Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What happens when you stop feeding the zombie fairy princesses?

Violet and Silver
 from Purple Sword Publishing

Fed up with feeding candy to zombie fairy princesses, Celeste takes a stroll in the local graveyard on Halloween. There she sees Tristan emerge from a mausoleum. Under the full moon, her hidden power calls to him. . Once in his arms, Celeste realizes he's the key to unlocking the road to the lost Isle of Avalon.

Within Celeste, Tristan discovers the goddess he shunned ages ago. Their love can only be realized once a year, on a full moon. However, Celeste’s family wants her for their own evil intentions. Will Celeste escape her density? Will Tristan give into the darkness inside of him? Or will Avalon remain lost forever in the mists?


 He didn’t want to hear me finish because his lips met mine. Once they did, his power melted into me recharging my own internal battery. His aura surrounded me in a gold, glittery shower tickling me everywhere it touched. It was like being shocked with static electricity all over, but the more he caressed me, the stronger the spark became and the more I wanted him. I pressed myself against him and wrapped my hands around his neck. This time he was not going to get away from me. I wanted him, but he pulled away.

“We can’t.”

“Why? You didn’t stop last time.” I kissed him again, nipping at his neck as I did. The T-shirt fit him a little too snuggly because it was like a second skin as I dragged my nails over the back of it.

He pulled me away from him after a moment. He didn’t want me to stop. The expanding bulge in his jeans told me that along with the mixed emotions on his face and the lust in his eyes. “You’re still recovering from the other night and if we do it would mean—” he looked away.

My hand rubbed his cock pressing against the denim. His eyes fluttered closed and he had to bite his lip to hold in a moan. His fingers crushed my bandaged wrist and I didn’t cry out. The more I touched him or he touched me the more intoxicating I was become for him. My body was alive with him there. My nipples were hard just thinking about what would happen between us. God I wanted him.

“What would it mean?” I whispered against his ear.

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