Friday, April 10, 2009

Having a Day off... What it really means?

So like many others I have the day off today from work due to the oncoming religious holiday even though I don't celebrate Easter. Anyway... back to having a day off... It means SANITY.

Today I got up with Hubbie @ 7 and left to take Cadance ( our border collie/Lab mix, crazy ass dog) to the dog park to see how she would do since she is a little aggressive with our Lab. Anyway she did great and it was nice to just be outside and not have to worry about work. ugh.

After that tried the pet store, but it wasn't open. SO dropped her off and then I went shopping. I spent 2 hours looking for clothes. I never do that. And I even found a pair of shoes. That in itself is an Easter Miracle. LOL. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in 2 years. Hubbie and I have the same shoe size so he gave me his old sneakers. LOL don't ask we have the same shoe size and ring size.

Anyway I bought clothes, went back to the pet store to look for a Frisbee since my two dogs have chewed holes in the other one and Morrigaine, the lab pretty much sleeps with the thing.

So after doing that and now I am sitting listening to the rain, hubbie is home from work, and I'm watching the Shining. Now puppies are sleeping next to me on the couch and our bird is squawking at me. Oh well, but at least it's not work and I am Sane.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Enjoy the rest of your day off! Walking around the house wearing nothing, but your brand new shoes might be extra fun. I'm sure the hubbie will approve :)


Crymsyn said...

LOL.. I am sure that he will. I'm actually wearing the shoes today.