with all this crap with home life and well with these crazy ass things going on with the ghosts in the various apartments I lived in, the typical shit from being a teenager, and everything else. We talked for months and he invited me into Boston to interview with him. So my mom and I went cause at this time I was a couple months from graduating high school and Alex had no idea I was so young. He had me do an interview with on the psychics there which constituted of reading her cards. I had no fucking clue what I was doing. Not really. But he hired me that day and I started 3 days after I graduated high school. It helped my college was three blocks away.

Four and a half years later I had to part ways with the Tearoom because it was my time, but in those years I met so many wonderful people who have stayed with me even today. Some have also gone from this world and left a hole in my heart. But life goes on and I see the occasionally in dreams.

How does this all work into my writing besides shaping my plot lines? Well it spawned a series of books called Soul Reaper Series. I came to a point in my life i knew I wanted to write and it takes a lot of energy to birth a book and do readings. So I had to chose reading or writing. The books won out.

In many ways I am happy how things turned out. And I always wonder if I should go back to doing readings, but I'm firmly reminded that writing is my path and while I'll never get rid of my abilities they are more just another side of me.

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I'm always happy to talk about my personal ghost stories and past psychic experiences, but I no longer do readings professionally.

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