Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Weekend Project: See What I did.

So this weekend, we finally decided to paint our dining room. When we moved into the house, our dining room was wallpapered pink with white polkadots. (really not me) The kitchen is still the same. Haven't gotten that far. Anyway, our dog at the time decided to eat the wall paper so we took it down.

Now two years later, we finally painted. More like I pulled hubbies leg and said we gotta paint. So we finally did.

This was how it looked before we painted @ 6. Of course we had also run to Walmart to get supplies

This is Friday night about 10 after all the plastic was down.

This was right when we were going to bed after the first coat of primer. About 12 a.m.

So Saturday we didn't get to late, ate breakfast, waiting for my mother to help us, but she never showed. Then went to Walmart again to get more stuff. Got back and had to do 2nd coat of primer and then we did one coat of the purple. The paint color is called Opening Night, but it's dark purple.

This is hubbie goofing off. LOl talking to our friend really.

And here are the dreaded paint cans...the torturous devices that broke our backs

The prisoners of the paint ( you can see to eyes.)

We stopped at 5. Everything hurt and I was falling asleep by 8.

So Sunday we got up, worshiped at the Donunt and then came back and did the second coat of paint. We finished around 2 and then we took all the tape off for the complete product of a purple living room and the puppies ran rampant through the house now they were free from being confined. It wouldn't be good to have purple puppies.

and another view

And the last one is hubbie thanking the painting gods we are all done.

Next project. The Bathroom....dun da dun....


Chris said...

Wow! Looks like you were busy and the results are fab. My hub and I are remodeling property in Vermont. Tearing down walls right now. Good way to think of story ideas. :)

Crymsyn said...

Thanks Chris. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. VT oh wow. Hopefully you are getting good weather now. Good luck on tearing down those walls.