Sunday, October 11, 2009

WIP: Gods and Mummies, Oh My!

Here is a peek into what I'm currently working on. It's called Gods and Mummies, oh My!

Kalliope took inventory for the tenth time. It had taken her six months to set everything up the way she wanted. She scanned the shop. Everything was in order. Chase, her friend and ex boyfriend from high school, owned the building. At first, he wanted to give her the entire building, but she had talked him down, refusing the building and in ways of payment letting him have whatever candles, bath stuff, etc. he wanted free of charge. It was the only way she could think of actually having a fair exchange. Gods forbid she got too greedy and the universe decided to throw another obstacle in her way. Well it really wasn’t the universe, but the gods who controlled said universe. After the assassination attempt on All Hail last year, her life had settled down. There had been no more crazy serpent haired goddesses attempting to take over the world or insane Sun gods trying to kill her.
She thought about everything that had occurred in the past two years. She never would have thought when Lugh appeared naked in her bed that she would be marrying him now. So much had transpired. There was such a thing as a Cheesecake god and his name was David. No matter how immune she was to godly charms, nothing could beat his power over women. Every once and a while she had found cheesecakes on her counter she did not buy and they were not a product of her magickally self stocking fridge and cabinets. No matter how much David tried to woo her with his luscious delights, her heart was stuck on the hot Sun god who was always naked. She was still getting used to the idea of being naked with him. However, Kalliope had no problem staring at his perfectly formed bottom and his ever ready equipment. Just thinking about him made her hot. She blushed picturing him. He was tan, sculpted perfectly, with evergreen eyes, and a smile to die for. He always knew when she was in trouble and when they were together he read her thoughts before she even knew what she wanted bringing their lovemaking to another level.
“If you think about me any harder, the whole place will go up in flames.” Arms entwined around Kalliope’s waist squeezing her slightly. The familiar voice tickled her ear as Lugh pecked her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention. His hard length pressed against her backside.
It’d be so nice to have a break.
“Why not then?” he asked.
Kalliope turned in his grasp surprised he was wearing clothes. The times he did, like now they, were almost as bad as him being naked. His red T-shirt showed off every muscle and his black jeans accentuated all the right curves including the apparent erection he sported. Her cheeks burned red when she thought about the things he could do to her with just a touch. Without saying a word, his hand slipped under her T-shirt. Once the tips of his fingers caressed her flesh, Kalliope had to grip her thighs together to stay focused and keep her mind on this planet. Golden light burned behind her eyes and fused her chakras together while his power surged through her touching the most intimate of places only he was allowed to explore. The clipboard clattered to the floor and she ground against him. He planted kisses along her neck. His fingers trailed lazily upward to cup her breasts. A moan passed over her lips. As he moved to different parts of her throat, his mouth left a warm imprint behind.
Do you know how much I want you right now, Kalliope? he whispered.
How much?
One hand left her breast and slipped under the waistband of her blue jeans. She was already so wet it would’ve been easy to let her jeans fall to the floor or magick them away and have him deep inside of her right now. His fingers touched her pleasure center and she lost reality. Surges of heat rushed through her. She gripped his legs hard to hold herself steady from the orgasm clutching her.
“Wow. Oh boy. I can see I have to come back later.”
Kalliope bit her lip. Her cheeks burned from being caught in such an intimate act. She opened her eyes and saw Lugh’s lopsided devilish smile. It seemed he was used to being caught in the act.
Later, he whispered. Besides we’ll have more time to go over things then.
What things?
He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and didn’t reply. She felt the echo of his presence from the absence his warmth left her when he stepped away. She smoothed her hair, straightened herself up and then turned around. Kalliope had completely forgotten she had told Anna to come over and help her pick out wedding dresses. She had no idea what she wanted to wear. What did a witch wear to a wedding where the majority of the guests were gods and mythological creatures? Flidais offered to have the Fates weave a dress for her. Flattered though she was, she politely declined and said she would think of something. Everyone wanted to have their two cents. It wasn’t every day a witch got married to a god.
“No, Anna. Come on in. We..were…ahh—”
“Just playing a little game of strip poker.” Lugh beamed.
Anna’s gaze dropped to the floor. Kalliope went to zip up her jeans when she noticed the zipper was broken. Closing her eyes, she pictured herself in a broom skirt and when she opened her eyes she was. She smiled. She liked her new powers and was glad she was getting a hang on them. Lugh ran his fingers up her sides making her squirm.
“I’ll leave you two ladies alone. Let me know when you’re done. There’s someone I want you to meet.”
“Not another god. Haven’t we been through the Council already?” In order for them to marry, they needed the approval of all the major god pantheon’s leaders. So far they had seen the Japanese gods, the Celtic ones, the Greek ones, and a slew of others all because she wasn’t completely human anymore and by spending more time around all the magick and the gods her physiology had changed.
He kissed her nose. “I know, but we have to be sure. You know that All Hail is just paranoid that you’ll become a full fledged goddess and it will go to your head. Maybe you’ll want to take his place or even knock me off.”
She ran her hand over his crotch and sent a bolt of power through him. He closed his eyes and sighed. Kalliope loved to watch him shiver. “That would never happen. I don’t feel like being Mistress of the Universe and I love you too much to want you dead. But rules are rules. Fine. I’ll signal you when we’re done.”
Lugh clutched her bottom. “Good. If you don’t, I’ll send some of those penis shaped oranges you love so much.”

Before she could respond, he was gone. Kalliope sighed. She hated when he did that. Anna heaved a stack of catalogs onto the counter. A shiver of fear went through Kalliope. More pages to flip through. Oh joy. “Let’s get this over with.”
Her coven sister giggled. “It could be worse.”
She laughed at that. Even though she’d informed her coven about her trials of saving the world, they really didn’t know the half of it. “Oh yeah. It really could be.”