Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Release: Reborn at the Crossroads

Out now from loveyoudivine

What do you do when folklore stops being myth and vampires rise from their grave?

The answer is simple. You pray you are not its next meal or something even worse.


Two hundred years ago Travis was executed to rid the town of evil.

Now, centuries later, the good doctor has reawakened with revenge on his mind. When he crawls from his grave, a deep hunger ignites inside of him. The only thing that will sate this hunger is the blood of those who interred him.

Beth Rivers has spent five years in an emotional cocoon from the death of her husband. One night she discovers an intruder on her land and shoots him. After bringing him back to her house, she realizes the wound has healed. Desire blossoms inside her for him. There’s something about him she can’t resist.

However, Travis wasn’t the only thing that awoke that night. Something darker was released also. Its eyes are set on Beth. Will Travis overcome the darkness inside of him? Or will Beth be a victim to both his lust and his hunger?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-343-2
Length: 21,754 words
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Erotic Romance
loveyoudivine Category: Dark Fantasy
Rating: Super Nova (contains violence)



“Is everything okay? Do you need me to—?” He put his finger to her lips. It was cold and soft. A calm sensation moved over her. The phone dropped from her fingers. She continued to gaze into his eyes. Her whole body went limp.

“Everything is fine, Beth. I do not require the assistance of a doctor. All I desire is you.” His fingers trailed lightly over her cheekbones. A shudder caught her body. Her eyelids drooped. Traces of warmth remained where his fingers touched. Beth was unsure of why she was letting him touch her, caress her, but she had no control over her body and she wasn’t afraid of him. Deep down, the stranger was familiar to her even though she’d never seen him before.

"Why do you want me?” she whispered.

He moved her hair away from her throat. His soft touch ignited her buried desire. The last time her body felt this way was when Alex was still alive. She had been so lonely and wasn’t able find anyone. For some unknown reason, his touch completed something deep inside of her. His hot breath blasted on her flesh. She craned her neck to the side. His lips brushed over her jugular vein.

"I won’t take you by force. You might have tried to hurt me, but I understand you were protecting yourself. Come to me, my Beth.”

He brushed her lips with a kiss. She shivered. He picked up the phone and placed it back on the hook. He let her go and stepped back. Beth blinked. The haze she was in lifted. He stood before her waiting. She wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but his words lingered in her mind. He was giving her some kind of choice. The impression of his lips burned themselves into her skin. She could still feel them. She studied him and saw the hole in his shirt. Underneath there should have been bleeding skin, but there wasn’t. It was smooth, pale flesh. Her fingers touched the place where the gunshot should have been. It was cool. There were no bullet holes. There was no blood. She stared deeper into his eyes and saw they reflected the light when he turned his head. Something registered at that moment. He wasn’t right.

Something felt off about him. He was there and yet he wasn’t there. She hadn’t noticed before because she hadn’t taken a second to stop. He shared the same space with her, but yet he was out of place, out of time almost. Beth backed up into the living room. He followed her slowly, still keeping his distance.

“Come to me, Beth,” his voice was low, but reverberated in her ears. There was an echo in his voice this time when she listened. The power of it tried to drag her under his spell once again. It almost captured her, but the sudden sharp pain of hitting the back of her knee on the piano bench roused her.

"What are you going to do to me?”

Reborn at the Crossroads

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