Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inside, Outside...

oh sorry... I hope you didn't mind my off key singing. I was just bopping to La Vida Loca, why I have no idea because my life isn't all that crazy. Interesting, but not crazy... And honestly I've been kinda out of it for awhile.

Hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary over last weekend. Nothing much, just going out to dinner giving each other a card. My biggest thing was him helping me paint the living room. That was all I wanted.

Of course we went to mom's for dinner on Sunday and she ended up giving us two smurfs. Yup I have now been dubbed Smufette and he is Papa Smurf. LOL

Our lab is now on a diet of 1/4 cup of green beans and 1 cup of dog food per mail via vets orders so she can loose weight. We are walking her every night when its not raining which it has been for the past three days here with wonderful thunderstorms.

On a sad note, a very good friend of mine died last week which was a complete shock. He was one of the more influential people in my life in terms of helping me deal with my witchieness and a few other things. My wishes go out to his family.

On a good note, I have two more contracts to talk about. YEAh!

The first one is called Turning Ash which is slotted to come out in late December with PHAZE. I'm still cruising for cover ideas.

My other contract is for a short story called Hazy, Hot, And Hunted which will be in an Anthology with Amira Press.

Gods and Frogs will be out soon and also in Print. No idea on the date, but still yeah!

I'm current working on three different books.
1. House Dark Moon - about a fairy princess who doesn't know she is a fairy or a princess

2. No title yet, but it is the first in a series that explores the question: What do you get when a fallen angel, a vampire, a werewolf, and a psychic walk into a bar.

3. No title yet either- Is about a vampire serial killer i.e- we have a serial killer that is hunting "vampires" but are they really vampires? Well I can't tell you that right now. If you know how much I like vampires, well then you already know the answer.

I ended up getting a response back from a NY publishing house on one of the books i sent them. I got the answer I expected mind you, but it was still cool to hear that they thought my writing was good, but the book wasn't what they were looking for. So back to the writing desk.

I'm going to be at ConCarolinas the last week of May. I'll be there with Sabrina Luna as part of our writing group, the midnight muses.

Besides that Demonic Obsessions came out in Print at I am so happy about that. Check it out if you like hunky demons.

Well that's all folks.


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