Saturday, April 11, 2009

Immortal Desires: Out now from Phaze



Amara dreams about a man who leaves her breathless. Everything in her yearns to discover who he is. Is he real? Or is she in love with a ghost? Her body aches from the memory of his caresses, but his name always eludes her.

Andrew feels the same longing, as his heart has never completely healed since he was separated from his lover lifetimes ago. In Amara, he discovers his lost love reborn. Will the sorrow of his soul be eased with their reunion? Or will his longings go unfulfilled?


Amara tried to swallow back tears as she got out of the car. The cop was already waiting outside of her room. She forced a smile and slammed the door behind her, not even acknowledging the officer. Let him think that she was a cold-hearted bitch, she didn’t care. Her body said sleep.

She plucked her shoes off and flung herself onto the bed, not feeling at all secure, not even with the sun, which was supposed to drive the monsters away, beaming down. Her devils were so deeply rooted that even the daylight couldn’t banish them. She had centuries of them. They rested on her shoulders like a burden waiting to be unlocked, so they could make themselves known in her waking state. She tried lying down, but found that she tossed and turned. Finally her body settled down into sleep. Her mind projected her backward into her memories, except this time they were not the normal ones that she recalled.

She was suddenly hit with sensations of hands moving on her body, touching places that hadn’t been touched in a while. Fingers played with her breasts, squeezing the nipples between learned fingers. The pain and pleasure of it seized her hips and caused them to convulse.

Deep laughter exploded next to her ear, as a palm caressed her face. Weight pushed down on top of her and the man that was with her was teasing her. He had blonde hair and the most intense eyes, the color of thunder clouds, and alabaster skin. Her soul knew him, even if her mind couldn’t recall his name. Her hands played over his chest and down to his groin. He was hard and waiting for her to make a move. Meeting his eyes, she smiled slyly. One hand cupped his balls while her lips sucked in his shaft, tasting the salt of him and cum on the tip. Somewhere deep inside, she recognized the taste even in her dream. Her lover moaned above her and pushed her down on him. Her fangs hardened and caused friction as she moved up and down.

His hips thrust forward. She clutched his ass, digging her nails into the tender flesh. The moans were driving her crazy and she needed him. Amara moved her lips from his cock to the inside of his thigh. The blood there called to her hunger. Without giving him warning, she bit deep and was rewarded with a fount of rich liquid. With the quick motion of her fangs, he moaned and came. She looked up at him and batted her eyes innocently. He only smiled and was hard again. With a cruel smile, he yanked her head back and plunged his fangs into her throat while lifting her up and impaling her on his length. She cried out and shuddered her release. Her hands tightened and she broke out in a sweat.

In her dream, Amara bit her lip to keep from crying out anymore. It only made her lover drive into her harder. The sensations that wracked her body in this memory were like nothing she had experienced before. This recollection was more sensory, more involved, and she desperately wanted to know who this man was that was driving her crazy in the past and invading her sleep-deprived brain in the present. She knew that this was not just a wet dream. This called to a part of her soul like her other dream-memories did.

He was still buried inside of her and drinking from her throat, but his movements were slowing as he savored the feel of them locked together, one of her legs entwined around his hip. His lips moved from her throat and met her mouth. She tasted her blood on his lips just as he did on hers. The slow torture of his pumping was only making her beg, but her mouth was kept shut as her mind screamed for him to take her.

In the dream, she felt his name playing over and over again in her mind, but she couldn’t remember it. The only thing that stood out were his eyes. And with one final plunge she came again, harder than she ever had before.

With that last thrust, Amara opened her eyes and flew out of sleep. Her body felt like she’d had a marathon night. The taste of his blood lingered on her lips. The feel of him lingered inside of her. Her whole body was drenched and her hands had clutched the sheets in an effort to steady her. She glanced at the clock. Only fifteen minutes had passed. She swallowed as she realized she was fully awake. Her friend had just been killed, and she was reliving the past life memory of having the best fuck of her life. Taking in a few deep breaths, she came back to herself. As she did, her intuition gave her a little nudge and she sensed that she wasn’t alone.

“That was quite a dream you were having. Must have been pretty kinky the way you were moaning.”

Amara looked up, startled. In the small closet was a man, sitting in the doorway with his knees drawn up to his chest, staring at her. His eyes were steel gray like thunderclouds. His skin was tissue white and his hair was hay blond. He wore worn blue jeans and a white, grass-stained T-shirt. Her heart skipped a couple of beats as she met his gaze. It was as if he could peer deep inside her, could have known her intimate secrets. His lips were wide, but not thin, just right to make her quiver if he kissed her. Just like in her dreams. The instant that their eyes met she recognized him.

I sincerely hope that you like this book. It is near and dear to my heart for personal reasons besides it being the first book I ever had published with another company and I am so happy that it is available again.


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