Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Unborn * Spoilers*

Hi guys,
So I got together this afternoon with some friends to go see the Unborn. My friends were fashionably late, but that is okay. They normally show up late anyway. I need to put NOS on their van so they can be superspeed. LOL.

So anyway I'm a good van of horror movies. This one looked good. It was rated PG-13. So many movies are rated PG-13 and I so want them to be rated R. But don't get me started on that rant. I don't think that slasher movies are the only ones are slashers movies. I move blood and guts, but come on the R rating can be out on other movies that need more violence... Okay sorry ranting.

So the movie starts off with the main character dreaming of weird shirt. More weird things happen to her during the movie. Her mother killed herself. The kid she babysits for attacks her. Her eye starts to change colors. She find out she was a twin and the thing that is following her wants to be born that has been following their family since the Gernman concentration camps. Her grandmother killed her twin after he was possesed by this thing.

So her grandmother tells her the tale and to seek out a rabi who can help them. All the while she starts seeing this thing in the mirror. Her friengs believe her and finally so does the rabi. Finally they do an exoricism on her and her boyfriend is possessed and killed. And of course, the only reason it started was becuase she was pregnant with twins. That was the ending.... Please!

Really... so disspointing in my book. End another way. And you assume that she is going to keep the children when you know one of them is going to be the spirit. Come on! Argh!!

The story idea is cool andwell exorisms always are bad news, but argh I hate endings like that.

OKay well that is my rant on it.

Now we are watching one of the football games and going to a friend's house to see another one. The dog is quiet and curled up next to me actually behaving. I started a new book today yeah!

Now to finish the other ones. LOL


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